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Thursday, May 4, 2017

And after 2 years.....

Has it really been 2 years since my last update?? 😮
Now that, is a very long time..

Okay I'm pretty sure no one actually comes here anymore, but oh well for the sake of responsibility and for the sake of this blog of mine that I'm not planning to get rid of (yet), I think I'mma start posting again starting with this one right here..

So two years...

Two freaking years.. What's up? 
What's been going on?  Yeap I'm still alive, I thank God for that 😉

My God...
   A lot has been going on... I'm getting married 💑💜in a few months time, that's prolly the biggest deal right now hahaha I've been all over the place and OMG my parents and my grand aunt, nek dua got into quite a major road accident in January 😕.
Long story, everyone's recovering, my dad can't walk on his own yet, but like I said, recovering, Alhamdulillah.

     I can't even go back to where and how it started it honestly still hurts me to bits and pieces. I don't even wish for anyone else to go through what we've gone through 😥. Every time I visualized the scenes from the accident, my dad, my mom, nek dua, I tried the best I can to block those visions and block anything that's got to do with it from my mind. It became fresh, the pain, when I think about it.
It has definitely been a life changing experience for me and my family😭.
From the moment we received the phone call, to those times when we were going back and forth to the hospital since my dad was in the ER, the ICU, and the orthopedic ward. It was exhausting but it meant a lot to us, to be taking care of him to ensure him that we will always, always be right by his side no matter what happens💙.
 He's currently at a nursing home back in our hometown. Since he still can't do some stuffs on his own, and we have to move on with our lives with our work and all and can only come back once in awhile, once a week, the best I can do... Took him home once in awhile when we're back.. 
Just hoping for his recovery to go smoothly, for Allah to make things easier for him 🙏🙏🙏......
Well that're pretty much it, from that one hell of a nightmare-ish experience....

   Okay now back to myself...
Oh yessss.. I've said it, I'm getting maaaarrrieddd.. Lol yup..
Me....... Getting married 💑...
The Vee... is getting married... at 29 LOL that's actually a good thing you know..
I've always known that I'm not one who'd be married at a young age.


YESSSS go back to my couple of previous posts... That new boyfriend from 3 years back?
He's now my fiancé 😁 Yeahhhhhhh.. That guy.. 
We got engaged on December last year LOL you've missed alot huh yup I can see that 💤

Well I guess that's all for now.. This is the best I can do for a quick update, to prove that this blog is still alive, and I'm very much alive 😅 In fact, this is quite a long one, no?

Tee hee..

Now that I've start posting, let's hope it won't be another 2 years til' my next upcoming update LOL

See  ya!!! 💃💨