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Monday, July 30, 2012

Jun Lin's Mother Sympathized Luka Magnotta

By Sidhartha Banerjee
The Canadian Press

MONTREAL—It’s a word the mother of dismembered Chinese student Jun Lin never thought she’d associate with the man charged with murdering her son in brutal fashion.
Originally, sorrow and anger dominated Zhigui Du’s thoughts as she asked herself how such an appalling thing could happen to her son in a kind and peaceful country like Canada.
But as she laid her 33-year-old son to rest Thursday, Du said she has begun to feel sympathy on some level toward a man she calls the “devil.”
“Back then, I could only use ‘devil’ to describe the alleged murderer,” said Du, whose son’s gruesome murder captured worldwide attention.
“But later on, when I learned more about this suspect through different news sources, especially about his upbringing, I shockingly discovered my other self who has started to develop sympathy for this person described as ‘devil’.”
Du, who was too distraught to attend the funeral itself, made the remarks through an interpreter during a eulogy she gave at a later news conference.
Lin’s dismembered torso was found May 29 stuffed in a suitcase dumped outside a Montreal apartment building. Various body parts were found mailed to different parts of the country and in a Montreal park.
Luka Rocco Magnotta has pleaded not guilty to several charges in connection with Lin’s death, including a count of first-degree murder.
Any sympathy on Thursday was mixed with a healthy dose of grief and sadness as Lin’s family said their final farewells. They decided to bury their son’s remains in the land he loved and in the city he loved most.
In an emotional 30-minute ceremony, Lin’s father sobbed openly as he sat in the front row. Before the ceremony began, he entered the chamber and clutched his son’s urn, crying uncontrollably.
Father Henry Rodriguez, who presided over the funeral, called Lin a loving and considerate son who loved life. His life was ended by an “evil act.”
“We need to take this opportunity to turn this horrible situation into something positive that brings justice and peace back to this family and to society,” Rodriguez said.
“We cannot lose our faith and trust in human beings.”
Du looked back fondly on the day her son left China.
“When he left China and came to Canada to study, he wanted us to say goodbye with our smiles,” she said. “And today, I think it’s time to wipe our tears and see our son go with smiles on our face.”
She said it was “very difficult” to say goodbye to him.
“But I have been waiting for this day to come, because my son can finally rest in peace in the land that he loves.”
The family says they hope to establish a charity foundation in Lin’s honour that will help young people in distress. Du said it’s a way for the family to give back.
“We have received a lot of help and care from the people here and we want to return something back to this society, to help the youth in need, to help them find their way back to a loving home,” she said.
“Jun Lin has lived a short life, but I think his spirit can continue through this way.”
Lin’s family say they will stay in Montreal and attend court dates next spring, when Magnotta is scheduled to have a preliminary hearing.
A public memorial organized by the Montreal Chinese Alliance Church was held for Lin last Saturday. Various groups are helping to raise money to help Lin’s family stay in Montreal for the duration of the trial.
Concordia University, where Lin studied, has raised money for an award in his name. The university has raised $70,000 thus far.

Luka Magnotta : Interview To Be Kept Confidential

MONTREAL—Luka Rocco Magnotta has filed a motion to keep certain items seized during his murder investigation confidential—notably an interview conducted for two criminologists with a research subject known as “Jimmy.”
The criminologists, Christine Bruckert and Colette Parent, professors at the University of Ottawa whose research focuses on the sex industry, have also filed a motion to keep the interview seized by police confidential.
Most of Magnotta’s case file is sealed, including the search warrant executed at the law offices of Lex Canada in Toronto on June 22, three weeks after Magnotta was arrested at an Internet café in Berlin, then extradited to Canada.
Magnotta is charged with the brutal slaying and dismemberment in Montreal of Lin Jun, a Chinese student at Concordia University, then posting the gruesome video of the killing online.
But in two separate motions presented in Superior Court on Friday, Magnotta and the professors state their intention to challenge the search warrant on the basis of “confidentiality privilege.”
Reached in Toronto, Magnotta’s lawyer, Luc Leclair, refused to comment on the motion, or on whether his client is in fact the “Jimmy” that was interviewed for research purposes. The research was conducted by Adam McLeod, on behalf of Bruckert and Parent.
Magnotta was born Eric Clinton Newman but is known to have used the alias Jimmy, among others, before undergoing a legal name change in 2006 to officially become Lucca Rocco Magnotta.
He went by the name Jimmy when he appeared as a pinup model in a 2005 issue of Toronto’s Fab magazine, and he may also have sought work as an escort using Jimmy as a pseudonym. He became involved in the pornography industry in 2003, appearing in eight films as either Luka or Jimmy.
Bruckert and Parent’s work, some of which was funded by the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada, centred on the sex trade, and together they published several articles and book chapters for which they interviewed sex workers – male, female and transgendered – about their lives and working conditions in an attempt to improve their lot and destigmatize their work.
They were adamant about strict confidentiality.
For a recent study called Challenges: Ottawa-area Sex Workers Speak Out, all interviewers had to sign confidentiality agreements, all data were transmitted in person, and all electronic data were encrypted. That particular study involved 43 participants, including seven men, recruited by several means including through networking, posting flyers at locations known to be frequented by sex workers — including stores, community centres and health clinics — and advertising via Internet sites used by sex workers.
Neither Bruckert nor Parent would comment Friday on the motion.
But in a written statement, the Canadian Association of University Teachers, which represents Bruckert and Parent, said that the professors’ work, “like that of many social and health scientists, depends on pledging and maintaining strict confidentiality to their research subjects. That provides the basis on which researchers can gather information and data to better understand many forms of human behaviour and to provide the basis for appropriate social policy. ... In defending the confidentiality of their research subjects, they are fulfilling their ethical obligations and will continue to do so to the best of their ability.”
James Turk, the executive director of CAUT, said there’s a lot of socially important research that depends on protecting confidentiality, and likened the relationship between university researchers and their subjects to that of investigative journalists seeking to protect the anonymity of their sources.
“No privilege relationship, even of solicitor-client or doctor-patient is absolute and the courts will have to make a decision if there are contending forces – as there are in this case.”
Mark Bantey, a prominent media lawyer who represents The Gazette, said it was the first time he’d heard of university professors arguing their material was “privileged” and therefore confidential.
“What the researchers did was promise confidentiality to their subjects. There’s a contract between the researchers and their subjects, but that doesn’t necessarily mean there’s a privilege,” Bantey said. “The approach being taken by the university researchers is novel and will lead to a very interesting judicial debate.”
The motions will be heard in Superior Court Aug. 31.

Friday, July 20, 2012

Luka Magnotta's Lawyer May Testify

MONTREAL — A lawyer who heard Luka Rocco Magnotta make allegations about being repeatedly abused and forced to have sex with animals says he could be called as a witness at his murder trial.
Romeo Salta, who says he met with Magnotta several times at his Manhattan office in the winter of 2010-11, told The Canadian Press he was informed of the possibility by the defence team last week.
Magnotta, 29, is now facing multiple charges, including first-degree murder, in the May slaying and dismemberment of Montreal university student Jun Lin. He has pleaded not guilty to all counts and is due back in court next March.

A day before Salta was told he might be called to testify, the attorney spoke to a reporter about Magnotta’s assertions that he was frequently abused — physically, emotionally and sexually — by a mysterious acquaintance known as “Manny.”
Salta insisted that Magnotta gave him his blessing to go public with the disturbing details of the alleged attacks, if he were ever arrested or killed. The lawyer said Magnotta wanted people to know his side of the story.

But two days after discussing his exchanges with Magnotta, Salta indicated he’s been told to say no more.
He declined to answer follow-up questions because of a conversation he said he had with Magnotta’s lead defence counsel, Luc Leclair.
“Consequently, I have been advised not to disseminate any further information than what has already been said, especially when it comes to ’Manny,’ ” Salta wrote in an email.
Leclair did not immediately return a message asking about Manny and whether Salta could be a witness.
Salta recalled that a frightened Magnotta first contacted him in December 2010 or early January 2011 over concerns police were closing in on him amid a swirl of animal-cruelty accusations.

At the time, animal-rights activists were already publicly accusing Magnotta of killing kittens in videos posted on the Internet — allegations he denied in a newspaper interview.
The Canadian Press obtained several emails Salta said he received from Magnotta over the weeks that followed their first meeting. All are dated from January 2011, more than a year before Lin’s death.
In one email, Magnotta said Manny forced him “to have sex with his puppy and numerous cats.”
But Salta said he didn’t remember if Magnotta told him whether he had ever killed kittens.
“I believe he denied intentionally harming any animal,” said Salta, who also met Magnotta in person three or four times.
“He just kept saying, ’I like animals, I like animals, I like animals — I wouldn’t intentionally do anything to hurt an animal.’
“I guess, if anything, he was implying — possibly, I don’t know — that he was forced to do it.”
But when it came to accusations against Manny, Salta says Magnotta was categorical.
In one email dated Jan. 6, 2011, Magnotta listed 42 abuses allegedly administered by Manny — many in graphic detail. He said he was subjected to bondage and torture.
The porn actor originally from Scarborough, Ont., wrote that Manny “cut me with a knife because I wouldn’t kiss his feet” and made him “eat animal parts.”
He also alleged in the same email that Manny threatened to have private detectives hunt him down and kill him if he ever disappeared.
Salta did not provide much information about Manny, except that he believed he was giving money to Magnotta, who apparently lived in New York City at the time.
The lawyer wasn’t even convinced that Manny existed, though he said he had the feeling Magnotta truly believed the abuses had occurred.
“Whether or not they actually happened is another story,” he said, noting how at one point Magnotta had discolouration near one eye that he blamed on Manny.
Magnotta also sent Salta a photo that purportedly shows marks and bruises on his face.
Salta, who has 30 years experience, said Magnotta turned down his offers to help him file a complaint against Manny.
Magnotta wrote in another email that he was considering turning himself in after the animal-cruelty allegations surfaced on the Internet.
He wrote how he would want “protective custody” if he were ever sent to a detention facility, such as New York City’s Rikers Island. He even provided Salta with his mother’s phone number, just in case he was arrested.

Police did not have any arrest warrants at the time for Magnotta. There have been no reports of him being charged with animal abuse. The Toronto police force, however, has confirmed it began investigating Magnotta in February 2011 after it received animal-cruelty complaints.
Salta said Magnotta asked him to go public with his accusations against Manny if something ever happened to him.
“He wanted the story of his abuse made known if it’s at all relevant to anybody,” said Salta, who described Magnotta as very friendly but someone who showed little emotion.
“He told me that he wanted the authorities, he wanted people, to see what he suffered.”
Asked if he thought Magnotta could come back at him for revealing confidential client information, Salta said he never technically represented him.
“If he does, he does,” he said, before highlighting Magnotta’s prolific presence on the Internet.
“It seems like he’s posted enough things that would indicate that he’s waiving any kind of confidentiality.”
Salta said he even returned $300 given to him by Magnotta at their first meeting because he hadn’t done any official work for him.
The criminal lawyer, however, wanted to stay in touch with Magnotta based on the possibility of landing a new, high-profile client.
“I wasn’t doing it just for the sake of listening to somebody tell tales,” Salta said.
“In this particular situation, he showed me enough stuff that would possibly make one conclude that there may be an animal-abuse charge coming down the road, in which case he would need a lawyer.”

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Suspicious Powder Adressed To Luka

MONTREAL — An envelope addressed to Luka Rocco Magnotta, which was later found to contain a suspicious powder, prompted authorities Tuesday to shut down one of Canada’s biggest postal centres.
The incident began after an employee at the Montreal plant spotted Magnotta’s name as the addressee and brought the letter to a manager, said Alain Duguay, the president of the facility’s union local.
Police were called to the distribution centre, which handles much of the mail for Eastern Canada. Duguay said an officer unsealed the envelope to find a white powdery substance inside.

“That’s when they set up a security perimeter and quarantined some people,” he said of the police reaction, which involved about 15 employees and brought operations to a halt for two hours.
Police determined the substance was not dangerous, but four people — two workers and two managers — were treated for what Duguay described as adverse psychological reactions.
Magnotta is facing multiple charges, including first-degree murder, in the death and dismemberment of Montreal student Jun Lin. He has also been charged with shipping some of Lin’s body parts through the mail.
In May, workers at an Ottawa postal warehouse found a parcel containing Lin’s severed hand — addressed to the Liberal party.
The 29-year-old porn actor has pleaded not guilty to all counts.
Canada Post does not have a protocol to intercept letters addressed to Magnotta, so Duguay praised the employee’s decision to alert management.
“We know that there are investigations on Mr. Magnotta — I think it was legitimate,” said Duguay, who couldn’t say whether the envelope was addressed to the Montreal detention centre where Magnotta is locked up pending trial.
“I don’t think one can ever take too many precautions.”
Neither Canada Post nor Montreal police would confirm whether the letter was addressed to Magnotta.
But Const. Anie Lemieux, a police spokeswoman, said the force has launched an investigation.
“It’s something that they will look into,” Lemieux said of the possible Magnotta connection.
“Our investigators are looking to see where this envelope came from, what the content was exactly, who it was (addressed) to.”
A few hours after the envelope was discovered, a Canada Post letter-carrier depot in the Montreal-area community of Ste-Julie was also evacuated when staffers there found a suspicious powder. The substance was in a mail bin that came from the Montreal sorting centre.
The Ste-Julie warehouse was shut down for several hours and officials later determined that the substance was not hazardous, a spokeswoman for Canada Post said.
Anick Losier did say, however, that five employees in Ste-Julie were taken to hospital as a precaution because they were feeling ill following the incident.
Due to the incident, Canada Post cancelled mail delivery Tuesday in Ste-Julie and the nearby community of St-Amable.
At the Montreal centre, Losier said one employee reported redness on her skin after she came into contact with the substance found in the letter.
She said she doesn’t expect the shutdown of the Montreal distribution centre, a plant of nearly one million square feet, to cause a major slowdown for operations.
“Tomorrow, (it) should be back to normal.”

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Untuk Dikongsi Bersama :)

Ayah, tolong jangan pukul saya lagi!

Taken from

Menitik air mata kami saat membaca tulisan seorang rakyat dari China tentang luahan perasaan beliau yang ingin menyelamatkan hidup 2 orang kanak-kanak yang didera bapa mereka sejak dari hari pertama mereka dilahirkan. Bagaimana penulis cuba menceritakan akan penderitaan kanak-kanak itu yang cuba untuk terus hidup dan bertahan walaupun saban hari dipukul oleh bapanya. Mari kita ikuti penulisan beliau…

Sememangnya sukar untuk dipercayai di zaman serba moden ini masih wujud bapa yang tidak berperikemanusiaan dan bersifat kejam seperti ini. Alhamdulillah, kini kanak-kanak ini telah berjaya diselamatkan dan telah dihantar ke rumah kebajikan, sementara bapa mereka telah pun dipenjarakan. Saban hari, jeritan inilah yang selalu didengari oleh penduduk di sekitar kawasan tempat tinggal mereka.

"Ayah, tolong jangan pukul saya lagi!"

Tiada siapa yang berani membantu. Kami semua hidup dalam kesusahan dan masalah masing-masing. Tiada siapa dapat menyembuhkan luka dan ketakutan yang menyelubungi hidup kanak-kanak ini. Sehingga kini mereka masih trauma dan sering meracau di setiap malam. Siapa yang boleh bertahan jka seumur hidup dari lahir didera dan diperlakukan macam haiwan.

Cuba anda bayangkan jika anak-anak anda diperlakukan sedemikian rupa. Siapa yang dapat bertahan jika diperlakukan begini setiap hari? Pada siapa mereka mahu meminta pertolongan? Sedangkan anak-anak dilanggar di tengah jalanraya pun tidak dipedulikan, inikan pula tangisan kanak-kanak ini.. Siapa yang mahu membantu? Inilah situasi di negara China, dimana kemanusiaan telah dibuang jauh dari kamus hidup mereka.

Saya mahu membantu anak-anak ini, tetapi saya tidak dapat berbuat demikian. Bagaimana untuk membantu? Dengan apa? Saya masih dibawah tanggungan ibu-bapa. Saya hanya boleh mendoakan yang terbaik. Tetapi kekuatan dari saya seorang adalah terlalu terhad. Jadi saya ingin meminta bantuan. Jika anda mahu membantu, atau jika anda mempunyai sebarang cadangan bagaimana untuk memperbaiki masalah ini, sila berhubung dengan saya.

November 10
Oleh kerana tahap kecederaan kanak-kanak itu amat kritikal, pihak berkuasa yang berkaitan telah menghubungi pusat kubajikan tempatan dan kanak-kanak ini telah dihantar ke sana buat sementara waktu. Jurucakap bagi pihak berkuasa yang berkaitan menunjukkan bahawa mereka akan dijaga dan buat masa ini, hak penjagaan mereka telah ditarik dari si bapa oleh pihak mahkamah bagi melindungi kanak-kanak itu.
Hanya di belakang pintu logam ini lah hidup dua kanak-kanak tersebut. Kehidupan mereka adalah lebih buruk daripada kematian. Tubuh mereka diliputi dengan lebam-lebam dan luka. Mereka hidup dalam ketakutan. Di mata mereka, ayah mereka adalah syaitan.

Sehingga kini saya tidak dapat melupakan wajah kanak-kanak ini yang berlumuran darah dan luka yang masih baru lagi. Mungkin mereka baru sahaja dipukul oleh ayah mereka. Dari riak matanya seolah-olah memohon pertolongan supaya mereka dikeluarkan dari neraka ciptaan ayah mereka itu.

Zaman kanak-kanak adalah masa yang paling menggembirakan, ia sepatutnya penuh dengan kebahagiaan, bermain, riang, dan penuh harapan untuk masa depan. Tetapi dalam mata  kanak-kanak berusia 5 tahun ini, zaman kanak-kanaknya tidak begitu indah. Setiap hari dia dipukul oleh bapanya, kanak-kanak ini kelihatan kelaparan,  mukanya yang tidak tidak berani menatap mata orang lain, air muka yang melihat orang lain mempunyai keseronokan dan bermain, manakala dia sendiri dikunci di dalam sepanjang hari .

Apabila saya pecah masuk ke dalam bilik itu, saya seakan akan tidak percaya dengan apa yang saya lihat. Bilik ini seolah-olah satu bilik penyeksaan. Darah ada di merata-rata, ada yang masih baru dan ada yang sudah kering.

Kanak-kanak ini telah berulang kali dipukul hingga seluruh badanya dipenuhi dengan luka lama dan luka baru.
Cuba bayangkan jika anak anda diperlakukan begini?

Kaki kanak-kanak  ini telah dipotong oleh bapanya menggunakan jarum dan gunting. Apabila melihat mereka pada waktu itu, saya memarahi dir sendiri kerana saya tidak mampu untuk membantu. Mengapa?! Mengapa?! Mengapa saya perlu melihat sesuatu yang sangat kejam!

Ini rumah atau neraka? Seluruh bilik itu dipenuhi dengan darah!

Hidup kanak-kanak ini sangat sengsara. Sedangkan pakaian tidak diberikan kepada mereka, inikan pula makanan. Sudah beberapa hari mereka tidak menjamah sebarang makanan dan minuman. Hidup mereka hanyalah ditemani darah dan tangisan.

Torehan pisau di belakang tubuh anak kecil ini..

Ini adalah penyapu yang selalu digunakan si bapa untuk memukul kanak-kanak ini yang dipenuhi darah dan sudah patah.

Ini adalah kakak kepada kanak-kanak ini. Parut diwajahnya juga adalah disebabkan oleh perbuatan bapa mereka.

Ini adalah  (binatang) bapa kanak-kanak malang ini. Dia adalah seorang pelukis. Ibu mereka sudah meninggalkan keluarga ini dua tahun lalu. Si ibu melarikan diri kerana tidak tahan dipukul oleh si bapa.

Saya bertanya kepadanya: Mengapa awak memukul mereka setiap hari? Berapa umur anak-anak awak?
Bapa: Saya tidak tahu.
Saya bertanya lagi.. Lalu si bapa menjawab, "saya menjadi marah lalu memukul mereka." 
Saya: Adakah kamu tidak suka kepada anak kamu?
Bapa: Saya sayangkan anak saya, kerana itulah saya memukul mereka!

Akhirnya kanak-kanak itu diberikan rawatan dan pemeriksaan rapi.

Selepas menanggalkan pakaian kanak-kanak ini dan membersihkan luka di tubuh mereka, semua jururawat yang ada disitu menitiskan airmata melihatkan kesengsaran yang terpaksa ditanggung oleh anak anak kecil ini.

Sewaktu kanak-kanak ini dijahit, dia langsung tidak menangis. Tiada setitik pun air mata yang mengalir. Mungkin mereka sudah lali dengan kesakitan dan kesakitan itu tidaklah setanding dan seteruk dipukul oleh bapa mereka.   Jika kanak-kanak lain pasti sudah menangis dan menjerit memanggil ibu-bapa mereka.

Cerita mengenai pengalaman dan ketabahan kanak-kanak itu tersebar ke seluruh hospital. Semua yang hadir menitiskan air mata. Seorang wanita membantu kanak-kanak ini berpakaian dan membawa beberapa keping roti dan susu untuk kanak-kanak itu. Seorang nenek tua berkata sambil menangis, “Kanak-kanak yang baru berusia lima tahun telah menghadapi  kesusahan ini, dan menjalani pembedahan tanpa bius adalah sesuatu yang orang dewasa pun tidak dapat bertahan tanpa menjerit. Namun, kanak-kanak ini tidak pun menitiskan air mata. Bagaimana dia tergamak menjadi bapa seperti ini? Kanak-kanak ini hidup lebih teruk daripada anjing.“

Dalam masa kurang dari lima minit, sebungkus roti telah habis dimakan. Lalu si kakak memberitahu saya bahawa mereka tidak makan selama dua hari. Mereka tidak pernah makan roti ini sebelum ini. Ia benar-benar lazat. Kemudian saya mendapat tahu bahawa seumur hidup mereka hanya pernah makan mee segera sahaja!

Si bapa menjalani pemeriksaan mental

Imbasan otak

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Ntv7 Feel Good Run 2012

.... was awesome!!!

The event was held on Sunday, July 8th which was last week. Sepatutnya there should be 10 of us. But masing masing last minute ada hal, so I went with Fatin je. Yeap just the two of us haha  it was alright, but it'd be more fun if semua ada of course.

Gerak dari rumah at around 5.45 am lebih kurang, it was still dark, and the most awesome part was; the night before that I actually watched a short creepy video of a pontianak strolling & floating alongside a highway somewhere. -_-' It was no funny issue after that. But yea, kuatkan semangat kuatkan hati baca doa and all, I made it to my meet up point with Fatin. And then off to Bandar Utama, rushed for the flag off.

Here are some of the photos;
Early in the morning.. So freshhh

Me & Fatin before the run started

And yyeappp we did it!! :D

Running with costumes. Lol cool aunts there

Leaving with a bag of goodies, a medal & a cert ;P

After the run, I just felt like I need to swim or to just soak myself in cold water, and Fatin suggested that we go to FRIM, (Forest Research Institute Malaysia). So that was exactly where we went to. Dip ourselves in the cold refreshing water and we talk and talk and talk..

Dipping le feet!

We never planned to go for a swim or whatsoever in the first place so obviously, the only towel that I brought was that small gym towel yang memang tak cukup la nak lap badan ni. So we just stayed awhile more, get ourselves a lil drier, ambil plastik letak dekat car seats and off we went. We were almost starving and ended up buying ourselves boxes of cupcakes at Wondermilk Damansara.

Other than that, it was all good and we had so much fun fun fun! Cheers to the weekend! Have a great one, peeps!

Saturday, July 14, 2012

"I Wished Every Night That Tom Cruise Would Adopt Me"- Luka Magnotta

Luka Rocco Magnotta is in custody now and has pleaded not guilty to charges that he killed, dismembered, and even ate some of his Montreal boyfriend before absconding to Berlin, where he was apprehended. Meanwhile, Magnotta's extensive online legacy is still being mined by the curious, and our tipsters made us aware of yet another claim Magnotta made that he was an ardent Scientologist. 

We told you earlier about some other online statements he made in 2007 and 2008 about joining Scientology and then defending the church at an forum. But now we've discovered a defense of his involvement in Scientology that Magnotta posted on July 1, 2009. It appears to be the most lengthy and detailed description of his interest in the religion that he ever posted. 

Taken together with his other writings, we're getting the definite idea that before he became an accused kitten killer and boyfriend devourer, Magnotta was obsessed with his looks and his pursuit of fame, and found in Tom Cruise and Scientology one way to achieve his dreams. In June and July of 2009, Magnotta briefly blogged at, a Buffalo-based community blogging platform. A sample entry, from June 23 (all spelling is Magnotta's)... 

People Say Im Hotter Then a Prince
People say im so sexy, that i should be royality, im not joking. I walk down the street and they come up to me and want to get with me and they tell me how beautiful I am. I just can't help myself. Im good looking....its hard when I can't go anyplace without being mauled. 
Here's the photo he posted with it...
Two days later, he put up another entry which also suggested he was a young man with issues...
I Hate My Family
I hate my family. I never felt like I belong in this family at all. Everything they do annoys me, the way they walk, talk, and even breath. I just get so irritated with EVERYTHING they do. I can't stand them. I feel like they don't like me very much either. They have all been extremely jealous of my success and life for years. They all hang onto me and just want money...
And the accompanying photo...
 The next day, on July 1, Magnotta posted a lengthy piece titled "Scientology Saved My Existance 

In the previous two blog posts we found from 2007, Magnotta's declarations about Scientology seem canned, like they were material he'd simply copied from one of the church's own websites. In this case, although there's more attitude, the opening paragraphs again feel rote, like they could have come from any Scientologist's website...

I feel everyone has a defining moment somewhere in life. Whether it be achieving a 3.0 grade point average, or being the most valuable player on a basketball team. It seems that no matter how great or small this event may seem to the rest of the world, it means everything to the person experiencing it. Sometimes the moment is happy such as the first examples.

But after that stiff intro and a set of canned paragraphs defining Scientology, Magnotta starts writing about himself...

While walking one night alone down the streets of Toronto I was approached by a nice woman who offered me a "stress test" I happily went inside and was amazed at how accurate and true the things she was speaking of were. I ended up purchasing some books, one was called Dianetics, by L. Ron Hubbard.

Then things get that canned feeling again, as Magnotta includes this cute (and correctly spelled) detail...

I ended up leaving the office and by chance I forgot my Rolex Watch, the man quickly ran outside and after me to return it, this goes to show how much character these people have and how helpful and honest they were.

But the next paragraph sounds like Magnotta again...

It really bothers me to hear constantly that untrue rumors that the "church is a cult" and "its nothing but mind control" Let me tell you all something, I have experianced only good from going to the church and it has changed my life for the better. I have noone, no family or friends who I am able to trust and the church acts like my family everytime I go there.

And after that, we're right back into canned language with vocabulary that doesn't sound at all like Magnotta ("I believe that there are certain characteristics that abide in all of us.")

Then, things get interesting again...

I have gone through so much in my life and after reading the books I realized that life gets better and not worse. Tom Cruise is onr of my idols, I have always admired him for his charity work and personal lifestyle. He helps everyone and anyone whenever he is able to. When I was a boy I wished every night that he would adopt me. Even my girlfriend when I was a teenage knew how much I respected him, I have followed his career from the beginning. It makes me hurt inside when people say negative things about this good man and the church, who have both helped so many.

More artificial blather follows, and Magnotta then seems to reappear...

Well having noone I am able to trust is hard, but still id risk my life to save or help the ones I love. Scientology changed how I think and ofcoarse in the past I have done wrong things, who has not? But I have learned from my mistakes and gained from my negative experiances. Everything happens for a reason I believe and I am now a stronger person from having gone through so much. Tom Crusie was my inspiration. I thank him for that. I did not want my past to dictate my future. My main goal in life is to help others and to make myself happy by becomming a model and actor and I have been doing a great job so far of schieving this.

The post then goes into two lengthy paragraphs that are simply bizarre, but except for Jeffrey Dahmer's last name, the spelling is suspiciously clean. It makes references to Dahmer, Timothy McVey, and the fate of Jesus, and it's hard to believe that it was written by either Magnotta or a Scientology website.

Then, Magnotta seems to come back for the finish...

I enjoy helping people, It makes me happy, If I can bring a smile to one persons face then I know I have done my job well. Through modelling and acting I can express myself and IT makes ME happy and fullfilled when I am able to live my dream. I just have to set the record straight befroe I go, to all of you who claime to have been "cheated" by the church, that is your opinion and you have the right to make that claim, but to all of you who don't even know anything about the church, how can you make fun of it? is that not making you a hypocrite?
Bottom line is, don't knock it until you try it.

It was the last post he made in that blog.

The repeated references to Tom Cruise are telling. I went back to the 2007 blog posting and noticed that although it was completely canned and said nothing about Magnotta's own life or about Cruise, the item was still tagged with "Tom Cruise" and "Katie Holmes."

How involved in Scientology was Luka Magnotta? Maybe very little. But over a period of two years, he went to the trouble of claiming multiple times that he had an affiliation to it, and to defend it from detractors. (We asked the church for a response about Magnotta's claims, but have never heard back.)

Magnotta is obsessed with his looks, with how he is perceived, with becoming famous. He may have thought that aligning himself with Cruise would be one of many little things to help him get what he wanted. Now, of course, we are learning that his obsessions were rather more unfathomable.

A preliminary hearing in his case has been set for 2013.

The Plot Back In 2011

MONTREAL — Twin Playboy bunnies and an animal-rights group tried to enlist one of the world’s biggest porn stars last year to help catch Luka Rocco Magnotta.

Ron Jeremy tells The Canadian Press he was asked to lure Magnotta, a small-time Canadian porn actor, to Los Angeles with a phoney job offer to appear in an X-rated flick.

The ploy was concocted more than a year before Magnotta became a murder suspect in the gruesome death of Montreal student Jun Lin.

Instead of meeting a legend who’s cavorted for the camera in more than 2,000 adult films, Magnotta was to be apprehended by a hard-nosed group of animal-rights activists.

Jeremy, however, got cold feet and the sting operation never moved ahead.

At the time, animal-rights advocates had alleged that Magnotta killed kittens and posted videos of the deeds on the Internet — accusations he has publicly denied.

Jeremy, an active animal-rights campaigner, wanted to help out, but was uncomfortable with the whole idea of being the bait.

“That’s a little bit out of my league, don’t you think?” Jeremy told The Canadian Press in a phone interview about the January 2011 proposal.

“It’s like an episode from some TV show. The [guy] comes to the set with lube in one hand and his schmeckle in the other thinking he has a job, and the cops tackle him to the ground.

“That’s good for the movies. That doesn’t work in real life.”

The idea for the porn-gig trap was hatched by Rescue Ink, a group of rough-and-tumble animal activists based in Queens, N.Y. Its membership includes police officers, military personnel and tattooed “street guys.”

To connect with Jeremy, Rescue Ink reached out to a couple of his acquaintances: former Playboy playmates Sia and Shane Barbi, also known as the Barbi Twins. 

“I told Sia I’m willing to do things and help, do public service announcements, or whatever it takes,” said Jeremy, 59, who has been a spokesman for People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals.
“But I’m not a law-enforcement agent. How do I catch somebody?”
Rescue Ink collaborators would have been waiting there in the shadows to pounce on an unsuspecting Magnotta. Their captive would have later been handed over to authorities. 

Sia Barbi remembers that Jeremy initially wanted to play along, even though they told him Magnotta was likely only interested in gay or bisexual adult movies.

“Ron Jeremy said: ‘I only do straight porn,’” Barbi said in a phone interview.

“And I said, ‘Ron, let’s focus here. We don’t want to hire him, we want to arrest him.’”

But as Jeremy learned more about his role, she said he got cold feet. The Barbis and Rescue Ink expressed concern at the time that the kitten killer in the video could eventually harm humans.

“I think it kind of spooked Ron,” said Barbi. “It just got a little bit creepy for all of us.”

When the plan was first conceived, they had a direct line of contact to Magnotta, through the help of a confidential female informant working for Rescue Ink.

The woman was involved in an ongoing online dialogue with him and the group had gathered evidence for police, said Joe Panz, Rescue Ink’s co-founder.
Panz, a burly pawnbroker from Queens, said Magnotta had to be drawn into the U.S. because animal-abuse allegations weren’t serious enough to have him extradited.

He said the potential risks of the scheme were explained to Jeremy. 

“I don’t lie. Yes, you can get hurt,” said Panz, who has six bullet-wound scars from an attempted hit on his life several years ago.

Panz said Jeremy, whose porn nickname is “The Hedgehog,” was also worried that setting up a fellow adult actor might tarnish his reputation in the industry.

“I don’t blame him,” he said of Jeremy’s decision not to take part in the sting. “He was in a very difficult situation.”

Jeremy believes a larger casting call — thus having more people around — might have been a safer option to snag Magnotta. But he said his busy schedule didn’t free up the time to organize it.

A smaller shoot just wouldn’t have worked, he says.

“If he comes to an empty house, he’ll be suspicious,” said Jeremy, who also raised other concerns.

“If this guy’s got friends in L.A., who want to search me out first or check me out first, why would I want to put myself in the line of fire like that?”

Magnotta got on online sleuths’ radars after the release the disturbing kitten killing videos. One group, calling itself the Animal Beta Project, spent months searching records and analyzing photos before drawing up a rough biography of the alleged killer, linking him to the videos and even pinpointing his Toronto whereabouts.

Their work may ultimately have been critical in helping police to link Magnotta to the brutal murder for which he is accused. 

The Animal Beta Project started its probe December 22, 2010, one day after the posting of 1 boy 2 kittens, a video which purports to show a man putting the kittens inside a vacuum-seal bag and suffocating the two animals by sucking out all the air. In a follow-up video, the same man can be seen with another dead cat.

The perpetrator’s face is concealed with a hood and digital manipulation, but by thoroughly documenting the clothing, jewellery and physical features of the man in video, group members were able to make near-perfect matches to publicly available photos of Magnotta, who had first come to the group’s attention by way of an anonymous tip.

Most damningly, group members found that many of Magnotta’s photos were uploaded with embedded information on the make and serial number of the camera, a hot pink Panasonic DMC-F3. 

“There are pictures of Luka Magnotta taken with the same camera … as the camera which took the photos of the suspect holding the kittens before they were killed,” wrote Animal Beta Project in a 17-page evidence document posted to their website.
With files from Tristin Hopper

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Forbidden Love Part 2

Pernah tak korang lalui hubungan yang terlarang? Terlarang ni obviously biasanya larangan dari family. Dan dalam case saya, family saya bukan nya jenis yang pandang harta benda bagai, but perangai dan perbuatan.
So yea, since a couple of years ago, saya boleh dikatakan bercinta dengan orang yang tak sepatutnya. Nak kata nakal, boleh la.. Orang muda, nakal nakal biasa. Nak kata jahat? Hmmmm.. No comment.

Just that ada la beberapa masalah yang terjadi, yang boleh dilabel as tragedy lah jugak antara saya dan si dia tuh let me just name him M here. Dia sangat menyakitkan saya, but at the same time, banyak jugak benda yang saya lalui dengan dia sejak kami berkawan sampai lah bercinta yang buat rasa sayang saya dekat dia tu terlalu kuat and sangat susah sangat untuk saya lupakan dia. Seriously, I found someone selepas dia but in the end, orang tu tak dapat happykan saya macam mana M buat saya happy dulu, tolak tepi semua waktu waktu bila dia buat saya sakit.

Sekarang, saya cuma mampu sedapkan hati saya dengan cara fikir positive dan ingatkan diri saya kebenaran tentang sesuatu yang dipanggil HIKMAH.

Dan saya cuba fikir yang dia pun mungkin sedar yang kami tak sepatutnya bersama untuk elakkan keluarga masing masing sakit kerana hubungan kami. Rindu, sayang semua saya tolak tepi. 

Entah lah, mungkin masalahnya datang dari diri saya sendiri yang sememangnya kalau dah sayang, tempuh macam macam sama sama, agak susah untuk saya lepaskan, lupakan.. Sangat susah. Biar buruk jahat macam mana pun, sayang tu punya lah susah untuk saya buang. Tapi saya serahkan semua pada takdir. Dan masa. Biar lah masa yang tentukan. Saya percaya takdir saya dah tertulis dan mungkin akan ada sesuatu yang baik disebalik semua sakit yang saya terpaksa pendam selama ni. 

Ya Allah. Kalau saya boleh putar masa, sumpah saya tak nak kenal dia. Saya tak nak rasa semua ni. But then again, yes, saya percaya Tuhan. 

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Jun Lin's Head, FOUND

Canadian police confirmed Wednesday that a head found in a Montreal park does belong to the Chinese student victim in the “Canadian Psycho” murder and dismemberment case.
“We have found the head,” Montreal police spokesman Raphael Bergeron told AFP following forensic tests on the remains.
Police would not say what led investigators to a small lake in Angrignon Park in the southwest Montreal neighborhood of Ville Emard where the head was discovered on Sunday.
It is the last remaining body part of the victim to be recovered in the gruesome case that started in May with a hand being mailed to the ruling Tories’ party headquarters in Ottawa and culminated in a global manhunt for the suspect.
“It had been in the park for some time,” said police Constable Anie Lemieux, offering few details to protect the family and the prosecution.
“What’s most important I think in this announcement is that we found what we were looking for and the rest of the investigation can now continue,” she added.
Luka Rocco Magnotta, 29, last month pleaded not guilty to killing Lin Jun — a Chinese student at Montreal’s Concordia University — in an appearance via a video link from a Montreal detention center where he has been held since his capture.
Magnotta, who worked as an occasional porn actor and an escort, is alleged to have used an ice pick to stab Lin on the night of May 24-25.
The suspect is thought to have then carved up the victim’s body, sexually abused the corpse and filmed the act, before posting the video on the Internet.
Days later, police in Montreal discovered Lin’s torso in a suitcase by the trash outside an apartment along a busy highway. The victim’s severed hands and feet were also discovered to have been sent through the mail to federal Conservative and Liberal parties in Ottawa and to two schools in Vancouver.
The whereabouts of the head had, until now, been a mystery.
Dubbed the “Canadian Psycho” by the media, Magnotta initially fled Montreal for Paris after the killing, prompting Interpol to issue a global alert. He quickly became Canada’s most wanted suspect.
He was soon traced to Germany and arrested in a cyber cafe in Berlin, after being spotted reading about himself on the Internet, and was later deported to face trial in Montreal.
The 29-year-old suspect from Toronto is also charged with committing indignities to a body, publishing and mailing obscene material, as well as criminally harassing Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper and other members of parliament.
In Magnotta’s first appearance in person before a Canadian judge last month, Lin Jun’s parents, sister and uncle watched from a separate closed room a broadcast of the proceedings.
Lin’s family and the Chinese government have called for justice, Lin’s mother calling Magnotta “a monster” in a passionate eulogy for her son at Concordia University last week.
Magnotta’s next court date is scheduled for early next year, and a preliminary hearing is expected for March 2013. –AFP

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Inside Luka Magnotta's Twisted World

Paul Mason knew the man simply as Rocco. Seeking to beef up his photographic portfolio, the 48-year-old Montrealer had placed an ad on Craigslist in April 2011, seeking models who would work gratis in exchange for free portraits. Soon, Rocco got in touch. Mason agreed to meet the man, who he understood to be a gay model, at Rocco’s apartment in the gentrifying southwest Montreal neighbourhood of Pointe-Saint-Charles. And so it was that around lunchtime on Saturday, May 1 of last year, Mason arrived at Rocco’s apartment, near the Charlevoix metro. Rocco “came out dressed in sweatpants, a tank-top hoodie, and a little bit of facial makeup on his cheeks,” recalls Mason. “The cheek thing was a little much. I said to myself, ‘Ugh, that’s going to be a little creamy on camera—but what the hell.’ I looked at the guy: a very chiselled face, not ugly, by any means. Quite dynamic looking.” The foundation on his cheeks wasn’t his only idiosyncrasy. “He was speaking in this Russian, sort-of-little-bit-of-an-Eastern-European accent,” Mason says, imitating the Slavic cadence. “He maintained it all the way through. I had no reason to suspect it wasn’t real, but it did cross my mind: is this a real accent? It was just a little bit odd. I said, ‘Where are you from?’ and he says, ‘Half-Italian, half-Russian.’ I had no reason to suspect he was putting on a persona.” Over the ensuing hours Mason took dozens of outdoor shots of Rocco against an urban backdrop of brickwork and graffiti. “I said, ‘Okay, we’re going to do the first shot,’ and he said, ‘I’m ready,’ and I pointed the camera and he went boom: his face went 45 degrees to the side—like a robot, almost—and he froze: no smile, no nothing. Stone-faced. And I said in my head, ‘This guy’s intense. These pictures are going to turn out nice. As freaky as he looks, they’re going to have some punch.’ ” Rocco mentioned modelling work he’d done in Europe and New York and the fact he had a child. His speaking voice was dry and monotone. When Mason felt he’d run out of things to shoot in the area, Rocco helped him carry his lighting equipment up the stairs to his apartment for an indoor shoot. “It was a mess,” Mason remembers of the place. “Sloppy. One room, a kitchenette, a bed, unmade, with a red bedspread.” A green couch in the room looked more promising. “I said, ‘This could be like a nice studio boudoir-type shot.’ ” They closed the shutters and set up his flash heads. “He said, ‘Do you want me on the bed?’ I said, ‘Yeah, sure, let’s start on the bed and we’ll do some after on the sofa.’ He got on the bed and did very laid-back, semi-sensual poses. Nothing erotic—there was no nudity or anything like that—and I shot away. And he maintained this cold face with no smile. There’s only one picture in the whole 90 pictures I took with an inkling of a grin on his face. “Then he put on the black fake leather jacket and he looked very James Dean,” Mason says. “I even thought that before I knew he had a fetish for him.” Mason was happy with the day’s work, and spent weeks poring over the shots on his computer, whittling them down. He arranged to meet Rocco again to hand over some portraits; Rocco greeted him with that same Eastern European accent, and the two men shook hands. It was the last time Mason would see him until last Thursday. That day, at work, a colleague made a black joke about finding body parts in the trash. Mason had not yet heard of the grisly crimes that for the past week have captivated the world. “Ten minutes later my wife phones me. ‘Paul,’ she says: ‘It’s him! The guy you photographed last year. It’s him, I’m sure of it.’ ” Eric Clinton Kirk Newman was born in Scarborough, Ont., on July 24, 1982; on Monday, nearly three decades later, following an intense international manhunt triggered by the discovery of dismembered human remains in Ottawa and Montreal, police in Berlin arrested 29-year-old Luka Rocco Magnotta at an Internet café. Wearing sunglasses, Magnotta had been alternating between surfing for pornography—some of it nude photographs of himself—and reading news stories about his alleged crimes back in Canada. There could be no more eloquent a summation of his brief odyssey in the public eye so far as that dual pursuit, hunched over a computer keyboard, a piece of equipment that for so long had been at the centre of his life. “You got me,” he told the arresting officers. Newman, the kid from Scarborough, and Magnotta, the male escort, low-budget porn actor and aspiring reality-TV star, were one and the same man. But years of online self-mythologizing, plastic surgery, aggressive vamping and an aching for fame had transformed him: those high cheekbones, that practised pout, the perfection of that single cocked eyebrow—these were all choreographed with precision, calibrated to project maximum self-possession, designed to impress. None of it did. Magnotta had been shooting all along for Jimmy Dean; instead, it appears he developed into something foul. The story could not be more awful. It broke May 29 with the arrival, by post, of a severed foot at Conservative Party of Canada headquarters in Ottawa. The case thereafter developed according to a relentless, horrifying logic, forcing the daily newspapers to print front-page stories dispatched from a macabre alternate universe—here, suddenly, were pools of blood at the bottom of refrigerators, suitcases filled with headless torsos, unimaginably evil home movies. Now Magnotta is being held in a Berlin jail on charges stemming from the murder and dismemberment, in Montreal, of 33-year-old Jun Lin, as well as the sexual defilement of his remains. A computer science student at Concordia University who in photos sports a pleasantly goofy grin, Lin arrived from his native China last summer. Since August he had worked part-time at a depanneur no more than a five-minute walk from Magnotta’s former apartment, suggesting that the pair may have first met in the neighbourhood. His slaying is widely seen in Lin’s homeland as racially motivated. If only it were that simple. His final moments were spent sometime between May 24 and May 25, tied to a bed and receiving furiously swift jabs with an ice pick to his abdomen; a video camera captured the scene, and on May 25 a home movie, titled “1 Lunatic 1 Ice Pick,” appeared on Best Gore, an Edmonton website specializing in morbid video of real carnage. The footage goes on to show the mutilation of Lin’s corpse, as well as acts of necrophilia and cannibalism. The homicide came to light only on May 29, when a mailman delivered a rotting foot to Tory headquarters. That same day, also in Ottawa, at a Canada Post depot, authorities intercepted a second package containing a severed hand destined for Liberal Party of Canada headquarters. Police soon linked these discoveries to a torso found in a suitcase placed outside a low-rent apartment building in Montreal’s Snowdon area—and in turn to Magnotta, who’d lived upstairs in No. 208 for several months. The stench was their first clue. Magnotta’s apartment, opened up to reporters by an affable landlord, offered up such horrors as that bloody fridge, a gore-streaked shower curtain and the soiled bed where Lin had allegedly been butchered. Meanwhile, Magnotta was nowhere to be found, and was presumed to have fled to Europe. However brief, the ensuing manhunt did what he almost certainly intended it to do: it introduced Canadians, then the world, to a man only a handful of Internet watchdogs had ever heard of before. And the portrait, cobbled together out of his voluminous Internet presence, was otherworldly in its strangeness: a kaleidoscope of alter egos, photographs, blog postings and proliferating Facebook profiles. On the virtual screen is a chameleon man—now with slicked back hair, now shoulder-length locks, now feathery bangs and lipstick. Clips available online of Magnotta engaging in conversation show an androgynous figure with a penetratingly deep voice and a strangely halting gait to his speech. “A lot of people tell me I’m really devastatingly good-looking,” he says in one clip, from an audition for the reality-TV show Cover Guy. (The judges thought otherwise, deeming him too thin.) As a male escort he was known as Jimmy, after his Rebel Without a Cause hero, and elsewhere as Mattia Del Santo and Vladimir Romanov (he legally changed his name from Eric Newman to Magnotta in 2006). Rambling, ill-lettered blog and social media posts, often written in the third person, along with dozens of photographs, chronicled a fab, globe-trotting life. These sketches betray a boyish, comic-book logic. “My friend Luka Magnotta moved from Moscow to Tolyatti Russia,” begins one, in typically tortured Internet prose. “[S]ince Luka is half Russian he was able to fit in fine, he looks more Russian then Italian. He told me that in the centre of Tolyatti there was a cafe and alot of Mafiosos frequented there and alot of business was done.” Another online tract speaks of disappearing without a trace and assuming new identities. It was as though he was stumbling toward doing in the world what he had already accomplished online. Magnotta the fabulist cannot be disentangled from the man himself, and that is perhaps the point: if nothing is true, then everything is permitted. Published reports say he grew up in Scarborough and Lindsay, Ont., northeast of Toronto, a cottage-country town with a backwoods edge. To friends he has described a difficult childhood and hinted at abuse. But any early brushes with the law are nothing in comparison to those things he has pretended to online. Such is the velocity of online gossip-mongering that early news reports last week even resurrected a rumoured romantic link between Magnotta and Karla Homolka, a factoid Montreal police confirmed with some alacrity (they later backtracked). He appeared to have made great efforts to quash the Homolka rumour, speaking on camera with a Toronto Sun reporter and dashing off feverish online screeds. “If you dont like someone, then you dont join their fan page,” someone posting under Magnotta’s name wrote last year. “You have to ask yourself, why are you following and cyber stalking someone you hate?” It now seems clear Magnotta himself was the source of the Homolka story. Another online rumour Magnotta has raged against may hew closer to reality, and involves a campaign by an animal rights group to link him with a series of videos depicting a man killing kittens. That group prepared a report for Canadian authorities designed to prod them into action with regards to Magnotta, and includes a savvy analysis of his online modus operandi. “He seems to live in a fantasy world where he is a famous model and bisexual porn star,” it reads. “He has written several articles about himself (in the third person, pretending to be a fan, or a reporter). We have been able to cross-reference and check the information, to prove that it was indeed false and created by himself to promote his image, some of which even contradicts information he posts about himself from earlier.” And yet part of what has made Magnotta an object of fascination in the past days lies in the way he reflects back at us, in uncomfortable ways, something about the culture of the moment: he is a social media monster. His carefully cultivated online identities, his many online selves, grew an Internet presence larger than his tiny existence: Magnotta, someone wrote on a Facebook page in his name, is “a Canadian male model who has become world famous through his photographs and television appearances.” In the way he has lived his online life, Magnotta has pushed to the outer limit the narcissism and self-absorption already inherent in the social media sites—the YouTubes and Facebooks and Twitters and Pinterests—that increasingly govern our lives. The video clip that is said to depict Lin’s monstrous death and dismemberment, which is so much connected to the manhunt and Magnotta’s arrest, is arguably the first snuff film to go viral, a concept hitherto reserved largely for Saturday Night Live sketches and amusing clips of pets and babies. His online self-aggrandizing is Twitter on steroids; his manic cascade of travel photographs is demonic Facebook parody; his taste for fashion and fast cars is the commodification of taste à la Pinterest. When we view photographs of Magnotta in front of the Eiffel Tower in Paris or St. Basil’s Cathedral in Moscow, it is too easy to see ourselves, posting vacation snapshots onto our Facebook walls, projecting ourselves into the ether—just as he has done. And perhaps it was to us that someone wrote, in red ink on the wall inside a closet in the Montreal tenement where Lin died so horribly: “If you don’t like the reflection, don’t look in the mirror. I don’t care.” In recent months Luka Rocco Magnotta had lived in a one-room apartment located just off the Decarie Expressway in Côte-des-Neiges, one of Canada’s most ethnically diverse neighbourhoods. The apartment was ratty and ill lit, a bracing difference from the jet-setting image Magnotta so meticulously cultivated online. His past was an open secret in the grungy block of flats, where he was known as “the porn star” because of his (rather modest) X-rated film career. The nickname was appropriate for another reason: his alleged atrocities were drenched in pop cultural references both mainstream and esoteric. He selected his Italian name based on his admiration for the mafia toughs of Hollywood. One online pic of himself has a caption reading, “I’m not bad, I’m just drawn that way,” a line from 1988’s Who Framed Roger Rabbit. Yet Magnotta’s tastes lean also toward the aesthetic netherworld of snuff, a genre that recalls David Cronenberg’s Videodrome, released in 1983, in which cable television and violence become fused into a hallucinatory nightmare. One of the kitten-killing videos Magnotta is alleged to appear in is titled “1 boy 2 kittens.” The video of Lin’s death, meanwhile, is “1 Lunatic 1 Ice Pick.” Both titles are deliberate references to an earlier milestone of snuff, “3 Guys 1 Hammer,” which depicts the 2007 murder of a 48-year-old man by two young Ukrainian men convicted in a series of brutal murders in 2009; a third man filmed their exploits. Connected to the snuff genre is the phenomenon of connoisseurs filming themselves while viewing the grisly clips. In one case a man who identifies himself on YouTube as Robert Gibson is seen with dishevelled hair apparently watching “1 Lunatic 1 Ice Pick” for its entire 10-minute-plus duration; after the video triggers his gag reflex, causing Gibson to dry heave, he lights a cigarette and continues watching. “It was pretty disgusting,” he says in a second YouTube reaction. “I don’t understand why somebody would really want to do this. I thought I was going to throw up in the video.” Magnotta’s own gore touchstones even found their way into workaday life in Montreal. Living above him in Côte-des-Neiges was Derek Mackinnon, an actor popular on the slasher film circuit for having starred in Terror Train. The 1980 Canadian production is a classic among slasher film enthusiasts; Mackinnon played the deranged frat pledge who revenges a nasty practical joke by slaying his frat brothers and their dates during a party. The two men bonded when Magnotta found out Mackinnon had a moderately successful celluloid career. In Terror Train, which starred a young Jamie Lee Curtis, “I kill 11 people, my appearance constantly changes and I cut up a victim,” Mackinnon told Le Journal de Montréal. “The similarity is pretty huge.” Magnotta, according to Le Journal, had invited Mackinnon over the night Lin was murdered. The 58-year-old actor was busy, and demurred. Less than 24 hours later, “1 Lunatic 1 Ice Pick” was on Best Gore’s servers, attracting a trickle of interest from site regulars. Many argued about the video’s authenticity, while others were in simple awe of what they’d seen. “It’s like I discovered gore for the first time,” reads a typical comment written in the hours after the clip first appeared. On May 25, a neighbour saw Magnotta leaving his apartment with a package tucked under his arm. On May 26, Magnotta set out for Montreal’s Pierre Elliott Trudeau airport. Save for a few dedicated gore aficionados, the world remained oblivious to his alleged crimes. According to an online posting written by a fellow passenger, a self-described gay Parisian blogger who goes by the sobriquet Mr. Bitch, Magnotta was the last person to board Paris-bound Air Transat flight 610. He was wearing a Mickey Mouse T-shirt, khaki pants and looked like a “gay extraterrestrial,” the blogger writes. Magnotta sat down and fell asleep. “He stunk,” Mr. Bitch wrote. Magnotta landed in Paris just after midnight and took up in the city’s 17th arrondissement, a district rich with budget hotels and bars. He was not particularly discreet: witnesses saw him in a bar the night he landed. There he guzzled a Coke in one shot and met an acquaintance. Later, reportedly quite drunk, he tried to crash a party and shoplifted several bottles of perfume. Magnotta apparently imagined he could begin to disappear here. Newspaper reports suggest he was travelling with three sets of government ID to back up his various aliases. The author of the posting “How to Completely Disappear and Never Be Found” (step three: “Acquire false identification”) was a self-identified expert on the subject, yet he either forgot or was compelled to break his own counsel: French police were able to roughly triangulate Magnotta’s location thanks to a cellphone signature. He was careful to heed his own advice, however, when it came to travelling within Europe. “Get on a bus and ride it to your destination,” he wrote in 2009. “[A]irlines keep much more thorough records than bus lines.” He did just that, riding a bus to Berlin on June 1, leaving little behind in Paris but porn and airsickness bags. Still dropping pop-culture clues, he travelled under the name Tramell, an apparent nod to Catherine Tramell, the murderous vixen from the violent 1992 thriller Basic Instinct. In all likelihood, taking the bus bought the suspected killer a few more days of freedom. By now, Interpol had issued a “red notice” for internationally wanted persons. But despite being captured on dozens of security cameras in both France and Germany, Magnotta remained a free man as he stepped into Berlin Zentraler Omnibusbahnhof, the city’s central bus station. From there he took the subway to the pleasantly bohemian Neukolln district, in the city’s southeast. At roughly noon on June 4, he emerged from the Karl Marx Street subway station wearing a green hoodie, khaki pants and sunglasses. He crossed the street, walked into the first Internet café he could find and calmly asked the clerk, a skinny fellow named Kadir Anlayisli, for a computer. For the next two hours or so, Magnotta engaged in the familiar practice of reading about himself on the Internet. Surely, he was happy with the results. His name was on every major news source around the world, often alongside the pictures he himself had posted online. The German news site Bild dubbed him a “porno-killer.” He looked up nude photos of himself. Anlayisli, who reads a lot of newspapers, felt a twitch of recognition. His suspicions were confirmed when, while walking behind Magnotta, Anlayisli watched as he viewed himself on the Internet. The 42-year-old clerk went out to the street and caught the attention of a seven-man crew of cadet police officers, who entered the café. They approached Magnotta and asked him to identify himself. He first fumbled through an attempt to use one of his aliases before giving up. “You got me,” he said, offering no resistance as an officer put his hands in cuffs. Magnotta was brought to a Berlin police station for questioning, and was transferred to a high-security state prison. In court, he waived the extradition process, saying he would voluntarily return to Canada to face charges related to Lin’s murder. Yet under the law, he has the opportunity to change his mind, and if Magnotta’s life shows us anything, it’s that he is as fickle as he is willing to subvert the truth. Either way, it seems Magnotta is fully content with the notoriety he spent much of his life chasing—even if he has to take it in from behind bars. He chose to be put in solitary confinement. The night of his capture, he ate a full meal and, according to prison officials, slept soundly until breakfast. Courtesy of;