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Friday, January 27, 2012

How To Get Over A Broken Heart

... which, I'm still not good at.

Wow, a broken heart hurts, there is no doubt about it. Your friends say to forget about him or her but you can’t. You lie awake at night and it feels like someone has ripped your heart out and stomped it into the ground. The pain of a breakup can be unbearable at times no doubt. This website is for those of you that have had enough of this type of crap. If your sick and tired of being hurt and are ready to do what it takes to end this painful issue then read on. If you have recently broken up with someone and want them back, or find yourself hurting often with you need this information.
How To Get Over Heartbreak and stop the pain

I’ve been there myself plenty of times my last breakup was beyond awful I could literally feel my heart breaking. That breakup was the inspiration for making this site in the first place. I was a prisoner because I had no idea how to stop the crushing pain. It was during this time I made a personal commitment to myself to make damn sure I never had to feel that way again.

I’m talking about the trouble eating, depression, anxiety, loneliness, self doubt and sleeping… Forget about it. The best analogy I came up with for describing the pain of a fresh breakup is that it is akin to being half frozen in a lake, at night the Ice Weasels come. (and they are hungry). Learning how to get over it and move on can help you to overcome the pain and get on with your life. breakup
How To Get Over Being Heartbroken-Time to change something

Albert Einstein once said “The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results”. Think about this quote for a second and ask yourself, does this quote apply to the way handle yourself in relationships? If you intend to stop feeling this way this needs to change, and the sooner the better.

Okay then, this is the part where I’m supposed to tell you that it’s not your fault that your ex is just a jerk and doesn’t know what he or she’s lost but I’m not going to do that. I’m not going to do that because if you’re the type of person who’s browsing websites like this searching for a magic pill to stop your agony you need to hear this. If you want to learn how to get over things and move on you’ll need to accept the following.

It’s your fault, I’ll repeat that once more it’s your fault Yes, I am telling you right now that during some point of your last relationship you started behaving in a way that pushed your mate away from you.
Hang on here I’m going to take it up a notch…

Since this has been such a problem in your life that you have turned to the Internet for solution for your misery I’m also going to guess this is not the first time this has happened to you. At this point you are probably a bit lost and don’t really understand why this always happens to you. I am a really nice guy, you might be a nice guy too, or maybe you’re a nice girl. Unfortunately that is likely part of the problem, I’ll explain why in a minute.

You have probably noticed yourself that it seems as if you have to be a jerk or a floozy to keep a mate. It does not make any sense at all but you see it every day. Once you understand how to behave the reasons why this happens will be obvious to you.
It’s not because they’re jerks or floozies

In spite of being jerks or floozies these types of people by default typically sidestep most of the inappropriate behavior that will cause a significant other to run away. It doesn’t make any sense at all but that’s the way it is. It’s a fact people would rather be with jerks or floozies then with people (YOU) who unknowingly short-circuit the attraction mechanism. I’m not telling you you need to be a jerk or a floozie to keep a mate, but you do need to borrow a few characteristics that they inherently posses. Floozies and Jerks don’t often get hurt from breakups and life is not fair, deal with it.
Relationships are psychological warfare

If you don’t know what you’re doing you don’t stand a chance. If you’re lucky enough even to get a boy or girl friend at all the odds of you keeping them are virtually nil. Sooner or later your mate will lose attraction for you and someone else who understands the correct way to behave will step in and replace you. You will find yourself once again alone in front of your computer looking at websites like this one searching for a Band-Aid for your wounds. Breakup pain sucks and unless you change something you had better get used to having it. Once you understand the reasons why this is true you will know how to escape the pain once and for all.
Make a commitment and make a change

If you are tired of being used and walked on you need to change something. You really need to educate yourself on the inner workings of attraction. If you cannot recognize and understand what you’re doing wrong you can’t ever hope to fix it. Click here for more information and a short presentation. If you’re still in a situation where you feel there is hope for you to get back with your ex you need to check it out.

Still talking to them? YOU’RE ALREADY screwing it up and you don’t even know it

Have you been calling or texting your x? Maybe you have even been hanging out in the same places hoping to get a chance to talk to them? If so…Tell me, how’s that working out for you? Here is a top tip; STOP! You are making it worse believe me you don’t know what you are doing…yet!

Depression Is NOT Healthy!

  • What if you could turn the tables and have THEM calling YOU?
  • What if you knew exactly what to say when they do call?
  • How would you feel if you could get them back and KEEP them?

This is all possible, and in fact likely but YOU must educate yourself.. You can learn how to get over a broken heart but you need to take action!

Friday, January 20, 2012

Olly Moss

Saturday, January 14, 2012


The Revenge Of The Mummy Ride

Transformers The Ride: The Ultimate 3D Battle

Madagascar: A Crate Adventure Boat Ride

Battlestar Gallactica: Cylon Roller Coaster

Some of the rides yang saya dah try. Haha terbaikkkk Cylon ni! Next time I'm gonna try the blue one.. Battlestar Gallactica: Human Ride

2 0 1 2

Pejam celik pejam celik, it's now 2012 already.
Wow... And this coming month of November makes me a 25 years old girl.
I mean, err... lady?

Dang it.

So well.. pejam celik pejam celik jugak, dah almost 8 months aku bekerja di sini, Media Monitors Malaysia Sdn Bhd. Seriously, this is the longest time I've been working. Selalu nya 3 months je saya dah cha alif but (cabut). Hihihi..

Here, I have my own clan. Lol. Tribe, people, whatever you call it, friends maybe. Or BFF.
I have Amy, Nadia, Izzy and Ieza.. Then we have some other colleagues yang ngam dengan kami. But actually, dengan almost everyone in this office pun kami ngammmm ;P
And Fatin pun selalu jugak dropped by here in Cyberjaya to hang out with us, or sometimes we'll just meet up somewhere and merayau together. From Putrajaya area, sampai la ke KL.

I was in Singapore from last Saturday til Tuesday. I mean, we stayed in JB- M-Suites of course.. There was a wedding of Aunty Sapiah's daughter, and then the next day I went to Universal Studios Singapore with Mom, Dad and my sister. It was awesome!!! But tak puas.. The next time, I'll make sure that I'll be going with a bunch of friends pulak. Its not that I didn't had fun going there with my fam. But dengan family dah lepas, so lepas ni dengan geng la pulak kan. Hehehe.. I'll start planning sebab boleh stay at M-Suites, and boleh ambil package to USS from Uncle Wahab's travel agency company. It's gonna be fun, it's gonna be mad! Haha..
Kitorang even sempat lepak dengan Abang Firdaus, our JB cousin.. He fetched us from M-Suites and kami pergi minum minum and borak borak..

Other updates. Yah I'm still single. And no, I'm not seeing anyone at all. No new man. Or whatsoever. I'm doing great alone. I have my family and I have my friends with me,. What else can I ask for.
I've to admit that at times I do get lonely and miss that man who used to be with me, used to be for me. And that man that I still love this very second. But there is nothing I could do to like, get back with him.. Give our relationship another shot. Cukup cukup lah. Bukan Tak pernah bagi chance and let him prove that things will change for the better. Janji tinggal janji aje selalunya.
Ah why am I telling all this. I should've moved on.

Oh well, overall I'm okay. Again, I have my family and friends with me. People who loves me and appreciates me. That's more than enough.

So that's all for now. Happy New Year people!