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Friday, November 30, 2012

Hunting Magnotta - Preview

The story of a secret group of online investigators who tracked Magnotta for almost two years

Hunting Magnotta

An anonymous online group has revealed in an exclusive interview with CBC's the fifth estate details of how they tracked alleged killer Luka Rocco Magnotta and notified authorities in early 2011, more than a year before he was charged in the grisly killing of Chinese student Jun Lin in Montreal.

 Luka Magnotta Timeline of his troubled history: the fifth estate

Magnotta has been charged with first-degree murder in the killing and dismemberment of the Concordia University student, a case that drew international attention. The Toronto-born man pleaded not guilty. His trial is slated for March 2013.
The Animal Beta Project, an 11-member group of activists who pursue animal abusers, told the fifth estate and Radio-Canada’s investigative program Enquete that they began investigating Magnotta in late 2010 after a video was posted on YouTube of someone killing two kittens by putting them in a sealed bag and sucking the air out with a vacuum.

Though the video was quickly removed, word about it spread and soon a hunt began for the man they dubbed the Vacuum Kitten Killer.
One member of the Animal Beta Project who goes by the online alias Baudi Moovan saw a post about it in her Facebook feed and was spurred to help try to find the killer. She joined a 4,000-strong Facebook group called "Find the Kitten Vacuumer … For Great Justice."
"I saw somebody with a complete lack of empathy," Moovan told the fifth estate's Mark Kelley about the person in the video. "And I saw somebody who wanted attention immediately."

Cat-and-mouse game

Moovan and the other Animal Beta Project members — who conceal their real names and locations because they are still in pursuit of online animal abusers — came to the conclusion that the kitten killer was Magnotta.
Jun Lin was a computer engineering student studying at Montreal's Concordia University. He was killed in late May.Jun Lin was a computer engineering student studying at Montreal's Concordia University. He was killed in late May. (Facebook/Canadian Press)The group believes that Magnotta himself tipped off the online group by planting comments on message boards that he knew they frequented using a variety of online aliases or "sockpuppet" accounts.
"To him, this was a game," another Animal Beta Project member, who goes by the online alias John Green, told the fifth estate.
"When he initially posted the videos of the kittens in the vacuum bag, the YouTube profile name had ‘liked’ a video which was the opening credits to the [movie] Catch Me If You Can, which is about a person who is running away from the authorities," said Green. "And so to us, this was a cat-and-mouse game with him."
Green, Moovan and their colleagues began delving into the online trail left by Magnotta. The group was stunned to find dozens of profiles on Facebook, Myspace and Twitter, plus scores of blogs by the alleged killer painting himself as an international playboy escort and porn star. A vast number of aliases were used by Magnotta to act solely as online "fans" of Magnotta, the group says.
In seemingly desperate attempts to achieve fame and recognition, Magnotta auditioned for two reality TV shows, appeared on Naked News and was profiled in the gay bi-weekly Fab magazine. Magnotta had a clear fascination with serial killers, creating rumours he was dating Karla Homolka and then denying them.
Numerous posts appeared in online magazines and diaries about his dysfunctional childhood and struggles with mental illness.

Photo IDs location

The online sleuths suspect Magnotta joined the Facebook group "For Great Justice" under an alias, watching the group as they tracked Magnotta.
The group scrutinized thousands of pictures Magnotta had uploaded to the web.
In early 2011, the Animal Beta Project believed they had finally caught a break with a photograph that showed Magnotta holding a cup of coffee inside a shop.
Because the cellphone picture was stamped with GPS locator data, the group was able to identify the location as Toronto's Eaton Centre and the date as Oct. 31, 2010, about a month before the kitten killing video was uploaded to YouTube.
Armed with reams of information about Magnotta and the latest find, the group contacted the Ontario Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (OSPCA), who then reached out to the Toronto police.
In February of 2011, the Toronto police opened a file on Magnotta.
Though initially glad their concerns were taken seriously, the online sleuths quickly became frustrated when authorities seemed unable to find Magnotta.

Authorities contacted again

Then, in late 2011, the kitten killer struck again, posting two new videos: one that showed a person feeding a live kitten to a python and another of a kitten duct-taped to a broom handle and drowned in a bathtub.
Details in this photo helped the Animal Beta Project track Magnotta to Montreal. Details in this photo helped the Animal Beta Project track Magnotta to Montreal. (Flickr)The new videos provoked a crisis of conscience among the online group investigating Magnotta.
"When the second set of videos came out again and I turned it on and I watched it, the first thing that came to my mind was 'Catch me if you can.' He was taunting us personally with these videos," says Moovan.
By early 2012, the online investigators had been tracking Magnotta for over a year and had become convinced he would move onto something much worse than killing kittens.
"We were having a conversation with what we believe was a Luka sockpuppet account on a website where videos are hosted," said Moovan. "He said, 'You guys better back off, this guy can snap on a dime and start killing humans.' "
By this spring, the online sleuths had honed their skills in tracking Magnotta down.
Using a recent photo that showed Magnotta posing outside near concrete steps below some distinct street lights, and acting on a tip that Magnotta was in Montreal, the investigators meticulously sifted through Google Street View images of the city's intersections.
The group managed to find the matching intersection in southwest Montreal.
The sleuths again contacted Montreal SPCA, pleading with them to act.

'Bigger' problem needs change

But in mid-May, someone on the web began promoting and asking questions about a new video called "1 lunatic 1 icepick." There's no evidence the video actually existed at that time.
By May 25, a video with that title appeared on an online gore site. Days later, packages containing a foot and hand arrived at the Conservative and Liberal parties' headquarters in Ottawa. Other body parts later arrived at Vancouver schools and were discovered in Montreal.
Moovan recalled her reaction to the discovery that the online video depicting the murder of Lin was real.
"When I came to the realization it was real, I was utterly devastated,” she says.
An international manhunt for Magnotta led police on June 4 to an internet café in Berlin.
Members of the online group wonder if they could've done more to alert authorities, but they also worry about the future.
"When you look at the whole picture of what Luka had done, it's not just that he sucked the air out of a bag, he played with people, he manipulated his image, he was terrorizing people and he was killing defenseless creatures," says Moovan.
"It’s not just some person on the Internet calling the police and saying, 'Somebody killed a cat.' There's a bigger picture here that I don’t think the system itself takes into consideration here and that needs to be changed."

Monday, November 26, 2012

I'm officially 25 years old ;)

Alhamdulillah, my birthday was great. My sister and my friends threw me a surprise celebration and guess what happened to me?


Kalau boleh ubah masa mesti best kan.

Kalau boleh putar balik masa, aku ada dua pilihan;

Sama ada aku nak kenal kau waktu sebelum kau jadi tak berapa nak betul..


Aku ubah sampai waktu aku baru kenal kau tapi kita takkan pernah jadi lebih daripada kawan.

Malangnya aku bukan Doraemon. Tapi aku tak nak terus sayang kau lagi. Tapi macam mana?


Monday, November 12, 2012

One I Love ❤

It hurts with or without you. I do know you're still there waiting and longing for me when at the very same time i am also very sure that if i ever decide to go back, its gonna lead me to the very same chapter of my life that i keep on reminding myself to get rid of.

But i do, i really do miss you.

It's hard being me. When i love one person, it seems so hard to let go of the feelings no matter what happens. No matter how i know i'm gonna get hurt again. All over again.

In some love songs, they say 'I think of you every night and day', that's exactly what's going on in my life now.. It's like the thoughts of you comes together with almost every breath i take. I think of you more before i fall asleep every night and i think of you when i wake up every day. Or even when i got woken up in the middle of my sleep.
It has always been you, you and you. It seems like the thoughts of you keep on coming more often when someone else tried to be into my life. I just can't. Even being without you forbids me from seeing anyone else. It hurts so bad that i love you so much but the situation is just not right for us to be together.

Yes indeed, if i have the power i would change everything. I can either pick to be with you without having to face any obstacles or being without you, and not feeling bad about it at all. But the truth is yes, i don't have that power. I don't have any control over it.

They say, 'this too shall pass..' But the process is kinda killing me inside.. Having to love someone who loves me back.. But for some reasons we just can never be together.. What's the end for us?

Patience is good. But patience also equals to pain...

And yes, i do love you. Never has it changed.

Thursday, October 4, 2012


From: Dr. Tan Chee Hong

After a while of silence, this mad man is back again. It is likely he was in prison and is now out. The police should check on those who served short terms in prison and have just been released.

From: Lai Yoong
Date: Wed, 26 Sep 2012 22:02:10 +0800

"Attention: Last night at 8.15pm the acid splasher was around PKNS complex shah alam. 1 lady got splashed. At 9.30pm another lady got splashed around Summit USJ area. Splasher on the run riding Honda EX5 motorcycle
No Plate WPV 4963. Pls pass this on. TQ!!!
A friend reports that the Acid Splasher has been seen in Damansara Uptown & Kota Damansara.

Modus Operandi is to knock on the car window (mostly women drivers) & splash acid if poor driver winds down window.

He has a 'sad face' & is Indian. When you refuse to open the window, he will yell at you & be more aggressive.

He carries a yellow bottle (likely to be acid behind his back).
Don't be BLUR & open.

One of the victim is my friend's friend's friend currently hospitalized & blinded (not to mention disfigured).

Do not open the car window,
immediately take note of the clothes
he is wearing & rush home / or make police report.

This is not a spam mail. I am writing after reading my friend's email. "

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Torso Confirmed As Guang Hua Liu

Postmortem confirms remains are those of Toronto mother whose ex-boyfriend is in custody charged with her murder

Human remains found in a suitcase in Lake Ontario were those of missing Toronto woman Guang Hua Liu, Canadian police have confirmed.
Guang went missing early in September and body parts were scattered throughout the city. Her torso was in the suitcase found on Wednesday by boaters.
Toronto police said a postmortem examination identified the remains as those of the 41-year-old former spa owner and mother of three.
Liu was reported missing in early August. Hikers saw her foot floating in a river just west of Toronto a few days later. Police then found her head and two hands elsewhere.
A subsequent search unearthed more of Guang's body parts in the suburb of Scarborough, in the city's east end.
Chunqi Jiang, a construction worker and recently estranged boyfriend of the victim, had already been arrested and charged with second-degree murder when the torso was found.

The case has been compared with the death earlier in 2012 of Jun Lin. The Chinese student's severed hands and feet were mailed to the offices of political parties in Ottawa and to schools in Vancouver, while other body parts were found in Montreal. Luka Magnotta, a small-time Canadian porn actor, has been charged with Lin's murder and has pleaded not guilty.

CBC News:

Police announced Thursday that a torso found in a suitcase floating in Lake Ontario belonged to Guang Hua Liu. 
Police announced Thursday that a torso found in a suitcase floating in Lake Ontario belonged to Guang Hua Liu. (Toronto Police Service)

A human torso found in a suitcase floating on Lake Ontario belongs to Guang Hua Liu, the Toronto woman whose body parts were found in Mississauga and Toronto last month, police have confirmed.
 A pair of boaters found a suitcase floating in the water a couple of kilometres off shore Wednesday morning and towed it to Bluffer's Park — located in the city's east end. Once ashore, they called Toronto police.
Liu's former boyfriend, Chun Qi Jiang, has been arrested and charged with second-degree murder. Peel Regional Police are heading the investigation into Liu's killing and evidence from Wednesday's discovery has now been turned over to them.
Liu was reported missing on Aug. 11, one day after friends dropped her off in front of a now-defunct spa she owned called the Forget Me Not Health Centre in east Toronto.
On Aug. 15, her right foot was found in the Credit River in Mississauga, Ont., about 45 kilometres west of her home.
Liu's head and hands were later discovered in the same river in the Hewick Meadows Park area. Days later, two calves, a thigh and an arm were found in West Highland Creek, just blocks from where she lived.
Forensic tests determined all the remains belonged to Liu.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

My Raya Photos:MLK/JB/SG

Arwah Atuk ;(
Sore eyes on Raya Eve :D
With le Chinese fam
Arissa darrrlinnn'

With Nek Mah
My lil' cousins playing at our granduncle's place
Visit from Uncle Kem & Uncle Hisham
JB at Aunt's Place

My granduncles and grandmothers, Spore

At granduncle's place
JB at Aunt's Place
With my cousins and an aunt in JB

Aunty Muna's place, JB
Aunty Muna's place, JB
The Boys From Media Monitors' Super Morning Shift
And the ladies

Aunty Muna's place, JB
Open house at my place

And last but never ever the least, my small lovely family of FOUR :)

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Canada's 2nd Big Headline In 2012, After Luka

Nearly two weeks after body parts started turning up across the GTA, police are now calling the grisly slaying of Guang Hua Liu a domestic crime.
The victim’s estranged boyfriend, 40-year-old Chun Qi Jiang of Scarborough, is charged with second-degree murder.
Police said Liu had been in a relationship with Jiang, a construction worker, for about four years, but could not confirm when they ended things. 

As news of the arrest spread Monday, more details of Liu’s mysterious life were revealed in interviews with family members.
Liu, 41, was the owner of Forget Me Not holistic spa on Eglinton Ave. E. near Midland Ave. Her remains were found spread along the Credit River in Mississauga and in West Highland Creek, a short walk from her Scarborough home.
Liu’s 21-year-old son described his mother as a woman with a complicated love life who had recently split up with a well-established professional from Peterborough — one of several men she had been dating, he told the Chinese-language newspaper Ming Pao.
 The son, Dong Hao Liu, referred to the Peterborough man as his mother’s “Caucasian boyfriend.”
Liu came to Canada from China in 2002 and was a Canadian citizen at the time of her death. She has an ex-husband in China, whom she divorced in the 1990s, according to refugee documents. She has another ex-husband in Canada, whom she split with several years ago and divorced more recently, according to her son.
The son said his mother’s Peterborough boyfriend supported her financially and gave her $30,000 to start a business.
He said his mother planned to sell Forget Me Not because her boyfriend expressed his dislike of the business choice. Asked whether the massage parlour was a front for prostitution, Dong Hao Liu told Ming Pao he had no idea. Rumours that she was selling the business to return to China with her husband are untrue, he added.
In early August, Liu had a row with her Peterborough boyfriend and moved from his house to the townhouse in Scarborough, the son said. 

The interview makes no mention of the accused, Chun Qi Jiang, who was charged after Ming Pao spoke to the son. He could not be reached for further comment about the arrest.
The accused is a Canadian citizen who emigrated from China in 2002 — the same year as Liu — and had no police record.
“He became a suspect early on,” Peel Regional Police Insp. George Koekkoek said Monday at a news conference.
Jiang appeared in court Monday morning and was remanded in custody until his next court appearance on Sept. 10.
Police are still trying to determine where and how Liu died. Investigators were searching for answers Monday in the Scarborough townhouse complex Jiang calls home.
The accused bought a brick townhouse in the complex on Brimwood Blvd. last fall for $280,000, records show.
The neighbourhood, near Finch Ave. E. and Brimley Rd., sits on a pleasant street corner adjacent to a small ravine. Paved pathways cut through neat yards that lead to rows of similar two-story townhouses with blue and maroon shutters.
Neighbours said Jiang kept to himself and that no one in the small complex knew him very well. He was often seen smoking or doing renovations in his backyard, laying concrete slabs and digging out a garden. He frequently had company, including many female guests, several neighbours said.
“There was always females coming in and out,” said Mustapha Abdullah, who lives in a townhouse nearby with his parents and brother.
But nothing about Jiang seemed unusual until a week ago, when the Abdullahs and other neighbours noticed the basement door to his townhouse was left wide open for several days.
“And his car was dented in the front and on the side. We thought that was weird,” said Malek Abdullah, Mustapha’s twin brother.
A few days later their mother, Salma Abdullah, had just returned from work when she noticed a man bent over a bucket in Jiang’s backyard, she said. The man, whose face she could not see, was wearing blue gloves and appeared to be scrubbing away at something on the ground. “That was two, three days ago,” she said.
Then on Sunday, police swarmed the neighbourhood, cordoning off Jiang’s townhouse with caution tape and parking police vehicles on the grassy courtyard in front of Jiang’s house.
Many residents assumed it was a drug bust. Most made the connection to the dismemberment homicide after watching the Monday morning news. 

With files from Lesley Ciarula Taylor, Alexandra Bosanac, Curtis Rush and Jennifer Yang

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Interview Material Could Be Key To Murder Trial

Amid all the forensic material gathered in the case of slain Chinese university student Lin Jun, an interview with a research subject known as “Jimmy” may seem insignificant.
But the motions to keep that interview confidential — introduced Friday by accused killer Luka Magnotta on the one hand, and the researchers on the other — are garnering attention across the country as they bring into direct opposition the desire to prosecute a heinous killing by all means available and the public interest in safeguarding the confidentiality promised to research subjects like Jimmy, who would otherwise remain silent.
If a judge quashes the motions and allows the interview to be included with other evidence, it will be a first in Canada, says Simon Fraser University criminologist John Lowman.
“I can’t imagine what they think is in that interview that would be relevant, which doesn’t meant there isn’t something,” Lowman said Tuesday. “But one has to ask what is in the other set of scales from the desire to prosecute this heinous crime … If criminologists are turned into (police) informers we cannot do our work. We would be left studying only convicted criminals — the failures — and it’s precisely the research we do with unconvicted criminals that is so important.”
Most of Magnotta’s case file is sealed pending his trial for first-degree murder, including the search warrant executed at the law offices of Lex Canada in Toronto on June 22, where police got hold of the interview, three weeks after Magnotta was arrested at an Internet café in Berlin.
Magnotta’s Toronto lawyer, Luc Leclair, has declined to comment on why his client is trying to keep the interview out of the public domain. Magnotta often used the pseudonym Jimmy when seeking work as an escort or in pornographic films.
But the two researchers, University of Ottawa criminologists Christine Bruckert and Colette Parent whose work centres on the sex industry, are challenging the search warrant on the basis of “confidentiality privilege.” Like lawyers to clients, doctors to patients, journalists to sources, researchers must be able to promise their subjects strict confidentiality, Lowman argues — and defend that relationship in court.
In dozens of cases in the U.S., researchers have fought subpoenas and the courts have overwhelmingly upheld the confidentiality of their research. In only two cases have scholars gone to jail for contempt of court: Samuel Popkin of Harvard University went to jail for seven days for not divulging the source of the Pentagon Papers and Rik Scarce of Washington State University went to jail for 157 days when he refused to divulge his sources when studying animal rights activists, accused of blowing up a research facility.
But in Canada there has only been one previous case of a researcher being asked by the courts to identify a subject, former SFU criminologist Russell Ogden, who studied people who had assisted in the suicides of persons with AIDS.
When the Vancouver coroner in 1994 subpoenaed him to give evidence at an inquest, he refused. He argued that his research met the Wigmore criteria — a common law test administered to establish privilege: in short, that confidentiality was promised, essential to the relationship, used for a public good, and that breaking that confidence would produce more harm than benefit. The coroner agreed and no charges were brought against Ogden.
This second case, to be argued Aug. 31 in Quebec Superior Court, shows the need for Canada to come up with a framework similar to that of the “confidentiality certificates” granted in the U.S. by the Secretary of Health and Human Services where research on sensitive topics is protected from legal challenge, Lowman said.
Not all research in the U.S. is immune to legal challenge, however, as evidenced by the ongoing case of Boston College’s Belfast Project — an oral history of the Troubles in Northern Ireland based on 26 interviews with Irish Republican and Loyalist paramilitaries gathered between 2001-2006.
The British Government has subpoenaed two of the interviews in particular, and “any and all interviews containing information about the abduction and death of Mrs. Jean McConville” — a woman from Northern Ireland who, in 1972, was abducted and killed by the Provisional IRA. The case is still before the courts, but while senators and congressmen in the U.S. press for the subpoenas to be withdrawn, Irish parliamentarians warn the matter could derail the Northern Ireland peace process.
“When you ask about the horrendous crime against Lin Jun, yes it is,” Lowman said. “But that’s what’s in the other pan on the scales of justice.”

Monday, July 30, 2012

Jun Lin's Mother Sympathized Luka Magnotta

By Sidhartha Banerjee
The Canadian Press

MONTREAL—It’s a word the mother of dismembered Chinese student Jun Lin never thought she’d associate with the man charged with murdering her son in brutal fashion.
Originally, sorrow and anger dominated Zhigui Du’s thoughts as she asked herself how such an appalling thing could happen to her son in a kind and peaceful country like Canada.
But as she laid her 33-year-old son to rest Thursday, Du said she has begun to feel sympathy on some level toward a man she calls the “devil.”
“Back then, I could only use ‘devil’ to describe the alleged murderer,” said Du, whose son’s gruesome murder captured worldwide attention.
“But later on, when I learned more about this suspect through different news sources, especially about his upbringing, I shockingly discovered my other self who has started to develop sympathy for this person described as ‘devil’.”
Du, who was too distraught to attend the funeral itself, made the remarks through an interpreter during a eulogy she gave at a later news conference.
Lin’s dismembered torso was found May 29 stuffed in a suitcase dumped outside a Montreal apartment building. Various body parts were found mailed to different parts of the country and in a Montreal park.
Luka Rocco Magnotta has pleaded not guilty to several charges in connection with Lin’s death, including a count of first-degree murder.
Any sympathy on Thursday was mixed with a healthy dose of grief and sadness as Lin’s family said their final farewells. They decided to bury their son’s remains in the land he loved and in the city he loved most.
In an emotional 30-minute ceremony, Lin’s father sobbed openly as he sat in the front row. Before the ceremony began, he entered the chamber and clutched his son’s urn, crying uncontrollably.
Father Henry Rodriguez, who presided over the funeral, called Lin a loving and considerate son who loved life. His life was ended by an “evil act.”
“We need to take this opportunity to turn this horrible situation into something positive that brings justice and peace back to this family and to society,” Rodriguez said.
“We cannot lose our faith and trust in human beings.”
Du looked back fondly on the day her son left China.
“When he left China and came to Canada to study, he wanted us to say goodbye with our smiles,” she said. “And today, I think it’s time to wipe our tears and see our son go with smiles on our face.”
She said it was “very difficult” to say goodbye to him.
“But I have been waiting for this day to come, because my son can finally rest in peace in the land that he loves.”
The family says they hope to establish a charity foundation in Lin’s honour that will help young people in distress. Du said it’s a way for the family to give back.
“We have received a lot of help and care from the people here and we want to return something back to this society, to help the youth in need, to help them find their way back to a loving home,” she said.
“Jun Lin has lived a short life, but I think his spirit can continue through this way.”
Lin’s family say they will stay in Montreal and attend court dates next spring, when Magnotta is scheduled to have a preliminary hearing.
A public memorial organized by the Montreal Chinese Alliance Church was held for Lin last Saturday. Various groups are helping to raise money to help Lin’s family stay in Montreal for the duration of the trial.
Concordia University, where Lin studied, has raised money for an award in his name. The university has raised $70,000 thus far.

Luka Magnotta : Interview To Be Kept Confidential

MONTREAL—Luka Rocco Magnotta has filed a motion to keep certain items seized during his murder investigation confidential—notably an interview conducted for two criminologists with a research subject known as “Jimmy.”
The criminologists, Christine Bruckert and Colette Parent, professors at the University of Ottawa whose research focuses on the sex industry, have also filed a motion to keep the interview seized by police confidential.
Most of Magnotta’s case file is sealed, including the search warrant executed at the law offices of Lex Canada in Toronto on June 22, three weeks after Magnotta was arrested at an Internet café in Berlin, then extradited to Canada.
Magnotta is charged with the brutal slaying and dismemberment in Montreal of Lin Jun, a Chinese student at Concordia University, then posting the gruesome video of the killing online.
But in two separate motions presented in Superior Court on Friday, Magnotta and the professors state their intention to challenge the search warrant on the basis of “confidentiality privilege.”
Reached in Toronto, Magnotta’s lawyer, Luc Leclair, refused to comment on the motion, or on whether his client is in fact the “Jimmy” that was interviewed for research purposes. The research was conducted by Adam McLeod, on behalf of Bruckert and Parent.
Magnotta was born Eric Clinton Newman but is known to have used the alias Jimmy, among others, before undergoing a legal name change in 2006 to officially become Lucca Rocco Magnotta.
He went by the name Jimmy when he appeared as a pinup model in a 2005 issue of Toronto’s Fab magazine, and he may also have sought work as an escort using Jimmy as a pseudonym. He became involved in the pornography industry in 2003, appearing in eight films as either Luka or Jimmy.
Bruckert and Parent’s work, some of which was funded by the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada, centred on the sex trade, and together they published several articles and book chapters for which they interviewed sex workers – male, female and transgendered – about their lives and working conditions in an attempt to improve their lot and destigmatize their work.
They were adamant about strict confidentiality.
For a recent study called Challenges: Ottawa-area Sex Workers Speak Out, all interviewers had to sign confidentiality agreements, all data were transmitted in person, and all electronic data were encrypted. That particular study involved 43 participants, including seven men, recruited by several means including through networking, posting flyers at locations known to be frequented by sex workers — including stores, community centres and health clinics — and advertising via Internet sites used by sex workers.
Neither Bruckert nor Parent would comment Friday on the motion.
But in a written statement, the Canadian Association of University Teachers, which represents Bruckert and Parent, said that the professors’ work, “like that of many social and health scientists, depends on pledging and maintaining strict confidentiality to their research subjects. That provides the basis on which researchers can gather information and data to better understand many forms of human behaviour and to provide the basis for appropriate social policy. ... In defending the confidentiality of their research subjects, they are fulfilling their ethical obligations and will continue to do so to the best of their ability.”
James Turk, the executive director of CAUT, said there’s a lot of socially important research that depends on protecting confidentiality, and likened the relationship between university researchers and their subjects to that of investigative journalists seeking to protect the anonymity of their sources.
“No privilege relationship, even of solicitor-client or doctor-patient is absolute and the courts will have to make a decision if there are contending forces – as there are in this case.”
Mark Bantey, a prominent media lawyer who represents The Gazette, said it was the first time he’d heard of university professors arguing their material was “privileged” and therefore confidential.
“What the researchers did was promise confidentiality to their subjects. There’s a contract between the researchers and their subjects, but that doesn’t necessarily mean there’s a privilege,” Bantey said. “The approach being taken by the university researchers is novel and will lead to a very interesting judicial debate.”
The motions will be heard in Superior Court Aug. 31.

Friday, July 20, 2012

Luka Magnotta's Lawyer May Testify

MONTREAL — A lawyer who heard Luka Rocco Magnotta make allegations about being repeatedly abused and forced to have sex with animals says he could be called as a witness at his murder trial.
Romeo Salta, who says he met with Magnotta several times at his Manhattan office in the winter of 2010-11, told The Canadian Press he was informed of the possibility by the defence team last week.
Magnotta, 29, is now facing multiple charges, including first-degree murder, in the May slaying and dismemberment of Montreal university student Jun Lin. He has pleaded not guilty to all counts and is due back in court next March.

A day before Salta was told he might be called to testify, the attorney spoke to a reporter about Magnotta’s assertions that he was frequently abused — physically, emotionally and sexually — by a mysterious acquaintance known as “Manny.”
Salta insisted that Magnotta gave him his blessing to go public with the disturbing details of the alleged attacks, if he were ever arrested or killed. The lawyer said Magnotta wanted people to know his side of the story.

But two days after discussing his exchanges with Magnotta, Salta indicated he’s been told to say no more.
He declined to answer follow-up questions because of a conversation he said he had with Magnotta’s lead defence counsel, Luc Leclair.
“Consequently, I have been advised not to disseminate any further information than what has already been said, especially when it comes to ’Manny,’ ” Salta wrote in an email.
Leclair did not immediately return a message asking about Manny and whether Salta could be a witness.
Salta recalled that a frightened Magnotta first contacted him in December 2010 or early January 2011 over concerns police were closing in on him amid a swirl of animal-cruelty accusations.

At the time, animal-rights activists were already publicly accusing Magnotta of killing kittens in videos posted on the Internet — allegations he denied in a newspaper interview.
The Canadian Press obtained several emails Salta said he received from Magnotta over the weeks that followed their first meeting. All are dated from January 2011, more than a year before Lin’s death.
In one email, Magnotta said Manny forced him “to have sex with his puppy and numerous cats.”
But Salta said he didn’t remember if Magnotta told him whether he had ever killed kittens.
“I believe he denied intentionally harming any animal,” said Salta, who also met Magnotta in person three or four times.
“He just kept saying, ’I like animals, I like animals, I like animals — I wouldn’t intentionally do anything to hurt an animal.’
“I guess, if anything, he was implying — possibly, I don’t know — that he was forced to do it.”
But when it came to accusations against Manny, Salta says Magnotta was categorical.
In one email dated Jan. 6, 2011, Magnotta listed 42 abuses allegedly administered by Manny — many in graphic detail. He said he was subjected to bondage and torture.
The porn actor originally from Scarborough, Ont., wrote that Manny “cut me with a knife because I wouldn’t kiss his feet” and made him “eat animal parts.”
He also alleged in the same email that Manny threatened to have private detectives hunt him down and kill him if he ever disappeared.
Salta did not provide much information about Manny, except that he believed he was giving money to Magnotta, who apparently lived in New York City at the time.
The lawyer wasn’t even convinced that Manny existed, though he said he had the feeling Magnotta truly believed the abuses had occurred.
“Whether or not they actually happened is another story,” he said, noting how at one point Magnotta had discolouration near one eye that he blamed on Manny.
Magnotta also sent Salta a photo that purportedly shows marks and bruises on his face.
Salta, who has 30 years experience, said Magnotta turned down his offers to help him file a complaint against Manny.
Magnotta wrote in another email that he was considering turning himself in after the animal-cruelty allegations surfaced on the Internet.
He wrote how he would want “protective custody” if he were ever sent to a detention facility, such as New York City’s Rikers Island. He even provided Salta with his mother’s phone number, just in case he was arrested.

Police did not have any arrest warrants at the time for Magnotta. There have been no reports of him being charged with animal abuse. The Toronto police force, however, has confirmed it began investigating Magnotta in February 2011 after it received animal-cruelty complaints.
Salta said Magnotta asked him to go public with his accusations against Manny if something ever happened to him.
“He wanted the story of his abuse made known if it’s at all relevant to anybody,” said Salta, who described Magnotta as very friendly but someone who showed little emotion.
“He told me that he wanted the authorities, he wanted people, to see what he suffered.”
Asked if he thought Magnotta could come back at him for revealing confidential client information, Salta said he never technically represented him.
“If he does, he does,” he said, before highlighting Magnotta’s prolific presence on the Internet.
“It seems like he’s posted enough things that would indicate that he’s waiving any kind of confidentiality.”
Salta said he even returned $300 given to him by Magnotta at their first meeting because he hadn’t done any official work for him.
The criminal lawyer, however, wanted to stay in touch with Magnotta based on the possibility of landing a new, high-profile client.
“I wasn’t doing it just for the sake of listening to somebody tell tales,” Salta said.
“In this particular situation, he showed me enough stuff that would possibly make one conclude that there may be an animal-abuse charge coming down the road, in which case he would need a lawyer.”

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Suspicious Powder Adressed To Luka

MONTREAL — An envelope addressed to Luka Rocco Magnotta, which was later found to contain a suspicious powder, prompted authorities Tuesday to shut down one of Canada’s biggest postal centres.
The incident began after an employee at the Montreal plant spotted Magnotta’s name as the addressee and brought the letter to a manager, said Alain Duguay, the president of the facility’s union local.
Police were called to the distribution centre, which handles much of the mail for Eastern Canada. Duguay said an officer unsealed the envelope to find a white powdery substance inside.

“That’s when they set up a security perimeter and quarantined some people,” he said of the police reaction, which involved about 15 employees and brought operations to a halt for two hours.
Police determined the substance was not dangerous, but four people — two workers and two managers — were treated for what Duguay described as adverse psychological reactions.
Magnotta is facing multiple charges, including first-degree murder, in the death and dismemberment of Montreal student Jun Lin. He has also been charged with shipping some of Lin’s body parts through the mail.
In May, workers at an Ottawa postal warehouse found a parcel containing Lin’s severed hand — addressed to the Liberal party.
The 29-year-old porn actor has pleaded not guilty to all counts.
Canada Post does not have a protocol to intercept letters addressed to Magnotta, so Duguay praised the employee’s decision to alert management.
“We know that there are investigations on Mr. Magnotta — I think it was legitimate,” said Duguay, who couldn’t say whether the envelope was addressed to the Montreal detention centre where Magnotta is locked up pending trial.
“I don’t think one can ever take too many precautions.”
Neither Canada Post nor Montreal police would confirm whether the letter was addressed to Magnotta.
But Const. Anie Lemieux, a police spokeswoman, said the force has launched an investigation.
“It’s something that they will look into,” Lemieux said of the possible Magnotta connection.
“Our investigators are looking to see where this envelope came from, what the content was exactly, who it was (addressed) to.”
A few hours after the envelope was discovered, a Canada Post letter-carrier depot in the Montreal-area community of Ste-Julie was also evacuated when staffers there found a suspicious powder. The substance was in a mail bin that came from the Montreal sorting centre.
The Ste-Julie warehouse was shut down for several hours and officials later determined that the substance was not hazardous, a spokeswoman for Canada Post said.
Anick Losier did say, however, that five employees in Ste-Julie were taken to hospital as a precaution because they were feeling ill following the incident.
Due to the incident, Canada Post cancelled mail delivery Tuesday in Ste-Julie and the nearby community of St-Amable.
At the Montreal centre, Losier said one employee reported redness on her skin after she came into contact with the substance found in the letter.
She said she doesn’t expect the shutdown of the Montreal distribution centre, a plant of nearly one million square feet, to cause a major slowdown for operations.
“Tomorrow, (it) should be back to normal.”

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Untuk Dikongsi Bersama :)

Ayah, tolong jangan pukul saya lagi!

Taken from

Menitik air mata kami saat membaca tulisan seorang rakyat dari China tentang luahan perasaan beliau yang ingin menyelamatkan hidup 2 orang kanak-kanak yang didera bapa mereka sejak dari hari pertama mereka dilahirkan. Bagaimana penulis cuba menceritakan akan penderitaan kanak-kanak itu yang cuba untuk terus hidup dan bertahan walaupun saban hari dipukul oleh bapanya. Mari kita ikuti penulisan beliau…

Sememangnya sukar untuk dipercayai di zaman serba moden ini masih wujud bapa yang tidak berperikemanusiaan dan bersifat kejam seperti ini. Alhamdulillah, kini kanak-kanak ini telah berjaya diselamatkan dan telah dihantar ke rumah kebajikan, sementara bapa mereka telah pun dipenjarakan. Saban hari, jeritan inilah yang selalu didengari oleh penduduk di sekitar kawasan tempat tinggal mereka.

"Ayah, tolong jangan pukul saya lagi!"

Tiada siapa yang berani membantu. Kami semua hidup dalam kesusahan dan masalah masing-masing. Tiada siapa dapat menyembuhkan luka dan ketakutan yang menyelubungi hidup kanak-kanak ini. Sehingga kini mereka masih trauma dan sering meracau di setiap malam. Siapa yang boleh bertahan jka seumur hidup dari lahir didera dan diperlakukan macam haiwan.

Cuba anda bayangkan jika anak-anak anda diperlakukan sedemikian rupa. Siapa yang dapat bertahan jika diperlakukan begini setiap hari? Pada siapa mereka mahu meminta pertolongan? Sedangkan anak-anak dilanggar di tengah jalanraya pun tidak dipedulikan, inikan pula tangisan kanak-kanak ini.. Siapa yang mahu membantu? Inilah situasi di negara China, dimana kemanusiaan telah dibuang jauh dari kamus hidup mereka.

Saya mahu membantu anak-anak ini, tetapi saya tidak dapat berbuat demikian. Bagaimana untuk membantu? Dengan apa? Saya masih dibawah tanggungan ibu-bapa. Saya hanya boleh mendoakan yang terbaik. Tetapi kekuatan dari saya seorang adalah terlalu terhad. Jadi saya ingin meminta bantuan. Jika anda mahu membantu, atau jika anda mempunyai sebarang cadangan bagaimana untuk memperbaiki masalah ini, sila berhubung dengan saya.

November 10
Oleh kerana tahap kecederaan kanak-kanak itu amat kritikal, pihak berkuasa yang berkaitan telah menghubungi pusat kubajikan tempatan dan kanak-kanak ini telah dihantar ke sana buat sementara waktu. Jurucakap bagi pihak berkuasa yang berkaitan menunjukkan bahawa mereka akan dijaga dan buat masa ini, hak penjagaan mereka telah ditarik dari si bapa oleh pihak mahkamah bagi melindungi kanak-kanak itu.
Hanya di belakang pintu logam ini lah hidup dua kanak-kanak tersebut. Kehidupan mereka adalah lebih buruk daripada kematian. Tubuh mereka diliputi dengan lebam-lebam dan luka. Mereka hidup dalam ketakutan. Di mata mereka, ayah mereka adalah syaitan.

Sehingga kini saya tidak dapat melupakan wajah kanak-kanak ini yang berlumuran darah dan luka yang masih baru lagi. Mungkin mereka baru sahaja dipukul oleh ayah mereka. Dari riak matanya seolah-olah memohon pertolongan supaya mereka dikeluarkan dari neraka ciptaan ayah mereka itu.

Zaman kanak-kanak adalah masa yang paling menggembirakan, ia sepatutnya penuh dengan kebahagiaan, bermain, riang, dan penuh harapan untuk masa depan. Tetapi dalam mata  kanak-kanak berusia 5 tahun ini, zaman kanak-kanaknya tidak begitu indah. Setiap hari dia dipukul oleh bapanya, kanak-kanak ini kelihatan kelaparan,  mukanya yang tidak tidak berani menatap mata orang lain, air muka yang melihat orang lain mempunyai keseronokan dan bermain, manakala dia sendiri dikunci di dalam sepanjang hari .

Apabila saya pecah masuk ke dalam bilik itu, saya seakan akan tidak percaya dengan apa yang saya lihat. Bilik ini seolah-olah satu bilik penyeksaan. Darah ada di merata-rata, ada yang masih baru dan ada yang sudah kering.

Kanak-kanak ini telah berulang kali dipukul hingga seluruh badanya dipenuhi dengan luka lama dan luka baru.
Cuba bayangkan jika anak anda diperlakukan begini?

Kaki kanak-kanak  ini telah dipotong oleh bapanya menggunakan jarum dan gunting. Apabila melihat mereka pada waktu itu, saya memarahi dir sendiri kerana saya tidak mampu untuk membantu. Mengapa?! Mengapa?! Mengapa saya perlu melihat sesuatu yang sangat kejam!

Ini rumah atau neraka? Seluruh bilik itu dipenuhi dengan darah!

Hidup kanak-kanak ini sangat sengsara. Sedangkan pakaian tidak diberikan kepada mereka, inikan pula makanan. Sudah beberapa hari mereka tidak menjamah sebarang makanan dan minuman. Hidup mereka hanyalah ditemani darah dan tangisan.

Torehan pisau di belakang tubuh anak kecil ini..

Ini adalah penyapu yang selalu digunakan si bapa untuk memukul kanak-kanak ini yang dipenuhi darah dan sudah patah.

Ini adalah kakak kepada kanak-kanak ini. Parut diwajahnya juga adalah disebabkan oleh perbuatan bapa mereka.

Ini adalah  (binatang) bapa kanak-kanak malang ini. Dia adalah seorang pelukis. Ibu mereka sudah meninggalkan keluarga ini dua tahun lalu. Si ibu melarikan diri kerana tidak tahan dipukul oleh si bapa.

Saya bertanya kepadanya: Mengapa awak memukul mereka setiap hari? Berapa umur anak-anak awak?
Bapa: Saya tidak tahu.
Saya bertanya lagi.. Lalu si bapa menjawab, "saya menjadi marah lalu memukul mereka." 
Saya: Adakah kamu tidak suka kepada anak kamu?
Bapa: Saya sayangkan anak saya, kerana itulah saya memukul mereka!

Akhirnya kanak-kanak itu diberikan rawatan dan pemeriksaan rapi.

Selepas menanggalkan pakaian kanak-kanak ini dan membersihkan luka di tubuh mereka, semua jururawat yang ada disitu menitiskan airmata melihatkan kesengsaran yang terpaksa ditanggung oleh anak anak kecil ini.

Sewaktu kanak-kanak ini dijahit, dia langsung tidak menangis. Tiada setitik pun air mata yang mengalir. Mungkin mereka sudah lali dengan kesakitan dan kesakitan itu tidaklah setanding dan seteruk dipukul oleh bapa mereka.   Jika kanak-kanak lain pasti sudah menangis dan menjerit memanggil ibu-bapa mereka.

Cerita mengenai pengalaman dan ketabahan kanak-kanak itu tersebar ke seluruh hospital. Semua yang hadir menitiskan air mata. Seorang wanita membantu kanak-kanak ini berpakaian dan membawa beberapa keping roti dan susu untuk kanak-kanak itu. Seorang nenek tua berkata sambil menangis, “Kanak-kanak yang baru berusia lima tahun telah menghadapi  kesusahan ini, dan menjalani pembedahan tanpa bius adalah sesuatu yang orang dewasa pun tidak dapat bertahan tanpa menjerit. Namun, kanak-kanak ini tidak pun menitiskan air mata. Bagaimana dia tergamak menjadi bapa seperti ini? Kanak-kanak ini hidup lebih teruk daripada anjing.“

Dalam masa kurang dari lima minit, sebungkus roti telah habis dimakan. Lalu si kakak memberitahu saya bahawa mereka tidak makan selama dua hari. Mereka tidak pernah makan roti ini sebelum ini. Ia benar-benar lazat. Kemudian saya mendapat tahu bahawa seumur hidup mereka hanya pernah makan mee segera sahaja!

Si bapa menjalani pemeriksaan mental

Imbasan otak