Sabrina - Vee Zalani

Monday, November 29, 2010

Forbidden Love

Gosh it's hard..
God knows how much I'm suffering with these mixed feelings.
Do you even know how much it hurts?
How much it's killing me inside..
To love someone that I'm not supposed to love.
To miss someone that I'm not supposed to miss.
To think of someone I shouldn't think about.

I wish I could stop these feelings.
I shouldn't love him, I shouldn't miss him.
I hate him.

But I couldn't seem to find a way to get rid of all the feelings I have for him.

Despite all of these loving and missing, I'm pretty damn sure that he don't deserve me.
He can never be a permanent resident in my heart and mind.
He needs to go, leave my heart and mind.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Busy vee

Okay so what's going on around me.

There goes my weekend handling the Bijou Bazaar.
At the same time I'm applying for jobs, here and there.

I'm still in Damansara, crashing at one of my BFF's place.
Will be having some other stuffs to handle in these couple of days here, since I don't wanna have to go back and forth from my place, and here I'll be again..

My berry is still in the 'ward'.
If they messed up with my berry issues, I'm definitely gonna kill them..
I mean the people who's in charged to fix it..

When everything here is settled, I gotta get back to Nilai since we'll be moving to a new place.
And mom has given me the task to paint the house, and not just the house, some wooden cupboards, closets and all.
Can't wait. Seriously, I've already had some ideas on how to paint it, or even giving some touch of arts to those stuffs.. Jyeah!!!

But simply put, it's been a busy month for me!


If I were to be the bad one,
how come I'm gaining more friends while you're losing one by one of them?

Monday, November 22, 2010

Current addiction.

Originally by Bruno Mars.

Nak kahwin tak nak kahwin

2 days more, and I'm actually gonna be a year older.
It's not like I'm rushing things, but I don't know why did the issue of marriage sorta popped into my mind.

I'm single.

23 years old, and single.
That's the best part!
So cherish the moment, Sabrina.


Hey guys..
I'm here in KL since Friday night...
Was assigned to help Lisz at Bijou Bazaar which was helt at Solaris Dutamas during the weekend.
And I had so much fun at the bazaar, seriously.

Bought some nice stuffs, met some nice people..
Business was good, Alhamdulillah..

Think I might share some photos that I took at the bazaar later,okay?

That's all for now.
Y'all be safe! Toodles

Monday, November 15, 2010

Geng Jahat


Tiba tiba aku rasa bangga sebab kawan dengan korang.
Walaupun kadang2 aku mcm nak pitam fikir kenapa Tuhan lahirkan manusia mcm korang ni lebih2 lagi Keril dan Sani.

Tapi aku faham, korang istimewa.

Lagi baik aku jadi gila berkawan dengan org yg lawak gila daripada aku jadi gila kawan dengan orang yang busuk hati gila.

Memang tak dapat dinafikan, aku lagi preferrrr bercampur dengan abang abang bro mcm mereka ni drpd akak2 dan adik2 wanita yang majoritinya....... *tooooot* talian terhenti.

Katak dalam perut

Makkk aihhh...
Banyak bunyik plakkkk...
Pijak tengkuk kau nak tak?

Suruh gi masak bagi alasan dapur tu tinggi plak.
Loncat2 aje la.
Ke kau nak aku masak kau and bagi kau makan diri kau sendiri?

Lapar la.
Menyesal tak beli aquarium.
Tak best rupanya bela katak dalam perut.

Saturday, November 13, 2010


People are turning into?

I been thru quite a number of situations where I got super surprised by what people could actually do to prove that they don't have any humanity value in them.


He's here.

Sometimes, we just don't need a man to love us.
Just one who can be a good listener to us, one who will keep confronting us that we'll be fine, and whom we could count on, to feel protected.

Love ain't necessary..

You just know, that he will be there.

Monday, November 8, 2010

Further up

Yes Sabrina, no point of living in the past...
Hidup harus maju ke hadapan, bukan mundur ke belakang.

We move forward, not backwards.

Saturday, November 6, 2010