Sabrina - Vee Zalani

Tuesday, October 26, 2010


Yes no one ever said that life is easy..
I've been thru life for almost 23 years now, and indeed, I never find life easy to deal with.
Been thru ups and downs- mostly downs.
But like I always said, I am the kinda person who strongly believes in blessings in disguise.

Along the way, I met all kinds of faces, all kinds of obstacles.
Yet I'm still here, living my life as it is.
Never give up hopes, and keep improving to be better.
Get myself back up from my falls.
Eventhough most of of the times I need to crawl, but hey everything starts from below, no?

But this is just a reminder for myself, to never ever give up hopes.
Gain more self confidence.
And try not to do things just to please others rather than pleasing my own self.
Since I just realized that that's what I've been doing all this while.
It is indeed so true when they said, the biggest failure in life is trying to please people.
You can never force people to like u, to love u, to look up to you.
Just be yourself, do what you think is best for yourself.
It's better to feel satisfied and celebrate your own victory.
Don't let people push you down.
Words can be daggers, and that's what they're good at.
Playing with words to push you down.
So let them be.
Live your life, Sabrina.
You have a verrrrryyyy long way to go.
Keep your head up, and never lose faith, and keep clinging to your pride.

Friday, October 1, 2010

Current Target.

Oh DC5 Type R.
Dengan hasil titik peluh sendiri... Amin amin yarabbal'alamin..