Sabrina - Vee Zalani

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

He's now officially 23 yrs old :)

April 14th already..
Happy Birthday, my love.

Happy 23rd Birthday...

And for the 8th year, my most important wish, is for you to be placed among all the good people that Allah has selected, there in heaven.
I hope you're right there, smiling down on me.
Like what you told me once before you went away, even after you die, you will always be with me, right?
And I believe you till this very second.

I wonder; if you're still around, will you be right here with me, on this birthday of yours?
I wish you are, you know :) .
But hey, no..
It's all fated this way..
Allah loves you more.. So he took you back to the place where you belong.
So I know, I can only accept it as it is.
I can only pray for you, keep praying for your happiness there.
And it's gonna be so wrong for me to blame fate.
Because Allah can never be wrong.
Whatever happened, He always have His own reasons and answers for all my "WHY'S", I know.

You're 23 years old now, baby..
And I love you for another age of your life, eversince you were 15.
Eversince that day you called me your love.

And baby I swear, I have never ever stopped loving you till now, 8 years already.
Never did I get you off my mind for a single day..
Those memories we had 8 years ago, all fresh in my mind.
All the feelings you left for me, all fresh in my heart.

And everytime, I remind myself never to missed to recite an Al-Fatihah for you.

Rest in peace, Faizal..
Again, Happy 23rd Birthday, L ♥ ve..
I'll see you tomorrow morning, alright sayang..
And as usual, some fresh flowers will be there, waiting for you okay??

Hug me with the wind, tell me you're always around.
I miss you, and
I love you. I love you. I love you.

Mohamad Faizal Bin Hassan
14.04.1987 - 31.08.2002