Sabrina - Vee Zalani

Monday, February 22, 2010


*chants* i like my new haircut. i like my new haircut. i like my new haircut......

eventhoughhhhh neverrrr did i intended to cut it this shortttt.. This is what we called, "si bijakkk yanggg malangggg".

Tahniah Sabrina.

Mushroom head wannabe or gonna be?

Alright something bad happened to meee...

I don't know what actually happened or how did I actually took a pair of scissors and chopped off my long hair that almost reached my backside when I checked on it earlier yesterday..
Until last night, yahhh last night..
I got a lil bored, and thought of trimming my hair on my own--- justtt a lil..
But little by little, the hair that almost reached the backside was chopped til shoulder length.
Smart smart Sabrina :)

I know it's too late to regret. And it's lame to be calling upon a fairy god mother.

So I guess I'll settled with an appointment with my hairdressers, an urgent one! Tomorrow!
Get them to fix my hair. Short it's gonna be still, but as long as I don't look like a retard like how I look right now.
I'm trying to avoid myself from keep thinking what happened, keep wishing this never happened or anything.. I'm just gonna take it as it is.
My hair will grow sooner or later.
Things happened.

Smile Sabrina, smile...

It's not like it's the first time that you grabbed a pair of scissors and start chopping off ur hair.

It;s just hair anyways lol...

Friday, February 19, 2010

Black hearts and dark nights.

You see.
You saw.
You listen.
You heard.
And you judge.

Are you God?

You hate.
You flipped.
You make up rumors.
You brought up shit.
I just sit here and watch.

I don't judge.
I don't punish.
Because I ain't no God.

It's as simple as that.

Got it. U got me.

I couldn't care less if you callin me names.
I couldn't care less if you judgin' me and think that I'm a sympathy and attention seeker.
I couldn't care less if you wanna be one of my haters.

What can I do?
Being someone I am not is just so not me.
No matter how weak I can be, how down I may feel like, holding tight to my own self principles will be my one and only main priority.

History may keep haunting me.
Past loves may have got me feeling all distracted at times.
Current mess may be adding up here and there, but here I am..
Still breathing.
Not giving an inch of space for you to cut me even more.

New faces with new hearts that I am not familiar with.
Expectations so high that it's hard for me to measure.
My own expectations went so high till I fall again back on the ground.
As expected.

It's too sooon.
Too soon for me to expect more.
Too soon for me to even think to crack a sincere smile.

Got the answer.
And I've got no other options other than accepting all that's already written.
Crystal clear.
I got it.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

A river.

One drop.
Another one, and comes another one drop of it.

I inhaled, and I exhaled..


Just like my tear drops, one after another mess came up and add up those that's already bugging me all this while.

Thank you God.
I believe there must be blessings behind all these.
Thank You, for all this current pain, I know I'm getting stronger each day.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

2nd Day

On the 2nd day in JB, I missed the breakfast.. But I got to joined everyone during our brunch by the pool and also the pool party, and yes not to forget... we also had our first yee sang for this year by the pool! 3 sets of yee sangs for all of us..

After the pool party, everyone went up to their rooms, some were hanging out at Aunty Munah's office.. While me and Baby, we conquered the whole pool.. We went for an almost 2 hours swim- seriously just the 2 of us.. We had such a pleasant time floating while staring at the clouds and the beautiful view of the sky above us.

Then we went back to the hotel, met some cousins who were ready to go back home.. While Aunty Munah told us to extend our stay since we still have another 1 day off from work. So after all the cousins left, back to Singapore and KL,.. The three of us stayed in the hotel room, dropped by Aunty's place.. And went to Danga Bay for their delicious tauhu bakar! LOL.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Aunty & Nieces/Nephews Reunion 2010

It was a blast!!!

I spent 3 days and 2 nights at Aunty Munah's hotel. The first night was awesome! Our retro night went smoothly as planned! We had lots and lotss of great pictures, which I got tired uploading- haha yahhh they're alot!!!

I went to JB with my eldest sis and my bff, Bee. We got stucked for 2 hours in the bad traffic at the highway around Nilai to Seremban area. There was a major accident or something. We arrived quite late in JB, and spent the night at Setia Tropika, Uncle Zai's place. Aunty Yan wasn't around, but my grandmom and grand aunt were there, and I got to meet my cute baby cousins Adam Syah and Ammar Syah! Geramm!! We had our late dinner with them, and crashed!

The next day, we drove to M Suites, and was told to collect our hotel room access cards from the front desk. Refreshed ourselves, changed.. And then my cousin Amnie and their driver picked us up from the hotel and dropped us off at City Square for our last minute shopping.

After a few hours at the mall, the driver picked us up and sent us back to the hotel, and all my cousins were already there, waiting for us at the hotel's dining room while they were having their hi tea.

After the hi tea, some went to the ballroom, and did rehearsal, soundchecks and all. While some went up to the rooms and get ready for the event.

Everyone looked good that night! I became a hippie girl. LOL I love it. We had the opening speech from our Aunt. And our Jakarta cousin, Kak Yati. There was a montage of Aunty Munah, and all of us... And then there were 2 games. Putting makeups on 2 of our male cousins, and one bf of a cousin.. All 3 of them! It was so hillarious looking at them! Especially when they saw each others' faces after we finished putting the makeups on their faces. The second one was eating cakes with blindfolded eyes. LOL.

And there were performances from 3 drag queens that our Aunt invited. LOL . It was a blast seriously. Afterparty: we got the ballroom lights dimmed, and started to dance to the music.. And ended up sipping coffee at one table, all of us.. Chit chatting, catchin' up.. :)

Oh btw. I'll share more later ok.
Last but not least, thank you, Aunty Munah.. For organizing such an awesome event. And.. Alhamdulillah we arrived safely back home, and had such an awesome time while in JB.


Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Ugly Facts.

I don't know if you people noticed this; but I think rich people are getting richer, while the poor ones are getting poorer to the poorest!

I decided to post this based on what happened earlier today at my workplace.
Something got me snapped back into reality and make me voiced it out to one of my bosses. I told him the same thing; bout the rich getting richer and all.

Don't you think it's kinda funny..
Rich people are getting more and more privileges.
For example, those first class and business class airline lounges.
Only those who's flying business and first class are entitled to enter the lounge.
And for those flying economy, they must have this Gold card that people can only get if they travels alot, and it has to be started from a silver one. All those only BIG money can get.

So rich people get to eat for free at lounges. While some poor people, have to pay to eat. And most of the restaurants in the airport, they're like costly!

To be realllllyy honest, okay I might get fired if those bigger bosses of mine checked this post, but SOMETIMES, I do simply let people enter the lounge- those that were not entitled to be in there, obviously. It's just fooood~ Why be so stingy.

I think some rules have got to be changed!

It's not even close to fair!
Less fortunate people deserves more privilege and attentions!
But people are busy eyeing on tycoons, moguls and all.

Everyday, there are gossips on celebrities, models, and big fishes!
Why not switch all those attentions to the less fortunates?
Attention, and figure out ways to help them survive in this cold world?
Life's not fair to everyone, to me, to people like us.
But what about them?
It might be worst.
Has anyone ever think about it?

Y'all are busy thinking of politics, manicures pedicures, designer handbags and dresses, football matches- all on the news.
The drama's- seriously, the TV news nowadays are mostly talking bout dramas.

Some people out there deserves more attention.
And for myself too, doing my part as another human being, I'm thinking of ways to earn more, and share with some people who deserves better.
Don't snapped on this, please.
It's just my two cents.

Sometimes, I felt like it hurts being me.
But looking at them, it hurts even more than the burdens that I'm carrying.

Take a walk along the streets that you never wished you stepped into.
Look at those people along the street.
One who's feeding their kids with others' leftovers.
One who's holding a cup, begging for some pennys that you refused to give as if they're asking you for an RM5000. One with only a pair of leg. Look deep into their eyes.
And do you think the feeling that you got while looking at them is exactly how they're feeling? There's no need to try to dig deep down inside their hearts.
Even with just a gaze, can you feel how I felt?

I might not be the best of human beings.
But day after day, one after another issue changed my mentality.
Little by little.

Believe it or not, it's obvious nowadays, people are doing charity to gain more in return. Such as more attention, more money, more press conferences, more fames.

Is there at least a lil bit of sincerity left here nowadays? I wonder.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

RWMF 2010

I guess it's still too soooon to be talking bout the event.
But for RWMF you just havvvvve to rush before you end up missing some good things and all..
In fact, for this upcoming RWMF, my uncle and his wife will be going too..
They already booked their ticket.
It was cheap when they booked theirs..
But just a few secs after I told them to add another booking for me, the price actually got marked up and I was like WTH?!!

It was superr cheap earlier!

Butchyeah, heard that it might be marked down again sooner or later.

This time, me and my friends are planning to save our budgets and all so we are considering on being a bunch of backpackers in the middle of Kuching town.
It's not a big deal if we end up camping around the Waterfront area or along the Damai Santubong beach, whoooo caressss...
But I'm still hoping for Ejan to make it there, I love her place in Kuching!
Going on a sampan that costs only 50cents!

I just don't wanna miss anymore performances and also the 1st day workshops and all.
Last year, I missed watching the Ewah Bulan one-sided percussion, Akasha, Moana & The Tribe and moreee great performances!
I so don't want history to repeat itself again! LOL
But the performance from the Morocco Troupe was kinda good too..
And the Mayang Ulek performed by some Kelantanese lady and the musicians actually gave us goosebumps!
With her voice and all..
In the middle of the forest some more..

But it was fun, mud fest!!

So people, if you've never been to RWMF before, seriously it is some kinda not-to-miss event. Bring your friends, families..
It's a good vacation too..
Kuching Sarawak is a niiice place to chill your mind as well!

Mee kolok the best! Cheap and dap-ooooo!!!!

Better book your flight tickets and hotels or whatsoever ASAP!
See you there!

Monday, February 1, 2010


Things are flowing as normally and smoothly so far..

Myself, I been doing alotta thinking and talking with some close friends.
Not gossips or whatever but plans that needs real actions.
I have to agree with so much things that they've got to say about me.
Lisz even tried this neurology thingy and did some sorta personality test for me.
And I can't seemed to deny most of the things that she said from the result of the test.
Seriously. Co-incidence it might be, but since I think they are more to facts, or some are even ugly truths about me, I tend to figure out that something must be done.
This is a sign of growing up or something I don't know.
Even for the ugly truths, I actually felt more relieved thinking that I've got to take actions and step forward and change things that needs to be changed.

Faiz said I must stay positive.
Or maybe he meant to say, "Learn to be positive", since he noticed that I am a negative thinker kind of person.

So based on the personality test that Lisz did for me, the result says that I'm confused. A follower, an honest person. Owns a very high limit of patience. Sensitive. Easy to forgive. And tends to be shy at times. Occasionally, maybe lol.

Well, one thing that I am sure that I haven't been doing for quite awhile is, staying focus!
I keep on jumping to this and that plan.
I also got lost easily in my own mind tricks.

Hm, and one thing that I'm looking forward during the upcoming reunion in JB is, my aunt will be getting her friend to talk to me.
Might it change something, at least one issue- I just hope so.
She said she's gonna get my mind digged.
Maybe that's the whole point.
Get me to focus on ONE single thing first, and work for it.
Action speaks louder than words!
Yes. Yes. Yes.

Things are gonna be okay and hopefully wayyy better for me.