Sunday, May 12, 2013


I once said that i can be such a fool when it comes to dealing with death; especially of those who used to be close to me.

Honestly, not to say that i'm the best of human being, but as far as im concerned, i always try and still trying my best to treat people as kindly as i can even just with a smile. My point is, ajal skrg datang bila2 masa tak kira umur berapa, bila, tua/muda,sakit/tak sakit. And even aku yg cuba layan semua org sebaik mungkin ni pun i always feel like it's never enough. When i lost the people i love, or anyone i know, i always tell myself that i could've done more. I could've spent more time with them.

Macamana pulak orang yg tak pandai layan orang baik2 ye? It's not gonna be good to live in regrets. Appreciate those around you. You never know if that time kau buat muka taik or buat perangai taik dgn org, that might be the last memory yang kau ada dengan orang tu. and lepas tu u'll be like "ya Allah. Kalau aku tau.... (blablabla)" the thing is, you never know. this is a reminder to myself as well. Another long post. Thanks for reading.

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