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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Translator can't get too close to Luka Magnotta

MONTREAL - A translator was prepared to spend weeks whispering into accused killer Luka Magnotta's ear during his first-degree murder trial, but security officials wouldn't allow it.
Courthouse officials insisted the French-to-English translator be separated by glass from Magnotta for security reasons.
The scene played out Tuesday morning at a preliminary hearing in a highly-secured courtroom usually reserved for biker mega-trials.
Magnotta's trial is in English but a Montreal forensic detective, subpoenaed by the Crown, testified in French.
The court hired a man to offer what's called "whisper translation," which would have required that he sit right next to Magnotta.
Security officials refused, opting instead to have a technician rig a microphone and headset system leading from Magnotta's box to an adjacent enclosure.
The testimony continued Tuesday, with a 2.5-metre wall of glass and steel separating Magnotta from the translator.


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