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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Highlight Of 2013!

First, saya dapat jumpa Fynn Jamal and her superstar, super cute adorable baby, Bakti Arjuna Fitri! Kak Fynn suruh datang dekat their Adam Western Restaurant at Kota Seriemas. Brought them some gifts, little La Prairie's fragrances and some Patchi chocolates. Dapat dukung si kecik Juna nuna yang padat and hyper eventhough dia cranky sikitttt je sebab dia penat kot.

And last weekend, it was the F1 Sepang Grand Prix weekend at the Sepang International Circuit. Papa jadi marshall lagi. On Saturday pergi dengan kakak and second day pergi dengan mama sebab kakak kena kerja. Terserempak dengan si dodol, Shac. Cath up a lil, and borak sampai habis. As usual if pergi F1 memang pergi agak berseri seri. By the time nak balik memang macam tahi rasanya. Dengan melekit bagai hahahah! But it was all good though. We all had fun!

And then, yea Kimora Lee Simmons was there. Since the F1 red carpet and then she was at the race, and on Monday, she had a meet & greet session sempena the launch of Luxury Channel at Starhill Gallery. I was supposed to go, but since saya kerja zombie shift, by the time masa saya sepatutnya bangun dan bersiap, saya tak bangun la confirm. Haha menganga aje tengok gambar org lain at first. 

But thennn.. 

Yesterday, I managed to catch her at the airport. And I brought her a gift that she really liked. It was a classy Bvlgari face mirror and she was like "I love it! I'm gonna keep this forever and take it with me in my purse wherever I go!" And then mama pun jumpa dia and Kimora told mom about me and the mirror and all! 
She was so late for her flight but still managed to take my hand and jalan jalan luar KLIA just to find better angles, better lighting. And once in the gate, she took photos with mom and her friends. She's just that,.... COOOL!!!
She rocks!

Ok here are some of the pictures from the Juna meet up, F1 and Kimora!

With Bakti Arjuna Fitri aka Juna Nuna ;)

With my sister and Shac at F1 Malaysian GP

With my mom at F1 Malaysian GP

Formula 1 Malaysian GP

With Kimora Lee Simmons H

Kimora Lee Simmons H

Mom and Kimora Lee Simmons

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