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Monday, March 11, 2013


I am learning to be thankful..
I am being thankful..
I'm trying to learn to wake up every single day and remind myself how thankful I am to be blessed with my family, my friends, I have a job that got me paid every single month, I have my own car, so far I'm healthy, I'm thankful for all the food I'm having, and most of all, I am thankful because no matter how, what, when or where, I know Allah is with me in every single step of my life, every single moment, every single second. Alhamdulillah.

I'm learning never to complain. When avoiding complains, that will link to being thankful. Be it the salty/tasteless dish, a bad day, bad traffic, bitchmouthed people, I accept everything as what it is. And that everything happens for a reason. Not complaining that I'm almost 26 years old yet I'm single when people are getting engaged and married. I don't have a boyfriend, and yet I see all the positive things in it. The brighter side of everything. Allah knows best. He has better plans for me.

I am learning not to blame. People hurt my feelings; I am at fault. I let them. All I have to do is smile, and be very grateful. I learn to set my limits when being with negative people. Trying to mingle with more positive ones.
When late to work, it's not the traffic's fault, it's ME.

Avoid GOSSIPS. If people wanna talk about me, let them do the talking. I'm not gonna do the same, for the peace of my own mind. Avoid gossiping, and avoid listening to gossips.

Be thankful no matter how the world seems to be crashing on me.

Never complain no matter how bad it is.

Never put blames on others.

I'm not perfect, I can never be. But I am still learning to be the best that I can for myself. And for my one and only Creator.

For things that I've not achieved; still climbing my way towards: - DOA, USAHA, TAWAKKAL

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