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Friday, February 8, 2013

One FC: Return Of Warriors

Happy 2013 everyone!

It's been quite awhile since i last posted anything on my own updates, what's new and what's gone. Lol. (I've lost someone that was once my very very bff- but what's done is done)

On June 25th last year i did a posting on the One FC Destiny Of Warriors event that i attended at Stadium Negara, and guess what?
I went to another One FC event that was held last week, February 2nd at Stadium Putra Bukit Jalil. It was called the One Fc: Return Of Warriors.

My friends attended a wedding ceremony before the event so they decided not to be the One FC superfans like what we were last time lol. It was exhausting, super tiring but i had so much fun being the superfan! But since i don't wanna be alone down there, i decided to join my friends seating and just watching the fights (not really. Even not being superfans, we actually did jumped around, screamed and shouted and cheered). Lol. Malaysia's own Adam 'Shogun' Kayoom and Peter Davis won again, after last year's winnings. And yea ok. Since i was not a superfan, i was not given the privilege to be down there and actually stay up close with the fighters.
I wanted to meet Adam again like so badly just to congratulate him and to let him know that he fought well and on the great short speech he gave after his victory over Zuli Silawanto.
So when the event ended, the management team were chasing people out of the building and i talked to the bodyguards and all please let me meet Adam just for a quick hello and atleast 1 photo! But then their boss came and said that fighters gotta get back inside and get ready to leave.

I went out of the building feeling so disappointed and i told my friends to get the car and i'll just wait somewhere outside of the building. While waiting, something in my heart told me to walk a lil further and look down. I walked a lil further from where i stood up waiting, and there was a long staircase. It took me a few minutes before i actually decided to go all the way downstairs. But yes i did. After the staircase, i ran on a pathway where i saw some people wearing tags and all. Then i walked a lil further and there i saw a few buses. I talked to this guy and told him that i wanted to meet Adam. And he said "sure.. U can even meet all of them." yeap he said that! And i was such a fool i said "no its ok i don't wanna trouble u. Just Adam would b okay." Hahaha!
A few minutes later Adam came down from one of the buses and we met again. Yayness. I took my chance. I congratulated him and he gave me his humble bow, we shook hands and settled with some pics.

Well okay enough about Adam.

Overall, im not sure if the difference is just because we weren't down there as superfans, but i think most of the fights were kinda slow and boring. Some of the fighters decided to play safe or whatever i don't know hhahaha. And yes, thinking of my determination to meet Adam again, it reminds me of that right way to live my life. When you want something, as long as there's willingness and determination, nothing is impossible. I never did gave a damn even after some of the security people told me that the fighters already left, i wasn't allowed in the restricted are. And yet I got what I wanted. Hell yeah!

Heard that they're coming back again in KL in November. I'll be there!

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