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Sunday, February 10, 2013

In to the som N.I.A

I guess my body clock is just so used to be working from midnight til' morning that im having trouble sleeping during the weekends and holidays like right now. And i mean sleeping at night like normal people.

Working in the graveyard shift aka supermorning shift aka midnight shift, we sleep during daytime. We've been called zombies as well.

It has been 2 nights in a row now ive been seen flooding the twitter timeline at this time of hour and im not proud of it hahaha.

Good thing about yesterday was when i really failed to sleep, i decided to go to the office and did some tardiness replacement. Managed to join my friends (Izzy, Nadia, Wawan, Alia and Epa) for lunchbreak at Padi and it reminded me so much of those days when i was still in the morning shift. Going out with them for lunchbreaks on Saturdays, rushing to get back to the office on time. Doing stuffs together and i mean not by myself- i used to do stuffs and go to places alone at midnight shift. Getting used to it...

But all is good. Still get to chill with my fellow friends though. Still managed to squeeze some time for them either during the weekends or during weekdays when they're done with their shift.

Yeap. All is good.

Right. It's 4.37am now. Demit.

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