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Monday, February 11, 2013

Dad's 49th Birthday

Ohhhh since im in the mood to write, i think i might write on the surprise birthday party that i threw for my dad on December 15th last year (sounds like it has been a long time but it was just like what, 2 months ago je kan?) haha.. Ok this is gonna be quite a long one.

On December 15th 2012 (my dad's birth date), Wish Club Malaysia had their XXX Charity Drive benefiting the Aqsa Syarif save Gaza foundation to Johor Bahru. and like our previous trips to JB, kitorg crash at aunty's hotel.

On the midnight of his birthday, papa dah ditepungkan by his fellow WCM friends. Since the convoy took place at Sepang International Circuit as the starting point, so papa datang sini ke Nilai to crash for a night before the convoy. But saya dan kakak decided that kitorang taknak wish papa. And that was the first time ever actually, since we never missed texting him every year to wish him a Happy Birthday.

Pagi before convoy, i got up earlier than my dad but punya la sedih sebab tak wish dia, i decided to stay in bed sampai papa keluar so that tak bersemuka dengan papa. All he knew was that i had to be at a Christmas bazaar in Cyberjaya that i took part on.

After he left, saya dan kakak bergegas siap since kitorang taknak terserempak with the WCM convoy kat tengah highway nanti and kitorang siap kena ke bangi to fetch our friend, si Serap who decided to join us for the so-called trip.

Ada some of the WCM members tahu about our plan and memang boleh dikatakan ada komplot la masa tu. hahhaha..

So after jemput Serap, kitorang pun terus started our journey and made a pitstop at RNR ayer keroh for bathrooms and then we've been informed that the convoy was also stopping at RNR ayer keroh. But luckily diorang naik to restaurant jejantas while kitorang dekat bawah. So we actually had to wait for the convoy and bagi diorang lepas dulu baru kitorg boleh sambung perjalanan. Siap sorok bawah meja bagai la jugak masa convoy mula turun dari jejantas tu.

Then alhamdulillah during the drive everything went smoothly. Kitorang sempat lepas dulu masa WCM convoy berhenti dekat Machap and sampai dulu dekat M-Suites before them..

After checking in, me and my sis had lunch with Aunty Muna, Uncle Rahman and the kids at Maio while serap rest kat bilik dia. I parked my car dekat kawasan tersorok jugak la dekat perkarangan Maio tu. yang bestnya when aunty called papa, papa cakap dia pun nak park sana. Haha so my aunt rushed to the lobby to meet him and entah macam mana he decided to park at his usual parking spot at the hotel,- at the entrance hahaha..

Okay so for his surprise party, i decided to be a clown. And my sis was supposed to be a santa. So my cousin Afnan and their driver took me kakak and Serap to the party store at the mall and i managed to get myself some facepaint, a clown's nose and the costume as well. Bought a mask for my sis so she could cover her face because being a santa, with just that beard, papa confirm akan kenal dia haha..

Went back to the hotel, took our short naps and bangun siap2 conteng muka sambil2 update dengan kawan2 papa yang tag team with us. Btw kitorang celebrate kan birthday Uncle Zaki jgk.. So uncle Abbas akan buat2 ajak diorang dinner at Maio. Kelakar sebab at first they were planning to have asam pedas for dinner. And suddenly from asam pedas, uncle abbas cakap teringin makan pizza. Because the party was held at M-Suites' Maio's Italian Restaurant.

Before saya dan kakak saya sampai kat Maio, some of the WCM members yang dijemput and terlibat tag team tu dah pun tunggu dekat Maio and supposedly after kitorang sampai, then uncle abbas akan bawa papa n uncle zaki masuk ke Maio. Uncle Rahman, aunty Muna, and their kids Amnie, Yanie and Afnan pun ada masa tu. they still managed to join us for the party eventhough diorang punya flight to London was scheduled early in the morning the next day tu.

So after saya dan kakak sampai kat Maio, siap with our costumes and all, pasang candles and pegang cake, papa pun masuk. He didnt noticed anything sebab dia masuk2 terus greet uncle Rahman and the fam, until someone sang the birthday song and he looked behind him..

Lol the original plan was, kakak pegang cake and jalan towards papa while i was supposed to be clowning around or dancing or whatever. But entah kenapa i got so emo nemo looking at my dad, teringat yg tak wish dia bagai, saya sorok tersipu2 belakang kakak and then meleleh air mata pulakkk. Hahahhaa..
When we stopped in front of papa with the cake, someone told him to take off the mask from my sis and he was surprised indeeed! He hugged and kissed her head. Haha then ofcourse he knew i was the clown. When he hugged me i cried even harder while resting my clown face to his chest hahahha stupid clown!

And then we all settled down and had dinner courtesy of Aunty Muna..

Overall it went kinda smoothly nasib baik takde sape kantoi. But lepas tu baru la papa ingat2 balik siapa yang during convoy yang buat awkward and time tu baru masuk akal. Those yang melambat2kan keadaan, etc. hahaahha uncle zaki pulak dia ingat dia tag team for papa je, dia x tahu nama dia pun atas cake and we intended to surprisekan dia jugak..

After dinner kitorang lepak borak2 kejap dekat luar Maio and then me and my sis head back upstairs and hantar a box of Maio's pizza to serap. We went back to our room when Serap called tiba2 and suruh kitorg dtg bilik dia kejap dia nak tunjuk something. Agak scary la cara dia cakap tu..
Sampai je bilik dia tiba2 Ghafur sergah kitorang!! Haha pernah tengok clown terperanjat? Haa that was how i looked like masa tu. he actually drove alone all the way to jb after work to join us! In fact that was his first ever visit to JB! Haha..

Pastu kitorang balik bilik siap2 and lepak danga bay with them guys.. Oh yea here are the photos.

5.30am now. Please God make me sleep

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