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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

My Raya Photos:MLK/JB/SG

Arwah Atuk ;(
Sore eyes on Raya Eve :D
With le Chinese fam
Arissa darrrlinnn'

With Nek Mah
My lil' cousins playing at our granduncle's place
Visit from Uncle Kem & Uncle Hisham
JB at Aunt's Place

My granduncles and grandmothers, Spore

At granduncle's place
JB at Aunt's Place
With my cousins and an aunt in JB

Aunty Muna's place, JB
Aunty Muna's place, JB
The Boys From Media Monitors' Super Morning Shift
And the ladies

Aunty Muna's place, JB
Open house at my place

And last but never ever the least, my small lovely family of FOUR :)

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