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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Torso Confirmed As Guang Hua Liu

Postmortem confirms remains are those of Toronto mother whose ex-boyfriend is in custody charged with her murder

Human remains found in a suitcase in Lake Ontario were those of missing Toronto woman Guang Hua Liu, Canadian police have confirmed.
Guang went missing early in September and body parts were scattered throughout the city. Her torso was in the suitcase found on Wednesday by boaters.
Toronto police said a postmortem examination identified the remains as those of the 41-year-old former spa owner and mother of three.
Liu was reported missing in early August. Hikers saw her foot floating in a river just west of Toronto a few days later. Police then found her head and two hands elsewhere.
A subsequent search unearthed more of Guang's body parts in the suburb of Scarborough, in the city's east end.
Chunqi Jiang, a construction worker and recently estranged boyfriend of the victim, had already been arrested and charged with second-degree murder when the torso was found.

The case has been compared with the death earlier in 2012 of Jun Lin. The Chinese student's severed hands and feet were mailed to the offices of political parties in Ottawa and to schools in Vancouver, while other body parts were found in Montreal. Luka Magnotta, a small-time Canadian porn actor, has been charged with Lin's murder and has pleaded not guilty.

CBC News:

Police announced Thursday that a torso found in a suitcase floating in Lake Ontario belonged to Guang Hua Liu. 
Police announced Thursday that a torso found in a suitcase floating in Lake Ontario belonged to Guang Hua Liu. (Toronto Police Service)

A human torso found in a suitcase floating on Lake Ontario belongs to Guang Hua Liu, the Toronto woman whose body parts were found in Mississauga and Toronto last month, police have confirmed.
 A pair of boaters found a suitcase floating in the water a couple of kilometres off shore Wednesday morning and towed it to Bluffer's Park — located in the city's east end. Once ashore, they called Toronto police.
Liu's former boyfriend, Chun Qi Jiang, has been arrested and charged with second-degree murder. Peel Regional Police are heading the investigation into Liu's killing and evidence from Wednesday's discovery has now been turned over to them.
Liu was reported missing on Aug. 11, one day after friends dropped her off in front of a now-defunct spa she owned called the Forget Me Not Health Centre in east Toronto.
On Aug. 15, her right foot was found in the Credit River in Mississauga, Ont., about 45 kilometres west of her home.
Liu's head and hands were later discovered in the same river in the Hewick Meadows Park area. Days later, two calves, a thigh and an arm were found in West Highland Creek, just blocks from where she lived.
Forensic tests determined all the remains belonged to Liu.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

My Raya Photos:MLK/JB/SG

Arwah Atuk ;(
Sore eyes on Raya Eve :D
With le Chinese fam
Arissa darrrlinnn'

With Nek Mah
My lil' cousins playing at our granduncle's place
Visit from Uncle Kem & Uncle Hisham
JB at Aunt's Place

My granduncles and grandmothers, Spore

At granduncle's place
JB at Aunt's Place
With my cousins and an aunt in JB

Aunty Muna's place, JB
Aunty Muna's place, JB
The Boys From Media Monitors' Super Morning Shift
And the ladies

Aunty Muna's place, JB
Open house at my place

And last but never ever the least, my small lovely family of FOUR :)