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Sunday, July 15, 2012

Ntv7 Feel Good Run 2012

.... was awesome!!!

The event was held on Sunday, July 8th which was last week. Sepatutnya there should be 10 of us. But masing masing last minute ada hal, so I went with Fatin je. Yeap just the two of us haha  it was alright, but it'd be more fun if semua ada of course.

Gerak dari rumah at around 5.45 am lebih kurang, it was still dark, and the most awesome part was; the night before that I actually watched a short creepy video of a pontianak strolling & floating alongside a highway somewhere. -_-' It was no funny issue after that. But yea, kuatkan semangat kuatkan hati baca doa and all, I made it to my meet up point with Fatin. And then off to Bandar Utama, rushed for the flag off.

Here are some of the photos;
Early in the morning.. So freshhh

Me & Fatin before the run started

And yyeappp we did it!! :D

Running with costumes. Lol cool aunts there

Leaving with a bag of goodies, a medal & a cert ;P

After the run, I just felt like I need to swim or to just soak myself in cold water, and Fatin suggested that we go to FRIM, (Forest Research Institute Malaysia). So that was exactly where we went to. Dip ourselves in the cold refreshing water and we talk and talk and talk..

Dipping le feet!

We never planned to go for a swim or whatsoever in the first place so obviously, the only towel that I brought was that small gym towel yang memang tak cukup la nak lap badan ni. So we just stayed awhile more, get ourselves a lil drier, ambil plastik letak dekat car seats and off we went. We were almost starving and ended up buying ourselves boxes of cupcakes at Wondermilk Damansara.

Other than that, it was all good and we had so much fun fun fun! Cheers to the weekend! Have a great one, peeps!

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