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Monday, June 25, 2012

OneFC: Destiny Of Warriors

So yah, two days ago was awesome.
I went to the One Fighting Championship event held at the Stadium Negara Kuala Lumpur and had so much fun cheering just next to the ring even though I had to actually stand for hours shouting, it was all worth it!

Peter Davis & Adam Shahir Kayoom bring the glory of Asian MMA to our country. They both won, representing Malaysia. Another Malaysian fighter, AJ Lias Mansor got defeated by Mitch 'The Dragon' Chilson but it was all good, it was a good fight and all three of them has succeeded in making the country proud in the eyes of the world.

The opening fight was great, Peter Davis opens up ONE FC: Destiny of Warriors with a resounding TKO win over Singaporean Kim "The Hulk" Hulk only in 55 seconds!

Adam Kayoom showed a good fight with Gregor Gracie as well, with lots of leg locks here and there, until Gregor obviously looked tired and fatigue that was when Adam started to attack with some great kicking skills until the last second, and the bell rang and we won!

"Kalau percaya, boleh berjaya. Faham tak? Faham tak?" This, was a message sent to Malaysian from Adam Shahir Kayoom, the guy who was borned in Negeri Sembilan Malaysia. Proud of you Adam.

Here are some photos of the big event. Enjoy!

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