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Sunday, June 17, 2012

My two cents

So I've read some threads regarding the disturbing video of Luka Magnotta's horrible crime scene, and some of the viewers thinks that the video is fake because there was no/less blood coming out when the lunatic was slicing the body of his victim.
Some explanations that makes sense would be;

The amputation was post mortem. There is less blood when there is no circulation. by Rudebwoy

The guy would have died long before he cut up the body, so with no heartbeat there would be no blood pressure... and with no blood pressure there would be no bleeding. Therefore the body would not bleed while it was being cut into pieces. Of course there would be a bit of blood here and there, but not much more than you would get from cutting into a big, fat, juicy steak from the butcher. by Mantara32

And yes, he is indeed a Jeffrey Dahmer wannabe.

Plus, this case is already everywhere in the news. The victim is Jun Lin, who's dead, and who's head is still missing, they found his torso at the back of Luka's apartment building, his dismembered hands foots and all were mailed to some institutions and top political federations. How can that be a co-incident.. 

How can all this be some kind of co-incidences righttt?

Let's just follow up and keep ourselves updated on this case

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