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Thursday, June 21, 2012

A couple of months seems too long ..

So me and mom, we were both used to be such so-called loyal Blackberry users, are getting sick of BB. Or maybe we were too overwhelmed by the existence of these new Samsung phones that won't stop coming one after another!

We actually planned to get two Samsung SII for both of us. But she's gonna get her new gadget first since I don't have the money yet. The bizarre thing is that, she actually changed her mind and got herself the latest Samsung, which is the SIII, which I was drooling over since the day it was launched here.

I think I'm still gonna get myself my own SIII, but maybe in two to three months. For now I might just stick to this iPhone, oh yah I bought my sister's iPhone after she bought herself a Samsung Note. -_-'

Temptations. For me SII is a little too light, while SIII, holding it makes me feel WOW! And the screen, smooooothhhh...

I might just wait til the price got marked down, maybe?

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