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Saturday, June 30, 2012

Canadian Porn Star A Psychopath - Experts

The organised nature of Canadian Luka Rocco Magnotta's alleged killing and dismemberment of a Chinese student makes it hard for lawyers to argue he is not criminally responsible, experts say. 

“They will plead insanity, that is for sure,” Hugues Parent, a law professor from the University of Montreal who specialises in criminal responsibility, told AFP.

“They have no choice because they cannot deny his crimes.”

But Parent said Magnotta's alleged cannibalistic and necrophilic acts - recorded in an incriminating video and posted online - do not display the behaviour of a psychotic person who has temporarily lost contact with reality. 

Magnotta, 29, is accused of stabbing Lin Jun - a Chinese student in Montreal with whom he may have had a sexual relationship - to death with an ice pick on the night of May 24-25.

He is then alleged to have mutilated and sexually abused Lin's corpse, recording the acts before posting the snuff film on the Internet and mailing Lin's hands and feet to federal political parties and public schools.

After fleeing first to Paris, Magnotta, by then dubbed the “Canadian Psycho” by the media, was eventually arrested on June 4 in an Internet cafe in Berlin, reportedly reading online stories about himself. 

Appearing in court via video-link in Montreal last week following his extradition from Germany, the accused pleaded not guilty to first degree murder, committing indignities to a body and publishing obscene material.

“Because of the highly organised nature of the crime, I am far from certain that this person is psychotic,” said Parent, who is not handling Magnotta's case but believes the suspect fits the profile of a psychopath. 

“In my opinion, (Magnotta) has a strong taste for cruelty; he seems indifferent to the feelings of others and displays traits of someone with an antisocial personality,” Parent said.

“He will seek satisfaction of his own needs and is ready to hurt others. And he will seek notoriety,” said Parent, who advised defence lawyers representing Guy Turcotte, a Quebec cardiologist found not criminally responsible for fatally stabbing his two children in 2009.

Turcotte's lawyers successfully argued that the father was suicidal at the time of the murder.

“As soon as you conclude that a person is not psychotic, that he is a psychopath or a person suffering from antisocial personality, the insanity plea has no hope of working,” Parent said.

Others agree that Magnotta's alleged actions appear to have been too orderly and calculated to amount to psychosis. 

“From what I've seen, I cannot imagine anybody claiming that this guy's not guilty by reason of a mental defect,” said Don Dutton, a professor at the University of British Columbia who specialises in the psychology of violence and has testified in prominent trials.

“I think it's fair to say that nobody's ever seen anything quite like it. It's certainly the most horrific case that I can think of in recent Canadian history, and maybe even worldwide.”

Dutton said the alleged crimes of Magnotta - a native of Toronto who dabbled in porn acting - were even more complex than those of a psychopath. 

“Psychopaths are guys who will put a bullet between your eyes and then go have lunch. They don't commit these enraged dismemberments to bring all this attention to themselves, because they want to go on being criminals the next day or the next week,” Dutton said.

“Assuming he did this stuff, there's some very deep connection of rage and sexuality and identity disturbance with this guy.” 

In any case, the diagnosis of having “antisocial personality and psychopathic traits doesn't get you out of culpability with the courts,” said forensic psychiatrist Brad Booth who works at the Sexual Behaviours Clinic at the Royal Ottawa Mental Health Centre.

Nor does a growing body of scientific evidence that psychopaths may suffer from lesions or abnormalities in the temporal lobe of their brains.

“Yes, maybe their brains work differently and yes maybe we can show it on the scans but they know the wrongfulness of it or should know the wrongfulness of it,” Booth said.

“The approach to these individuals is that they will be locked up, regardless of the motivations or whether what led to the behaviour is treatable.” 

Magnotta's next court date is scheduled for early next year, and a preliminary hearing is due in March ahead of an eventual trial.

He is currently being held at a detention facility in eastern Montreal. - AFP

Friday, June 29, 2012

Luka Magnotta - Monster?

Jun Lin’s grief-stricken mother said his accused killer, Luka Rocco Magnotta, is a “monster” during a memorial held for her son in Montreal Monday.

She also said she hoped Magnotta, whose trial for first-degree murder and four other charges begins in 2013, “gets the punishment he deserves.”

“We hope to bring the monster who murdered our son to justice and we hope he will get the punishment he deserves. We dare not imagine how much suffering Jun underwent,” she said.

The private service was held at Concordia University’s Loyola Campus Monday and Jun Lin’s mother, identified as Mrs. Du, read the eulogy in Mandarin. The university provided a translation of her statement.

“Our beloved son Jun Lin has left us for one whole month. The last thirty days have been the most difficult time in our life. We lived in the agony of grief of losing a loved one and missing him desperately every day,” she said. 

She called her son, who was 33 when he was killed, “kind” and “open-minded” with a penchant for helping others.

Du said Lin kept in constant touch with his family back in China while he was studying computer science at Concordia.

“He was such a nice and caring person. However, his life was ended unexpectedly by a monster. How can we accept that cruel fact? How can we face the days going forward without our beloved son?” she said.

Magnotta, an occasional porn actor and escort, has a preliminary hearing next March where evidence will be disclosed against him.

He is currently under “super protection” at the Rivière-des-Prairies Detention Centre, which means he has no contact with any of the other prisoners. Beyond that, he’ll receive no special treatment while in the jail.


Our beloved son Jun Lin has left us for one whole month. The last thirty days have been the most difficult time in our life. We lived in the agony of grief of losing a loved one and missing him desperately every day.

Jun was a very kind person and filial son. He was well disciplined, sincere, open-minded, and mild-tempered. He enjoyed helping others. I remember when he was a child, once I took him to the grocery market. He saw an old man kneeling down on the street, begging with a broken bowl. He asked me for one dollar and gave it to that man to buy food. Another time he was waiting for the bus at a bus stop. A woman holding a baby in one arm and a piece of luggage in another tried to get onto a bus. Jun didn’t hesitate to help her to carry the luggage onto the bus. He did a lot of good deeds.

To us Jun was also a loving and considerate son. Every time when it was windy or rainy, he would call me, “Mom, it has started raining. Don’t go out.” Even after he came to Canada he still kept calling back home frequently, reminding me to be careful about my health. He sent me a lot of nutritional supplements from Canada. In August of last year I had fractured my hand. He was so concerned that he called his sister over and over again, telling her to take good care of me. He was such a nice and caring person. However, his life was ended unexpectedly by a monster. How can we accept that cruel fact? How can we face the days going forward without our beloved son?

Our family used to gather together during the spring festival every year. During this short period of a dozen days we were accompanied by our children and enjoyed the happiness of family love. We love and are loved by our children. And we lived a happy and satisfied life. All of a sudden, everything ended on that day, May 25. We lost our son forever. He is now in another world beyond our reach. During the month after Jun’s death we have been living in deep sorrow every day. You can’t imagine how sad we are! Our hearts are broken and bleeding. Every day we live like walking dead without a soul.

We hope to bring the monster who murdered our son to justice and we hope he will get the punishment he deserves. We dare not imagine how much suffering Jun underwent, how much horror he felt on the day he was murdered one month ago. He was such a kind and caring person. Anytime we saw his photos tears sprouted from our eyes. We wept and wept until our tears were exhausted, our voices were choked and we could not get a word out. Our lovely son, poor child, where are you now? Where are you? Your mom and dad miss you. We miss you very much, so much…

It has been one month since you left this world. Today your friends, classmates, people from the City of Montreal, Concordia University, the Chinese Consulate, the Chinese Students Association and Chinese communities as well as many other kind people have come here to hold a memorial service for you, mourning your tragic death, showing their sympathy for your misfortune and condemning the criminal.

We believe our son can see what happens here. He can feel your kindness and love. With your love and attention he will feel happy in heaven.

Thank you all.

Courtesy of the National Post

Monday, June 25, 2012

OneFC: Destiny Of Warriors

So yah, two days ago was awesome.
I went to the One Fighting Championship event held at the Stadium Negara Kuala Lumpur and had so much fun cheering just next to the ring even though I had to actually stand for hours shouting, it was all worth it!

Peter Davis & Adam Shahir Kayoom bring the glory of Asian MMA to our country. They both won, representing Malaysia. Another Malaysian fighter, AJ Lias Mansor got defeated by Mitch 'The Dragon' Chilson but it was all good, it was a good fight and all three of them has succeeded in making the country proud in the eyes of the world.

The opening fight was great, Peter Davis opens up ONE FC: Destiny of Warriors with a resounding TKO win over Singaporean Kim "The Hulk" Hulk only in 55 seconds!

Adam Kayoom showed a good fight with Gregor Gracie as well, with lots of leg locks here and there, until Gregor obviously looked tired and fatigue that was when Adam started to attack with some great kicking skills until the last second, and the bell rang and we won!

"Kalau percaya, boleh berjaya. Faham tak? Faham tak?" This, was a message sent to Malaysian from Adam Shahir Kayoom, the guy who was borned in Negeri Sembilan Malaysia. Proud of you Adam.

Here are some photos of the big event. Enjoy!

Friday, June 22, 2012

The Luka Magnotta's Fan Club

For years, occasional porn actor and escort Luka Rocco Magnotta mined the Internet in a bid for fame, or at least, infamy. But the respect, the attention he desired, never came.
That changed in late May when Magnotta was accused of one of the most disturbing crimes in recent memory, the dismemberment slaying of Concordia student Jun Lin. Magnotta’s face, stylized with makeup and Photoshop, was splashed on screens across the globe during an international manhunt. His name, which he so desperately attempted to link to Karla Homolka in web postings over the years, was finally being mentioned in the same sentences as Paul Bernardo and other famed sex killers.
And like many of those famed killers, Magnotta has garnered a collection of “fans.” Some of them say they love him, say he has been set up for a murder, that they want to have sex with him, maybe just get a tattoo of him. Others say he is mentally ill, needs help or they feel sympathetic to his desire to find fame. And some say it was Magnotta in that snuff film that purportedly shows the slaying of Lin, the sex acts performed to his corpse — yet they still find the alleged killer “inspirational.”

You hardly need to go into the deepest, darkest forums in the Internet’s bowels to find these people. They’re just the ones on Facebook.
Luka Rocco Magnotta worked hard to cultivate an online presence.

Luka Magnotta’s biggest fan page on Facebook has nearly 1,400 members. There appears to be dozens of other ones. There are groups such as Support Luka Magnotta, where members discuss if they can visit him in the Rivière-des-Prairies Detention Centre, and how they can send him a letter.
“I like Luka Magnotta because he is inspirational, nice, and very, very good looking,” the Support Luka Magnotta administrator, who says she is Destiney St. Denis, 21, of Saskatoon, said in an email. “I have seen the video over 20 times. I do think that was him, and I liked it. He is inspirational because he is not afraid to be himself.”

When asked about how the victim’s family would feel about her page, filled with unprintable comments, St. Denis is unapologetic.
“I couldn’t care less about that dude. I think that if anyone is a victim in this case, it is Luka … because of all the bullying he had to endure before the murder,” she said.
Others defend Magnotta. Say he could be mentally ill or maybe he was set up in his accused crimes.
“I truly think he may suffer from schizophrenia. That or he could have been paid to do it also,” Kerri-Lyn Duhaime, 30, a personal support worker in northern Ontario said.
She says she watched the “1 Lunatic, 1 Ice Pick” video — which police say is authentic — twice.
“Of course it bothered me but these days I’m so desensitized to violent acts [and] such with all the horror films and the news,” she added.
Another group, closed to the public with about 200 members, says it is “for people who are fastiated [sic], with luka, or anything that goes against society,and thier [sic] morals, or who would just want to have sex with him.”

Serial killer Ted Bundy also had his fans.

The fascination with those accused of notorious crimes is hardly just a product of the Internet age. Ted Bundy, the handsome law student who was one of the most prolific serial killers in history, received ample amounts of fan mail while awaiting his execution in prison. During the 1895 trial of serial killer William Henry Theodore Durrant, newspaper articles noted that the defendant received flowers from his many admirers.
Scott Bonn, a professor of sociology at Drew University in New Jersey, says the public’s desire to know “why” someone could commit the crimes that Magnotta is accused of is part of the fascination.
“Why could someone do such absolutely, horrific and unimaginable things? The public wants to know why,” he said in a telephone interview from Manhattan. He quotes a retired NYPD homicide detective telling him, “For the public, the why is the ‘Wow!’ factor.”
As for the hardcore “fans,” those who want to write to a killer, meet them, Bonn speculates there might not be much separating them from the super fans of other famous people such as athletes.
“Those individuals have a real burning desire to know the person behind the public image,” he said.
Bonn, who is working on a book called Monster dearest: Our fascination with serial killers and why we need them, says it appears that Magnotta has gotten exactly what he wants.
“I believe he is what we refer to as a ‘mission killer’ and his mission was his own public recognition,” Bonn said. “He’s a narcissist who absolutely craves public attention.”
Many of the Facebook users on Magnotta sites condemned his alleged actions, but said they couldn’t look away either.
“I sometimes look at it because I find this case really special. Luka has a very complicated personality even if I think I understood some parts of him,” Melanie Herz, 20, of Paris said in an email interview.
“I didn’t [like] his page. In a way, yes, it is what he wants, he needs to show he exists…. I think in a year people will forget his name.”
I like Luka Magnotta because he is inspirational, nice, and very, very good looking
Montreal police went to unusual lengths to keep Magnotta’s location quiet as he arrived in Canada, saying they didn’t want a circus to occur if the supporters or protesters they had seen on social networks showed up.
Bonn says that it appears that police are doing the responsible thing in the case.
“A lockdown of media exposure is the right thing to do,” he said. “The guy clearly loves it, you are denying him gratification.”
Yet, the head of the Quebec prison guard union accused the police of giving Magnotta’s special attention.
“It’s ridiculous the amount of money that was wasted to give the media a show,” Stephane Lemaire said, referring to Magnotta’s police escort upon returning to Montreal. “To see that much security, it feels like we’re dealing with Hannibal Lecter in Silence of the Lambs.”
Some Facebook users have suggested that the company itself needs to do a better job of policing its users and have taken it upon themselves to patrol the Magnotta pages.
“I’ve reported several pages, users, and posts to Facebook and no actions have been taken as they still post vile and twisted things daily,” Celia Carver, 25, from Charlottetown, P.E.I., said in email interview. “I’ve heard nothing in response at all. In fact, I got a pop up after reporting numerous people within a short period of time that ‘Facebook takes complaints very seriously, are you sure you want to report this user?”

With files from Tristin Hopper, National Post

What defence will Luka Rocco Magnotta present?

Luka Rocco Magnotta, the Montreal suspect in a gruesome dismemberment-murder of Lin Jun, is seen in court in an artist drawing Thursday, June 21 2012 in Montreal - Photograph by: Mike McLaughlin, CANADIAN PRESS

MONTREAL - Claiming to be not criminally responsible for psychological reasons might be the only feasible defence for Luka Rocco Magnotta given the wealth of evidence against him, legal experts say, but the chances of him getting off on that basis are close to nil. If Magnotta did commit the crimes with which he is charged, there’s little doubt there were mental issues that led to his actions, said Université de Montréal law professor Hugues Parent, an expert in the field of criminal responsibility. Parent stressed that he has not seen psychiatric evaluations of Magnotta, but based on the information widely disseminated, including a video of the act, it’s clear the guilty party “is somebody who has mental problems recognized in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders – a type of psychopath with sadistic sexual tendencies. If you put the two together, it’s an explosive cocktail.” Included among the crimes Magnotta is alleged to have committed are murder and sexual interference with a corpse. He is also suspected of having eaten parts of the body.

“But it’s not the kind of mental problem that has ever been accepted in criminal law (in Canada) as leading to a verdict of not criminally responsible,” Parent said.
Under the Canadian legal system, a defendant would have to show they suffered a breach from reality at the time of the crime that left them unable to judge whether their actions were good or bad. Typically this is seen in the case of people suffering from psychoses, such as paranoid schizophrenics under the spell of their delusions. A schizophrenic who kills his neighbour because God told him he the neighbour was Satan and had to be destroyed to save mankind would qualify. In a study of 1,969 people in Quebec who were declared not criminally responsible for their crimes between 2001 and 2005 by the Douglas Mental Health University Institute, more than 65 per cent had a diagnosis of schizophrenia.
Last year’s high-profile case of Guy Turcotte, the Montreal cardiologist who killed his two children, was at the outer limits of the legal system’s tolerance, Parent said. Turcotte’s legal team, of which Parent was a member, argued the doctor was a psychological, suicidal wreck who suffered a breach from reality and killed his children believing it would spare them a fatherless life. A jury concurred with that version of facts.
Article 16(1) of Canada’s Criminal Code regarding individuals considered not criminally responsible on account of mental disorder reads: “No person is criminally responsible for an act committed ... while suffering from a mental disorder that rendered the person incapable of appreciating the nature and quality of the act ... or of knowing that it was wrong.”
But in a 1994 decision, Parent notes, the Supreme Court specified that article of the code does not apply to crimes committed by psychopaths.

Traits of a psychopath include lack of sense of guilt or empathy, egocentricity, shallow emotions and a history of victimizing others.
“It’s true that psychopaths are dominated by their sickness, that their disease plays a role. But if we start to accept that (as a defence) we are finished, and the law is clear on that,” he said. “Three-quarters of the people in our prisons are psychopaths.”
Psychopaths are also very hard to rehabilitate, he said. A personality that has been formed is very hard to change, as opposed to diseases like schizophrenia or depression that can be treated with drugs.

If Parent were working on Magnotta’s defence team, he said he would argue that his client suffers from sociopathic tendencies, a lack of empathy for others, sexual sadism and extreme narcissism, and this contributed to the acts he is alleged to have committed.
“I am not sure that he was capable of rational choice at the time of the acts,” Parent said. Which goes to the concept of free will – did Magnotta act of free will, or was his choice based on his sickness? It must be the mental issues, Parent would argue, because if he wasn’t sick, he would not have acted that way.
But given legal precedence in Canada, and the timing of the Magnotta case, one year after Turcotte’s highly divisive verdict, Parent sees little hope in that defensive gambit.
“If I had to give a legal opinion – I would say, frankly, that he will go to prison for the rest of his life.” - The Montreal Gazette

By Andrew Chung - Quebec Bureau

MONTREAL—The family of Jun Lin was in the same building as their son’s accused killer Thursday afternoon as Luka Rocco Magnotta’s lawyer told a judge he was concerned for his client’s well being in prison.
At the request of the defence, the Toronto-born Magnotta was present in court, contrary to a plan for him to appear by video link, as he did last Tuesday.
Lin’s family, along with at least one close friend, were also at the courthouse to meet with prosecutors.
The security given the family was tight. They arrived at the courthouse’s underground garage and were escorted to the prosecutors’ offices, away from the glare of the media.
They remained there all afternoon, until about 4:30, when they left the same way, surrounded by guards. A spokesperson for the Crown confirmed prosecutors met with Lin’s family.
Magnotta, who changed his name from Eric Clinton Newman, sat cross-legged in the glassed-in prisoner’s box, wearing a white short-sleeved shirt and dark pants. He looked much younger than his 29 years.
The Crown and defence set the preliminary hearing date for March 2013.
Luc Leclair, a Toronto-based lawyer who is leading the case, told the judge he had reservations about the prison where Magnotta is being held.
“I want to express my concern for his physical well being and mental well being,” Leclair said.
He asked the judge to ensure Magnotta would receive medication, but the judge placed a publication ban on the name and type of medication.
Magnotta is being held in isolation at the Rivière-des-Prairies detention centre in Montreal.
Magnotta is accused of killing and dismembering 33-year-old Lin in Montreal in May. Lin, a Chinese national and immigrant, was studying computer science at Concordia University.
Police say Magnotta allegedly sent Lin’s body parts to the Conservative Party headquarters in Ottawa and schools in Vancouver.
Police also allege Magnotta filmed the killing and posted the video to the Internet. The video also appears to depict cannibalism and sexual defiling of the body.
Defence lawyers didn’t ask the judge to order a psychiatric evaluation, which could seek to determine a suspect’s criminal responsibility. On Tuesday, another Magnotta lawyer, Pierre Panaccio, had indicated the defence might make the request.
Leclair, the lead defence lawyer, is notable for his Conservative party ties. He has organized leadership campaigns for several prominent conservatives — Peter MacKay, Belinda Stronach and John Tory, the former leader of the Ontario Progressive Conservatives.
A third defence lawyer, Jean Dury, is also on the case. Leclair said none among them would make comments outside of the courtroom. They refused reporters’ questions.
Magnotta faces five charges, including first-degree murder, indignity to a corpse, publishing obscene material, obscene use of the postal system, and threatening Prime Minister Stephen Harper.
Prosecutors emphasized the investigation is ongoing. Notably, police have not recovered Lin’s head.
With files from Canadian Press and La Presse

Preliminary hearing set for March 11, 2013

MONTREAL – As Luka Rocco Magnotta looked on from behind a glassed-in prisoner’s box – and while the parents of the man he is accused of murdering watched via video hookup from another room at the Montreal courthouse – Magnotta’s new lawyer announced Wednesday his defence team was electing for a trial by judge and jury.
Toronto attorney Luc Leclair did not, however, ask for a psychiatric evaluation, as had been expected. Originally scheduled to appear via video conference to lessen security concerns, Magnotta instead appeared in court at the defence team’s request, a spokesman for the prosecution said.
Wearing a plaid shirt, dark pants and handcuffs, Magnotta remained silent throughout the proceedings.
In an appearance lasting less than 10 minutes, the date of March 11, 2013, was set for the start of the preliminary hearing in his case, a delay the prosecution classified as a reasonable lapse given the court’s workload. The preliminary hearing is expected to last 10 days. There will be a pre-preliminary hearing Jan. 9.
In a brief statement to the Quebec Court judge, Toronto lawyer Luc Leclair said he had some serious concerns “about the institution Mr. Magnotta is staying at. ... I want to express my concerns for his physical well-being and his mental well-being.” Magnotta is in solitary confinement at the Rivière des Prairies detention centre.
In particular, Leclair wanted to ensure Magnotta would receive his medication. The prosecution requested a publication ban on the form of medications Magnotta was receiving, to which the judge agreed.
Contrary to intimations Leclair’s co-counsel Pierre Panoccio made on Tuesday, no request was made for a psychiatric evaluation to determine whether Magnotta could be considered not criminally responsible because of his mental state.
In a statement following the court appearance, Leclair thanked the psychiatrist who aided Magnotta while he was being held in a Berlin prison, and said his client accepted extradition because he “wanted to come back to Montreal, he trusts the Canadian judicial system.”
Lawyer Jean Dury was also part of Magnotta’s defence team.
Magnotta is suspected of killing and dismembering 33-year-old Lin Jun in Magnotta’s Snowdon apartment on the night of May 24 to 25, posting video of the crime on the Internet and mailing body parts to four locations across Canada. He was captured by police in Berlin on June 4, and returned to Montreal amid tight security in a Canadian Air Force plane Monday evening.
LIN’s parents travelled to Montreal in early June to retrieve their son. The prosecution spoke to them today, and will keep them updated throughout Magnotta’s court case, a spokesman for the prosecution said.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Luka To Make 2nd Montreal Court Appearance

Lawyer Pierre Panaccio arrives for the video court appearance of his client Luka Rocco Magnotta, the Montreal suspect in a gruesome dismemberment-murder of Lin Jun, Tuesday, June 19, 2012 in Montreal. Magnotta has pleaded not guilty.

MONTREAL – Luka Rocco Magnotta will appear at the Montreal courthouse via videoconference at 2 p.m. Thursday in connection with several charges, including the first-degree murder of student Lin Jun.
His lawyer, Pierre Panaccio, is expected to request his client undergo a psychiatric evaluation to determine whether he can be deemed criminally responsible for the crimes with which he is charged.
For the request to be accepted by Quebec Court judge Renée-Lori Weitzman, Panaccio will have to show reasonable cause that Magnotta requires an evaluation.
If the request were to be accepted, Magnotta would be transferred to the Philippe Pinel Institute for up to 30 days.
Magnotta, 29, is facing five charges in connection with the murder and dismemberment of 33-year-old Lin overnight May 24-25.
He is suspected of mailing Lin’s hands and feet to federal political parties in Ottawa and two schools in Vancouver, and of videotaping the crime and posting it to the Internet.
He was apprehended in Berlin on June 4, and flown back to Montreal Monday.

A couple of months seems too long ..

So me and mom, we were both used to be such so-called loyal Blackberry users, are getting sick of BB. Or maybe we were too overwhelmed by the existence of these new Samsung phones that won't stop coming one after another!

We actually planned to get two Samsung SII for both of us. But she's gonna get her new gadget first since I don't have the money yet. The bizarre thing is that, she actually changed her mind and got herself the latest Samsung, which is the SIII, which I was drooling over since the day it was launched here.

I think I'm still gonna get myself my own SIII, but maybe in two to three months. For now I might just stick to this iPhone, oh yah I bought my sister's iPhone after she bought herself a Samsung Note. -_-'

Temptations. For me SII is a little too light, while SIII, holding it makes me feel WOW! And the screen, smooooothhhh...

I might just wait til the price got marked down, maybe?

Jun Lin's Family Speaks

The family of Jun Lin has prepared this statement and
asked Concordia University to share it with the media.
The family is not ready for media interviews at this point.
Open Statement from Jun Lin’s Family

Montreal, June 12, 2012 -  

As Jun Lin’s family, we would first like to express our deepest
appreciation to different levels of both the Chinese and Canadian governments, the related
embassies and consulates, the Montreal police, Concordia University, the Chinese community and many other kind-hearted people for their goodwill and humanitarian support for us at this exceptionally difficult time. Through the kindness of many people, we were able to arrive in Montreal at the earliest possible time.

Soon after our arrival in Montreal last Tuesday night, the Chinese Consulate in Montreal helped to arrange a meeting with Montreal police, city government officials, and Concordia University’s senior administration. Everyone has showed great sympathy and compassionate support to help to make things easier for us. We have come to know so many people, such as the police, members of the Chinese Consulate, the university staff, The Chinese Students and Scholars Association at Concordia University, and Jun Lin’s friends who have been working endlessly to help us out. 

We are deeply touched by the kindness inspired by this human tragedy.

Jun Lin was our beloved son. As the only son in the family, he was our pride and hope. Jun Lin believed in Buddhism. He was very kind and always enjoyed helping others. To his parents, he was a loving and considerate son. To his sister, he was a big brother who was always there for her. The Dean of the Faculty of Engineering and Computer Science at Concordia University told us he was an excellent student. His employer at the convenience store he worked at called him a model employee. His friends said he was optimistic, ambitious, and open-minded. 

 He always trusted people with a positive approach to life.
This tragic loss is not only a devastating attack to our family, but also has had a tremendous
impact on the whole society.

   Love and trust must be rebuilt.
We are pleased that Concordia University along with the Concordia Chinese Students and
Scholars Association has established Jun Lin Award to assist Chinese students. This award
perfectly reflects Jun Lin’s compassionate spirit.

We were told that soon after the announcement that Concordia University also established a
special fund to help out our family as well as the Jun Lin Award, because so many kind-hearted people have reached out to extend their compassionate support. We are very grateful and moved by the kindness and sympathy for us.
It is our wish to take this opportunity to turn a devastating situation into something positive
that brings the goodness and peace back to society.

We are calling for the extradition of the murderer suspect back to Canada as soon as possible
in order to bring justice and peace to our family, the Chinese community and the whole society.

To commemorate Jun Lin, please let us remember his kindness, diligence and love for life.
Thank you.

Solitary confinement, under suicide watch in Montreal jail

  Jun 20, 2012 – 8:27 PM ET | Last Updated: Jun 20, 2012 11:34 PM ET

Luka Rocco Magnotta has been transferred to an east-end Montreal jail where he has been placed into solitary confinement and is under a 24-hour suicide watch while awaiting his next court appearance.
Magnotta is currently under “super protection,” which means he has no contact with any of the other prisoners. Beyond that, he’ll receive no special treatment while in the jail.
“It’s horrible, the crime he did, but we do our work and we’re not afraid of him,” said Stephane Lemaire, head of the provincial jail guards’ union.

Police precautions used since Magnotta returned to Montreal have been excessive, Lemaire said. “He’s not an international terrorist and he’s not a gangster with accomplices on the outside, we’re going to transport him by standard means.
“It’s ridiculous the amount of money that was wasted to give the media a show…. To see that much security, it feels like we’re dealing with Hannibal Lecter in Silence of the Lambs.”
Magnotta, 29, is due in court again Thursday via videolink where his lawyer, Pierre Panaccio, may ask for a psychiatric evaluation to be performed on his client.

Built in 1997, the Rivière-des-Prairies Detention Centre “shelters 600 prisoners in a warm and friendly environment which simultaneously incorporates principles of security, efficiency and respect for inmates,” according to Lemay Associes Montreal, the architecture firm behind the facility.
Magnotta will likely be housed in the facility for most of the remainder of his trial.
Meanwhile, Montreal Mayor Gerald Tremblay’s office categorically denied an earlier CBC report that the city paid $15,000 to repatriate Magnotta from Berlin on a Royal Canadian Air Force jet.
“The city of Montreal does not in any way participate in the extradition process,” spokesperson Martine Painchaud told the National Post. “It’s not a local police matter.”

“It’s an exceptional case (but) it is not for the city to pay anything for (the extradition). The federal authorities will assume the responsibility.”
Tremblay was asked about the $15,000 number during a press conference and replied “justice has no price.”
National Post

Internet reveals clues about Luka Magnotta's previous identity

TORONTO — The world knows Luka Rocco Magnotta all too well. His exploits, whether real or imagined, whether alleged by police or conjured up in his own mind, have been detailed by media outlets around the globe. It appears the 29-year-old man accused of killing, dismembering and partially cannibalizing a Montreal university student wanted it that way. 
Magnotta appeared to live much of his life online, using the Internet to cultivate a dark and twisted, yet sexual image. It’s an image that’s likely here to stay now that he has been whisked back to Canada on charges including first-degree murder, defiling a corpse, and harassing Prime Minister Stephen Harper. With Magnotta’s first court appearance Tuesday, and a not guilty plea, he is now firmly in the glare of the spotlight he apparently so desired. But still hidden from view is his real identity, which is shrouded in mystery. His pre-Magnotta life is far less chronicled online, but, perhaps unsurprisingly, he did seem to leave some clues. Before he was accused of killing 33-year-old Jun Lin, suspected of posting video of the aftermath online and mailing body parts to political parties and schools, before a rumour surfaced that he dated Karla Homolka — a rumour many believe he started — and before a video was posted on YouTube showing a man suspected to be Magnotta killing kittens, he was just Eric Newman. Born Eric Clinton Newman on July 24, 1982 in east-end Toronto, Magnotta shed his original identity with a name change in 2006. But Luka Magnotta wasn’t born overnight, and he doesn’t seem to have made a smooth, black-and-white transition from one personality to another. Magnotta has also gone by the aliases Vladimir Romanov and Jimmy, set up dozens of online usernames and maintained 70 Facebook pages and 20 websites, police have said. A MySpace page created by a Luka Magnotta and dedicated to grandparents Phyllis and Walter Yourkin and their extended family, the Yourkin-Williams clan, says he was raised by them, writing, “Luka Magnotta, he is like a very, very special son to Phyllis and Walter.” There has been no activity on the page for the past several years, but several old family photos were uploaded, as well as two apparently self-stylized pictures of Magnotta. In one marked “Eric Newman copyright 2005,” he is wearing a 1940s aviator costume with images of war planes superimposed. It says “Luka Magnotta aka Eric Newman” in red script at the bottom. Many other Internet postings that appear to come from Magnotta himself describe a childhood with his grandmother, though they don’t always paint as rosy a picture. On what may have been Magnotta’s personal MySpace page, which can now only be viewed archived, it says Magnotta grew up with “absentee parents” and no boundaries, though he “desperately wanted and needed” them. His grandmother could not be reached for comment, and all other family members contacted, including his mother Anna Yourkin, did not return requests for comment. A 1,200-word post by a Vladimir Romanov on a Psych Central “I hate my mother” forum from about nine or 10 months ago rants and rails against the poster’s mom. Romanov says he is now 29 and mostly lived with his grandmother, but says his mother ruined his life. Romanov says his “extremely manipulative” mother homeschooled him and forced him to wear diapers until the age of seven. He alleges abuse at the hands of a male relative. He says he became a prostitute and was raped, but used the money to take his mother on “lavish vacations.” On a MySpace page belonging to an Anna Yourkin there are photos of a blond woman and Magnotta apparently on vacation in a tropical location. Romanov’s post praises his 24-year-old sister and her three children. Media reports say Magnotta has a sister named Melissa, and a Melissa is connected on MySpace to the family page set up by a Luka Magnotta. On the page, a Melissa writes, “I love my older brother Luka, he is the kindest person I know and he’s always there when I need him!” An unnamed relative told the Ottawa Citizen the family hadn’t heard from Magnotta in a while, after he had hurt them when he was younger. Much of Magnotta’s family lives in Peterborough, Ont., where Magnotta grew up. He also went to school for a few years in nearby Lindsay, Ont., but few former classmates remember him. The ones who do remember him say he was targeted by bullies and often beaten up. An aunt told the Peterborough Examiner that Magnotta always had a propensity for concocting stories and had “delusions of grandeur.” He moved back to Toronto in about 2001 and reportedly got into escort work and worked as a stripper at a Toronto gay bar. In 2003 he began his sporadic porn career, appearing in three films that year as both Luka and Jimmy, and five more films between then and 2010. Most of the titles indicate it was gay porn. In 2004 Magnotta was charged in Toronto with several offences for nearly $17,000 in credit card fraud. He pleaded guilty in June 2005 and was handed a nine-month conditional sentence and a year of probation. However, he declared bankruptcy in 2007 and documents show he owed a “financial and leasing solutions” company $10,000. He owed $17,000 and had just $6,500 in assets. His job was listed as a server, and his monthly income was just $800. Besides the leasing company, he owed $800 in parking tickets to the City of Toronto, $2,500 to his property management company and, collectively, thousands to utilities companies. It appears Magnotta’s lifestyle was not as lucrative as he had hoped — or as he bragged to others. The income on the Luka Magnotta MySpace was listed as $250,000 or higher. He also lists his heroes as Jesus Christ, James Dean, Madonna and Abraham Lincoln. It’s hard to know what, if anything, is true in Magnotta’s autobiographical information, and what came from Magnotta himself. People in the online communities featuring posts about Magnotta certainly feel all of the information came straight from the horse’s mouth. Much of it seems designed to talk up and hype a disturbed character. There are posts on various blogs, forums and other websites from the past several years that portray depraved or sadistic encounters with relatives. One blog with only one entry, from August 2008, contains biographical information about Magnotta, but also says “he is in fact now living in the (Caribbean) with his new wife Karla Homolka,” that he is a “master manipulator” and in love with his sister. “How delusional and sick can one man be?” the anonymous post asks. “By 2007 though Luka’s relationship with his sister was imploding due to its own moral chaos,” the post concludes. “Luka is unable to live unless there is chaos in his life, it makes him feel asthough he matters. That is the explanation a psychiatrist has told me when I described this situation.” Some wonder if Magnotta himself is the only source of rumours that he was dating Karla Homolka. Magnotta went to a Toronto newspaper in 2007 to deny the rumour and deny that he was behind the rumour. On the Magnotta MySpace page a user “Karla Teale Magnotta” compliments him in vacation footage. “You are so HOT,” the post says. “Omg. I wish I lived my life like have lived one hell of an exciting life. Dont let haters get in the way of your happiness. Your #1 Fan.” There is also a post from the same Yourkin-Williams family MySpace page that was created on the personal Magnotta page, reading: “Luka Magnotta walks around his condo dressed to the nines in new clothes and then changes every hour. He has a mental disorder and is very very unpredictable. He abuses alot of medication and calls his pills ‘vitamins.”’ Posts on MySpace from a Luka Magnotta to a Luka Magnotta read, “Hi Luka, your so amazing. Im your biggiest supporter! i know you dont have time to read all your comments but I hope you read mine! I have been following your career and you have done so great!” Another one from a Luka Magnotta to a Luka Magnotta says “everyone” thought the movies would be his ticket out of poverty, but he couldn’t cope with success. “He has no family or real friends,” it says. He gained a measure of Internet infamy when an online group went after Magnotta in December 2010, when a video was posted on YouTube showing a young man killing two kittens by putting them in an airtight bag and using a vacuum to suck out the air. British tabloid the Sun reported that that film clip and one of a kitten being fed to a python were sent to their offices along with the warning: “once you kill, and taste blood, it’s impossible to stop.” The Sun believed it was from Magnotta, based on photos of him in settings similar to the videos, but he denied it and said the newspaper was harassing him. It also appears someone was posting about the “1 lunatic 1 ice pick” video, purporting to show Jun Lin’s dismemberment, several days before Lin went missing. The operators of Best Gore, the website that hosted the ice pick video, believe the posts came from Magnotta. Some believe the posts were online before the murder. “He appears to have wanted to get people talking about the movie and wanting to see it, before he was able to post produce it for ‘official release’ on the deep web,” says a post on Best Gore dated June 9. What will likely be a highly publicized journey through the Canadian justice system only just started with a first court appearance via video Tuesday. A quote on the Luka Magnotta MySpace page seems prophetic. “Only god can judge me and im waiting for my judgement day,” it said. “Life is too short, live every day like its your last!”

Courtesy of Edmonton Journal

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Prosecutors in Luka Rocco Magnotta case hope to help victim Lin Jun's family

Crown prosecutors Louis Bouthillier and Helene Di Salvo arrive for a video court appearance of Luka Magnotta, the Montreal suspect in the gruesome dismemberment murder of Lin Jun, Tuesday, June 19, 2012 in Montreal. Magnotta has pleaded not guilty.

Photograph by: Paul Chiasson , Canadian Press

Read more:

MONTREAL - The Crown prosecutors tasked with leading the criminal case against accused killer Luka Rocco Magnotta revealed Tuesday that they have another mission: Helping the victim's family trust Canada's justice system.
Helene Di Salvo, who will argue the high-profile case with fellow prosecutor Louis Bouthillier, said they will meet with Lin Jun's loved ones very soon to explain how the Canadian justice system works.
Lin, who was brutally killed and dismembered last month in Montreal, was a Chinese national studying computer science at Concordia University.
The 33-year-old's family has been in the city since arriving from China about two weeks ago.
"My colleague and I really want them to believe in our justice system and we'll do our best to reassure them that we'll work very, very hard in this case," Di Salvo said Tuesday at the Montreal courthouse, following Magnotta's first Canadian court appearance since his arrest in Germany earlier this month.
"It's the beginning of a very, very long year or two years, so we'll try to help them (get) through this."
Di Salvo said that even after Lin's family returns to China, the prosecution team will stay in touch with them and explain each legal step along the way.
The prosecution will be represented by two experienced Crown lawyers. Bouthillier and Di Salvo have worked numerous high-profile cases. In 2001, Di Salvo successfully prosecuted former world-champion boxer Dave Hilton for repeatedly molesting his daughters.
She has not yet met with Lin's relatives, but says she knows that his death has been extremely difficult for them.
Di Salvo also says that finding Lin's missing head is critical for the family's healing process.
Montreal police officers, who have repeated the significance of their search for the head, have said it's the only body part still unaccounted for. The hands, feet and torso were found in Ottawa, Vancouver and Montreal.
Di Salvo said that while finding the head would also be helpful for the case, the well-being of Lin's loved ones comes first.
"We are thinking about the family when we talk about that and this is very important for the family of the victim," Di Salvo said.
"(We will) try to help them as best we can to, and if possible, to get past this ordeal, which will be quite extraordinary for them."

Courtesy of Montreal Gazette

With this face, I do hope he's innocent as how he looks

MONTREAL—For someone whose alleged crimes were so spectacular they stunned and reviled people across the world, Luka Rocco Magnotta looked decidedly ordinary at his first court appearance.
Wearing a beige windbreaker and expressionless, if it weren’t for his manacled hands he could blend into any crowd.
The Toronto-born, self-described gay porn actor and escort appeared by video link Tuesday from a police operations centre in Montreal, flanked by two guards.
Lawyer Pierre Panaccio told Judge Lorie-Renée Weitzman his client would plead not guilty to all charges, including first-degree murder.
Magnotta, 29, stayed silent except for a brief exchange with Panaccio. “If you want to call me at home tonight, I will be pleased to talk to you,” Panaccio said, to which Magnotta replied, “Okay.”
Panaccio told the judge he needed time to consider asking for a psychiatric evaluation. That request could come as early as Thursday, his next court appearance.
At that time, the judge would decide whether to accept the request, believing there was enough evidence to determine whether the accused is unfit to stand trial or was, at the time of the offence, suffering from a mental disorder.
The court could order the suspect remanded to a psychiatric facility for not more than 30 days. A medical report would then tell the court “whether the accused is criminally responsible or not,” explained Louis Bouthillier, one of the Crown prosecutors assigned to the case.
Both Bouthillier and his colleague, Hélène Di Salvo, have extensive experience in murder cases.
It wasn’t clear whether Panaccio would remain as Magnotta’s lawyer. He refused to speak to reporters Tuesday.
Magnotta faces five charges, including first-degree murder, indignity to a corpse, publishing obscene material, obscene use of the postal system, and threatening Prime Minister Stephen Harper.
Magnotta is accused of killing and dismembering 33-year-old Jun Lin in Montreal. Lin, a Chinese national who was studying computer science at Concordia University. Police also believe Magnotta sent body parts to political parties in Ottawa and schools in Vancouver.
His head has not been recovered.
He’s also believed to have filmed the killing and posted the video to the Internet. The video in question also appears to depict cannibalism and sexual defiling of the body.
Di Salvo promised to keep the family “aware of everything” in the case even after their return to China from Montreal. Police have not revealed the exact nature of Lin’s relationship with Magnotta before the murder, or whether it was more than just sexual.
Magnotta’s repatriation took place in an unusual fashion. He arrived in Montreal on Monday evening aboard a Canadian Forces CC-150 Polaris jet, escorted by six Montreal police investigators.
Authorities said a military plane was the best option. “How can we bring him back to Montreal on a commercial flight with other people sitting on board?” said Montreal police Cmdr. Ian Lafrenière. “For very extraordinary cases, we do have to take some extraordinary measures.”
Yvan-Miville Des Chênes, an aviation expert and consultant, said it costs $6,000 per hour of flight to operate the jet. Considering an eight-hour flight from Berlin, he said the total cost would be about $50,000.
Typically, subjects extradited to Canada are escorted aboard a commercial jetliner.
Magnotta left Canada on an Air Transat flight on May 26. Several days later, after the discovery of several body parts, an international warrant was issued for him. Police apparently picked up his trail in Paris, but by then he’d already made his way to Berlin.
He was arrested June 4 after an employee at an Internet café noticed Magnotta reading about himself on the web. He surrendered to police without incident.
Magnotta didn’t contest his extradition to Canada, paving the way for a quick return.
With files from Star wire services

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Pretty Much Awake

Recently Landed Back In Canada

On Monday night, it was Luka Rocco Magnotta — dubbed “Canadian Psycho’’ — who was escorted back to this country, on a military transport flight and flanked by cops.
Three weeks ago, the alleged sex killer left Montreal with scant notice taken, boarding Air Transat flight 610, settling into Seat 33A. Last passenger on the plane, twitchy guy in a Mickey Mouse T-shirt, stinking from sweat, behaving oddly enough to arouse blogging commentary from another Paris-bound traveller sitting alongside. Nervous flier, it seemed, and spotted later crying in the back of the aircraft.

He returned to Montreal as the only suspect in the slaying and dismemberment of Concordia University student Jun Lin, captured in Berlin after a 10-day world-wide manhunt and finally showered with all the fame he’d so ardently coveted, moving from social media marginalia to mainstream headlines.
The plane touched down in Montreal shortly before 7 p.m. Magnotta disembarked far from the prying eyes of reporters and TV cameras, depriving him of a media audience home-coming.
“I have no obsession with the limelight.”
Magnotta, 29, had left behind an extensive digital footprint trail, popping up like Woody Allen’s Zelig character in video footage, niche porn websites, Internet toy-boy spreads (mostly shirtless) and reality show audition tapes. His self-generated bids for media coverage included at least twice approaching reporters, in Toronto and the United Kingdom, to deny any sex ties to notorious school-girl procurer Karla Homolka, a piggy-backing rumor that he’d apparently started.
For those who could stomach the contents, there was as well, most shockingly, the “1 lunatic 1 ice pick” videotape, posted online, depicting the stabbing, sexual defilement and dismemberment of 33-year-old Lin, its gruesome authenticity confirmed by police. The victim’s body parts were mailed to disparate addresses across Canada: a foot delivered to Conservative party headquarters in Ottawa, a hand intended for Liberal HQ intercepted at a postal warehouse in the capital, foot and hand to two Vancouver-area schools.

What else is out there, en route to a random mailbox?
“I live a convivial, sociable and vigorous life and for anyone to judge me by the virulent fiction they read online, would be naive, ignorant and incongruous.’’
Lin’s headless torso was found May 29 in a suitcase tossed on a garbage heap near Magnotta’s apartment building in Montreal. For reasons unclear, the luggage had been ignored when garbage collectors picked up the trash, the apartment’s manager making the gruesome discovery after residents had complained about an awful smell. Investigators said Lin — known as Justin, a gentle and amiable fellow who worked part-time as convenience store cashier — had been killed between May 24 and 25, the 11-minute video uploaded later that day. Magnotta was quickly identified as a suspect with an international arrest warrant issued May 31. Police found a blood-stained mattress and blood in the fridge at Magnotta’s rundown studio apartment.
Lin’s head is still missing.

Aspiring model, self-professed bisexual porn star, hustler, small-time felon, palpable narcissist, dissected in recent weeks by profilers-for-hire as classic psychopath, the Scarborough born Magnotta — born Eric Clinton Newman, formally changing his name in 2006 — was obsessed with cosmetic surgery to alter the features he didn’t like and, reportedly, to look more like James Dean . What remained throughout was the signature sensuous pout, the bedroom mouth of a man described by a former transgendered girlfriend as actually a dud in the sack, disinterested in sex and woefully unskilled as amorous partner. Magnotta also, she claimed, hit himself compulsively.
In videotaped interviews, he touches delicately at his face.
“A lot of people tell me I’m devastatingly good-looking.’’
All surface and artifice, his own invention, as admitted in the audition tape for a now-discontinued show called Plastic Makes Perfect, wherein Magnotta claimed to have undergone a hair transplant three times.
“If I don’t have my looks, then I don’t have any life. My looks and my body are my life.’’
Estranged from family, he’d already been accused by animal lover groups of torturing and killing kittens, suffocating them in plastic bags, feeding them to snakes, and posting the evidence online. This would be textbook emerging psychopathic behaviour, characteristics evident early to one relative who told the Peterborough Examiner: “He’s a nut job. I did not trust him. Eric is the type of individual . . . I think he’s mentally ill. He has delusions of grandeur. He concocts stories that he tends to believe and they in turn become fact in his mind.’’
“I am a survivor of mental illness and I’m not ashamed of it. I went through a very traumatic childhood and in my teen years experimented with drugs and alcohol. At first, I thought this was the problem . . . it wasn’t. I am manic depressive and bi-polar. One day I’m normal, the next I can’t get out of my bed and then next week I want to conquer the world. Very confusing to someone who doesn’t understand.’’
Compulsively exhibitionistic, in thrall to himself, but no more than a cipher for most of an utterly superficial life, as insubstantial as a hologram. His only known object of interest was Luka Magnotta — when not calling himself Vladimir Romanov or Angel or K. Trammel, perhaps inspired by the ice-pick murdering Catherine Trammel character from Basic Instinct.
So many identities, shedding bits of himself, forensically, in the short period that he remained a fugitive at large — he’d professed, online, to being expert in disappearing — tracked first to Paris, where he made others uncomfortable in a bistro. French police found porn magazines and air sickness bags from his flight in a room where Magnotta had stayed before lamming it when Interpol publicized his name.
“I do not necessarily feel the need to redeem my reputation since the people that know me best will be more than happy to vouch for my honesty in conduct and I can provide many satisfied and loyal references if necessary.”
Magnotta was arrested June 4 in a Berlin Internet café, where he’d been surfing the web, reading about himself.
“You got me.”
He did not fight extradition and faces five charges, including murder and indignity to a corpse. Magnotta was to appear before a judge Tuesday morning.
The media audience he courted so cravenly — in vain — will be there. For the vain and the craven.

Monday, June 18, 2012

Is Luka Magnotta The Hollywood Sign Killer? [Update]

Could Canadian killer and infamous internet villain Luka Magnotta be behind a Hollywood murder mystery? After an international manhunt, German police say they have arrested Luka Magnotta in Berlin over ten days after he allegedly killed and dismembered a man named Lin Jun, posted a gruesome video of the crime online and mailed the body parts to the headquarters of Canadian political parties. However, The Observer has uncovered information that could potentially link Mr. Magnotta to an infamous case from earlier this year where the severed head and hands of a man were found on a wooded trail near the Hollywood Sign.

Update (6/8/12 8:37 A.M.): The LAPD has confirmed they are investigating the possibility Mr. Magnotta was involved in the Hollywood Sign killing.

Mr. Magnotta is a self-described male model and sometime escort who became infamous on the internet in late 2010 after online sleuths tied him to a series of videos showing a man killing kittens by drowning them and suffocating them in a vacuum bag. Over the past few years, Mr. Magnotta has used a series of online accounts and aliases to promote himself and discuss his alleged participation in the kitten killings. Immediately after the video of the Canadian murder, which includes footage of necrophilia and potential cannibalism, was posted online, Mr. Magnotta disappeared and law enforcement began an international manhunt saying they believed he fled to Europe.
While Mr. Magnotta was on the lam, a series of YouTube accounts appeared commenting on the case. Experts have said at least one of the accounts, which used the user name “Beavis Butthead,” “sounds exactly like” it was being operated by Mr. Magnotta himself. An online gaming account that had been used by Mr. Magnotta in the past also showed activity following his disappearance. When the German police arrested Mr. Magnotta, they found him at an internet cafe, further indicating he was accessing the web while on the run. Detective Sergeant Antonio Paradiso of the Montreal Police Service told us Mr. Magnotta “most probably” made online postings while he was on the lam, but it is very difficult to confirm for certain.

“That’s very difficult to verify, we’re still making verifications. There are all these sites anyone can access, it’s incredible how difficult and complicated it could get,” Mr. Paradiso said of the YouTube accounts potentially belonging to Mr. Magnotta.

One suspicious account that emerged while Mr. Magnotta evaded capture used the name HollywoodLoveLetters.

Update (6/6/12 3:31 A.M.): A group of activists affiliated with the organization Last Chance For Animals has taken responsibility for creating the HollywoodLoveLetters account on YouTube. They claim it was part of an “investigation” into Mr. Magnotta.

The account opened on Friday and its first action was”liking” footage of an interview with Mr. Magnotta. HollywoodLoveLetters followed that up soon afterward by posting a video entitled “The James Dean Killer – Luka Rocco Magnotta.” Prior to the video’s being posted, no public accounts attributed the “James Dean Killer” moniker to Mr. Magnotta, but the alleged killer himself has a documented interest in the late movie star. He once named Dean as one of his idols, has claimed to have undergone cosmetic surgery to look more like the actor and has posed for photo shoots dressed as Dean.

The “James Dean Killer” video featured a description calling Mr. Magnotta “the sexiest serial killer ever to walk the earth.” Many of the online sleuths who have been following Mr. Magnotta commented on the video claiming the poster must be the alleged killer himself, but HollywoodLoveLetters never directly responded to these comments.

Originally, the avatar used on the HollywoodLoveLetters profile was a mashup of the gay pride flag and the U.S. flag. Over the weekend, HollywoodLoveLetters switched the picture to a shot of the Hollywood sign. On Sunday, HollywoodLoveLetters began directly referring to the Hollywood Sign killing by “liking” a video news report on the case. That day, HollywoodLoveLetters also posted another video about Mr. Magnotta entitled “The James Dean Killer – 1 Man 1 Icon – Luka Rocco Magnotta.” This second video features several purported personal photos of Mr. Magnotta including pictures described as showing his parents in the 1980′s and him at five months old that do not seem to have appeared online prior to the video’s release. In the purported photo of his parents, his mother is scrawled out. A distorted voice in the video also utters the words “The Nine Satanic Statements,” which come from the bible of the Church of Satan. Last April, a post titled “The Nine Satanic Statements, Sins and Rules Of The Earth” appeared on one of the many blog sites that seem to have been maintained by Mr. Magnotta. The naming convention of the newest HollywoodLoveLetters video also matches the title of the gruesome video of the Canadian killing that was posted online, which was “1 Lunatic 1 Icepick.” The account has shown no new activity since Mr. Magnotta’s capture this morning and the user did not respond to a request for comment last night.

In addition to the YouTube activity and the obvious similarities in the methodology of the Jun killing and the Hollywood Sign murder, which both involved severed body parts placed in prominent locations, Facebook postings on one of the many accounts attributed to Mr. Magnotta indicate he was in Los Angeles less than one month after the Hollywood Sign killing. In the postings, which were dated February 19, the Facebook user who identifies themselves as Mr. Magnotta tries to arrange a meeting with a friend and informs them he is “doing massages” in Los Angeles. He lists a phone number that traces to an L.A. escort agency as the best way to contact him.

The severed head and hands were found by the Hollywood Sign by two women who were walking their dogs on January 17. Police later identified the victim as Hervey Medellin, 66. Mr. Medellin was reported missing by his boyfriend on January 9.
We have given this information to police in both Montreal and Los Angeles. Both agencies have told us they are reviewing our tip.
“For the moment we’re still working on what we have here. We have a lot of things to do on that,” Mr. Paradiso said. “Maybe tomorrow, or sometime this week, I’m going to call LAPD or speak with someone there to see if there’s a link between our file and their file.”
With the online information being difficult to quickly verify, Mr. Paradiso said the only confirmed links between Mr. Magnotta’s case and the Hollywood Sign killing are “there’s a body that’s cut up, that the guy was gay and that our guy may have frequented Los Angeles.”

At this stage, it’s impossible to say for sure whether the HollywoodLoveLetters account belongs to Mr. Magnotta and whether he actually had anything to do with the Hollywood Sign killing. The only thing that’s certain is that someone out there is going to great lengths to associate
him with it. Courtesy of;