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Saturday, January 14, 2012

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Pejam celik pejam celik, it's now 2012 already.
Wow... And this coming month of November makes me a 25 years old girl.
I mean, err... lady?

Dang it.

So well.. pejam celik pejam celik jugak, dah almost 8 months aku bekerja di sini, Media Monitors Malaysia Sdn Bhd. Seriously, this is the longest time I've been working. Selalu nya 3 months je saya dah cha alif but (cabut). Hihihi..

Here, I have my own clan. Lol. Tribe, people, whatever you call it, friends maybe. Or BFF.
I have Amy, Nadia, Izzy and Ieza.. Then we have some other colleagues yang ngam dengan kami. But actually, dengan almost everyone in this office pun kami ngammmm ;P
And Fatin pun selalu jugak dropped by here in Cyberjaya to hang out with us, or sometimes we'll just meet up somewhere and merayau together. From Putrajaya area, sampai la ke KL.

I was in Singapore from last Saturday til Tuesday. I mean, we stayed in JB- M-Suites of course.. There was a wedding of Aunty Sapiah's daughter, and then the next day I went to Universal Studios Singapore with Mom, Dad and my sister. It was awesome!!! But tak puas.. The next time, I'll make sure that I'll be going with a bunch of friends pulak. Its not that I didn't had fun going there with my fam. But dengan family dah lepas, so lepas ni dengan geng la pulak kan. Hehehe.. I'll start planning sebab boleh stay at M-Suites, and boleh ambil package to USS from Uncle Wahab's travel agency company. It's gonna be fun, it's gonna be mad! Haha..
Kitorang even sempat lepak dengan Abang Firdaus, our JB cousin.. He fetched us from M-Suites and kami pergi minum minum and borak borak..

Other updates. Yah I'm still single. And no, I'm not seeing anyone at all. No new man. Or whatsoever. I'm doing great alone. I have my family and I have my friends with me,. What else can I ask for.
I've to admit that at times I do get lonely and miss that man who used to be with me, used to be for me. And that man that I still love this very second. But there is nothing I could do to like, get back with him.. Give our relationship another shot. Cukup cukup lah. Bukan Tak pernah bagi chance and let him prove that things will change for the better. Janji tinggal janji aje selalunya.
Ah why am I telling all this. I should've moved on.

Oh well, overall I'm okay. Again, I have my family and friends with me. People who loves me and appreciates me. That's more than enough.

So that's all for now. Happy New Year people!

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