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Friday, December 30, 2011

What KIDS can do

Rest In Peace

Children become, while little, our delights,
When they grow bigger, they begin to fright’s.
Their sinful Nature prompts them to rebel,
And to delight in Paths that lead to Hell.
— John Bunyan, “Book for Boys and Girls” (1686)

"All little boys are nice until they get older.”
— Robert Thompson, age 11

Thursday, December 29, 2011


You know, 9 years ago, I was very much in love. I was 15… And dia pun umur 15 tahun jugak.. We were young, indeed. So young. During that time, technology canggih2 ni semua dah wujud dah, you know, such as mobile phones, internet and all.. But we actually communicate thru letters.  Saya di sekolah perempuan. Methodist Girls Secondary School.. And he was from Sekolah Menengah Sultan Muhamad. Sekolah lelaki.. Kami guna kawan kawan jadi messengers. We were so in love, it’s obvious through what’s written in our letters.
After meeting him only twice, God actually took him back. Away from me. Away from his family and friends. Yes He loves Faizal more. Believe it or not, sampai saat ni saya masih bayangkan Arwah sebagai lelaki yang mungkin paling mampu buat saya happy, and takkan sakitkan saya…
But, how can we deny fate and destiny,.. And in this case, how can we deny DEATH?
And then I met a couple of other men… Some hurt me so much by their passion for cheating, kepuasan dalam berlaku curang, dan yang tak pernah cukup dengan seorang perempuan yang jelas jelas terlalu sayangkan dia. Well, at least I’ve been through it, I know the feelings, and never would I want to be in that very same, painful spot again..
The last one, we were good friends. Rapat sangat. Sumpah dia seorang kawan yang sangat baik. He was there when the “cheater” left me for another girl. He was there when I was in need. Always there.. I tried to avoid having any feelings towards him. I mean perasaan lebih dari kawan, eversince I heard my friends told me that he’s falling for me. I kept being so denial.. But unexpectedly, one day I actually felt like I should give it a shot. He waited for me. So patiently, sambil buktikan pada saya yang dia akan selalu ada dengan saya. And I thought, having a bestfriend to be my boyfriend is gonna make him a very understanding boyfriend to me.
The first few days were fine… Sampai la dia start cemburu membabi buta. And I could actually consider myself abused. Long story. But you know, to be honest, I feel like, sakit sakit tu semua takkan boleh buat saya padam sayang saya pada dia.. I kept going back..
Saya selalu rasa macam, kita patut tempuh je apa yang datang tak kira sakit macam mana sekalipun. Biar kita terhantuk sendiri.. Biar kita serik sendiri.. Biar lah walaupun setiap hari nak kena berendam airmata.
Tapi sampai satu tahap, sabar saya dah terhabis guna… Hati rasa penat. Semuanya rasa tak berbaloi dan tak ada makna apa apa lagi.. And everything seems to be out of place.
Love can really make us do crazy things. Make us turn into someone we’re not. Love is risky. Very risky. Dan hakikatnya, tak ada apa dalam dunia yang sempurna, Tak ada apa dalam dunia yang akan kekal selamanya.
And being patient is always the very best thing to do, patience is the best thing to have. Patience is the best thing to hold on to. And also faith. What’s meant to be is meant to be.
For me, I’ve been given the name SABRINA for a reason, I’m sure of it.  Because Sabrina means Sabar- Patience. And patience is strength. I believe I’m strong and I can be stronger.

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Friday, December 9, 2011

Mary Flora Bell

"I couldn’t kill a bird by the neck or throat or anything, it’s horrible that. "

-- Mary Bell

Tuesday, November 29, 2011


How disappointed it is.
But it happens all the time..
Happened all the time to me..
Never, ever hope too much.
Never put so much hopes in anything in the world.
Those things you hoped too much will turn out the other way around, and tears are surely gonna be your best mates.

Like my birthday.

One of the most important people in my life never even cared to wish me.
Not even how he usually did it, by sms. No.

It's okay.

And don't bother asking me "how's your birthday?"
Because it sucks, big time.

Impossible Prediction

If only we were blessed with an ability to predict our future, would we actually be where we currently are?
Hell no..
Exactly how I wish I'm not stucked in the situation I'm currently stucked in.
Now that does make sense, doesn't it?

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Best advanced birthday present ever!

I met my idol Kimora Lee Simmons! It was awesome.
How can you not love and adore her...
A very good role model to other celebs..
She tried her very best to talk to all her fans and followers..
She was super duper friendly..
A dream came true, indeeeeeed~

My mom met her first right after she touched down at the airport!
And she signed an autograph for me. It's awesome that both me and my mom got to meet and hugged Kimora. Honestly, it was: a w e s o m e !

And thanks to KLS, I met a bunch of new friends.
Those who waited for her to come out from The Gardens Residences last night.

How I felt when she hugged me?
Beyond worrrdssss to describe!

Monday, October 24, 2011

Rest In Peace, Marco

I am deepy saddened by the passing of one of the most popular riders in MotoGP.

Rest in peace, Marco Simoncelli..

You're truly gonna be missed..

We've lost another fantastic rider..

Thursday, October 13, 2011


I just can't stand all this stress.
I can't stand feeling all stressful every single day.
Even when nothing's up, when I should feel okay, being in good condition,
it seems like that thing called stress has fully conquered my mind, my brain, my life.
Stress could lead to dull skin complexion, acnes, eating disorder(lesser or more appetite).
And that's obviously not healthy!
It can even leads to heart attack, diabetes and other critical diseases.
Used to it!
How can people easily tell us to stop thinking, try to get rid of all the thoughts that would be lingering on our heads when we're trying to sleep?
It is seriously not that easy dude.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011


Sabtu, 8 Oktober 2011
GOMBAK: Berang isteri dalam pantang enggan melayan kehendak seksualnya, seorang lelaki berusia 28 tahun bagaikan dirasuk syaitan apabila sanggup meliwat bayi lelakinya berusia 23 hari di dalam bilik di rumahnya di Taman Sunway, Batu Caves, di sini, kelmarin.

Lebih kejam apabila tangisan bayi malang yang menahan kesakitan itu langsung tidak diendahkan si bapa durjana, sebaliknya dia menjadi lebih rakus dengan bertindak menutup mulut anaknya itu menggunakan tangan dengan kuat, sekali gus menambah derita si kecil.

Bapa yang kejam itu berbuat demikian untuk mengelakkan tangisan bayi malang itu didengari isterinya yang ketika kejadian dilaporkan sedang berehat di ruang tamu rumah.

Sumber polis berkata, tindakan keji dan kejam itu hanya disedari ibu mangsa berusia 39 tahun kira-kira jam 4 petang apabila melihat mangsa tidak bermaya ketika mahu memandikannya.

“Si ibu terkejut apabila melihat bahagian mulut mangsa lebam. Pemeriksaan wanita itu kemudian mendapati bahagian dubur mangsa turut cedera.

Read this

This is one of the most notorious and worst cases of torture murder ever recorded in history. It is also one of the most horrifying and heartbreaking.

Exactly twenty years ago, a sixteen year-old girl was going through the most unimaginable pain, waiting for the endless suffering she was going through to end. For 44 days, nobody helped her.

Her killers are now free men. Justice has never been served, not even after 20 years.

Once you hear the story, it is not easily forgotten. Her 44 days of suffering will forever be known.


On November 22, 1989:
Junko Furuta was a girl in Japan who was held captive in a house by four boys. There, she was raped countless times, then tortured to death in unimaginable and incomprehensible ways for 44 days. She was 16 years old.

(from Wikipedia)

The crime:
In November of 1988, Boy A (then 18), Boy B (Jo Kamisaku, then 17; Kamisaku was a new family name he took after being released from prison [1]), Boy C (then 16) and Boy D (then 17) from Tokyo abducted and held Furuta, a second year high school (grade 11) student from Saitama Prefecture in Misato, for 44 days. They kept her captive in the house owned by the parents of Boy C.

To forestall a manhunt, Boy A coerced Furuta into calling her own parents and telling them that she had run away from home, but was with “a friend” and was not in danger. He also browbeat her into posing as one of the boys’ girlfriends when the parents of the house where she was held were around, but when it became clear that the parents would not call the police, he dropped this pretext. Furuta tried to escape several times, begging the parents more than once to help her, but they did nothing, apparently out of fear that Boy A would hurt them. Boy A was at the time a low-level yakuza leader and had bragged that he could use his connections to kill anyone who interfered.

According to their statements at their trial, the four of them raped her, beat her, introduced foreign objects including an iron rod into her vagina, made her drink her own urine and was fed cockroaches, inserted fireworks into her anus, and set them off, forced Furuta to masturbate, cut her nipple with pliers, dropped dumbbells onto her stomach, and burned her with cigarettes and lighters. (One of the burnings was punishment for attempting to call the police.) At one point her injuries were so severe that according to one of the boys it took more than an hour for her to crawl downstairs to use the bathroom. They also related that “possibly a hundred different people” knew that Furuta had been imprisoned there, but it is not clear if this means they visited the house at different times while she was imprisoned there, or themselves either raped or abused her. When the boys refused to let her leave, she begged them on several occasions to “kill (her) and get it over with”.

On January 4, 1989, using one of the boys’ loss at mah-jongg as a pretext, the four beat her with an iron barbell, poured lighter fluid on her legs, arms, face and stomach, and set her on fire. She died later that day of shock. The four boys claimed that they were not aware of how badly injured she was, and that they believed she had been malingering.

The killers hid her corpse in an 55-gallon drum filled with cement; the perpetrators disposed the drum in a tract of reclaimed land in Koto, Tokyo.

Arrest and punishment

The boys were arrested and tried as adults; but, because of Japanese handling of crimes committed by juveniles, their identities were sealed by the court. However, a weekly magazine Shukan Bunshun reported their real names, claiming “Human rights aren’t needed for brutes.”[2] Furuta’s real name and details about her personal life were reported exhaustively in the media. Kamisaku was judged as a sub leader, at least according to the official trial.

The four boys pled guilty to a reduced charge of “committing bodily injury that resulted in death”, rather than murder. Boy A’s parents sold their house for approximately 50 million yen and paid this as compensation to Furuta’s family.[citation needed]

For his participation in the crime, Kamisaku served eight years in a juvenile prison before he was released, in August 1999. In July 2004, he was arrested for assaulting an acquaintance, whom he believed to be luring a girlfriend away from him, and allegedly bragged about his earlier infamy. [1] Kamisaku was sentenced to seven years in prison for the beating.

Junko’s parents were dismayed by the sentences received by their daughter’s killers, and enjoined a civil suit against the parents of the boy in whose home the crimes were committed. When some of the convictions were overturned on the basis of problematic physical evidence (the semen and pubic hair recovered from the body did not match those of the boys who were arrested), the lawyer handling the civil suit decided there was no case to be made and refused to represent them further. (There is speculation that the evidence may have been contaminated—for example, by unidentified persons who raped Furuta.

One of the most disturbing parts of this true story is that her killers are now free. After putting Junko Furuta through all that suffering, they are free men.

****-What they did to her and the suffering-****

These horrifying things done to Junko Furuta had been collected through the Japanese court trial of the case, and blogs from 1989. They show the pain that Junko Furuta had to endure before she was finally dead. All this had happened to her while she was still alive. They are disturbing, but the truth.

All of this had happened.


DAY 1: November 22, 1988: Kidnapped
Kept captive in house, and posed as one of boy’s girlfriend
Raped (over 400 times in total)
Forced to call her parents and tell them she had run away
Starved and malnutritioned
Fed cockroaches to eat and urine to drink
Forced to masturbate
Forced to strip in front of others
Burned with cigarette lighters
Foreign objects inserted into her vagina/anus

DAY 11: December 1, 1988: Severely beat up countless times
Face held against concrete ground and jumped on
Hands tied to ceiling and body used as a punching bag
Nose filled with so much blood that she can only breath through her mouth
Dumbbells dropped onto her stomach
Vomited when tried to drink water (her stomach couldn’t accept it)
Tried to escape and punished by cigarette burning on arms
Flammable liquid poured on her feet and legs, then lit on fire
Bottle inserted into her anus, causing injury

DAY 20: December10, 1989: Unable to walk properly due to severe leg burns
Beat with bamboo sticks
Fireworks inserted into anus and lit
Hands smashed by weights and fingernails cracked
Beaten with golf club
Cigarettes inserted into vagina
Beaten with iron rods repeatedly
Winter; forced outside to sleep in balcony
Skewers of grilled chicken inserted into her vagina and anus, causing bleeding

DAY 30: Hot wax dripped onto face
Eyelids burned by cigarette lighter
Stabbed with sewing needles in chest area
Left nipple cut and destroyed with pliers
Hot light bulb inserted into her vagina
Heavy bleeding from vagina due to scissors insertion
Unable to urinate properly
Injuries were so severe that it took over an hour for her to crawl downstairs and use the bathroom
Eardrums severely damaged
Extreme reduced brain size

DAY 40: Begged her torturers to “kill her and get it over with”

January 1, 1989: Junko greets the New Years Day alone
Body mutilated
Unable to move from the ground

DAY 44: January 4, 1989: The four boys beat her mutilated body with an iron barbell, using a loss at the game of Mah-jongg as a pretext. She is profusely bleeding from her mouth and nose. They put a candle’s flame to her face and eyes.

Then, lighter fluid was poured onto her legs, arms, face and stomach, and then lit on fire. This final torture lasted for a time of two hours.

Junko Furuta died later that day, in pain and alone. Nothing could compare 44 days of suffering she had to go through.

When her mother heard the news and details of what had happened to her daughter, she fainted. She had to undergo a psychiatric outpatient treatment . Imagine her endless pain.

Her killers are now free men. Justice was never served, not even after 20 years.
They deserve a punishment much greater than they had put upon Furuta, for putting an innocent girl through the most unbearable suffering.

This story from 1989 is true. Please spread her story around. Everyone should know about the existence of Junko Furuta’s unimaginable and incomprehensible suffering, and this is why this group has been made.

Invite your friends. Never let her story be forgotten. If this story changes the life of at least one person then it has been worth it.

Rest In Eternal Peace,
Junko Furuta


Now this group is not for promoting yourself, informercials, or any of that sort. This has been happening lately in the past due to the increase of members. I do, however, thank everyone for showing your compassion towards this crime, and to her.

This group is dedicated to a victim of a notorious crime. If you link or leave anything in promotion of an unrelated topic, it will be deleted, and you will be blocked and reported to the admins and Facebook Staff.
Thank you all.

R.I.P. Junko Furuta




“A high-school girl was abducted by four teenaged hooligans while she was on her way to work. They took her to the house of a friend, held her in his bedroom, and for the next forty-five days enacted every imaginable form of abuse on her (and some you wouldn’t want to imagine). They gang-raped her—both with their own bodies and with an assortment of foreign objects—beat her, kicked her, doused her extremities with lighter fluid and set her on fire, and probably did many other things to her that went undocumented by either her tormentors or the police. They mocked her pain. They held her down and dropped barbells on her stomach. This last bit of torture was more than she could withstand, and after going into convulsions she apparently either strangled on her own vomit or simply died from her beatings. When the boys were questioned later about why they didn’t do anything during her seizure, they replied, “We assumed she was faking it.”

“She tried to escape, more than once. The first time, she was caught in the process of making a phone call. The second time, she ran into the parents of the boy who lived there; apparently they had known all along what was gong on. She begged them to help her, but they refused; his friend had criminal connections, and they didn’t want to get into trouble, too. After her death, they taped her arms and legs together, threw her into a 55-gallon drum, filled it with cement, and dumped it in an empty lot. The body wasn’t recovered until almost a year later. The ringleader of the whole incident served eight years in prison and is now a free man.”

The house where this unspeakable crime took place


Monday, October 10, 2011


I miss my bestfriends.
I miss the old 'us'..
Sometimes I just wish that we don't have to grow up..

BISOU bake shop

I am officially a regular customer here.

I never missed getting their red velvet cupcakes which is my favourite flavour for a cake.

For now, I think they've got the best red velvet cupcakes in town.

Do you guys like cupcakes??

Which flavour do you guys like the most?

Saturday, October 8, 2011

RockAway 2011

It's today..

Like 3 more hours to go til' the event..

And I'm here in the office, working obviously..

I wanna meet The Used!!!!

I wanna sing along with them when they're performing!!!

Anyone of you going?

Fingy minky

Omg how cute are these lil' finger monkeys? Cracks me out.. But to have them as a pet, I'm gonna have to say no.. But yeah, they are such adorable creatures, no?

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

m.a.s.s.i.v.e.... ke?

So yah, I was there at the event.
Wasn't so excited to go.. So we reached the circuit at almost 11pm if I'm not mistaken...
The event was, okayyyyy..
I prefer Godskitchen Boombox.
Their props are better.
But whatever it is, I'm still mad about the package of my new shirt and landyard that went missing while I was standing in the middle of the crowd.
Yes, they were still in the plastic bag as I just purchased it from the entrance.
I was holding my leather jacket, together with the package so I guess it slipped
from my hand as it was kinda slippery.
And someone must have picked it up as soon as they saw it on the ground and just took it.
I almost cried.
But thanks to my beloved future brother in law (amin..)- Hazrul Shah, he gave me his...
He was the one who's willing to give them to me, so it's not my fault right.

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Getting to know reality

As days go by, I met and lost a number of people in my life.
No, not by death..
But by hearts.
Not mine, theirs.
People are getting crueller day by day.
But it's okay..
This is life..
And yes, it's not like I've never been warned before.
"Open up your eyes, and say hello to reality.."

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Chin up high

Yes, patience is good.
Patience is the keyword to blessings in disguise.
But at certain times, you know when you have to stop trying to be so patient.

We can change fate.

If only I know what's actually happening to me.
If only I could make everyone understand.
If only I could please evryone.
But fact is, I just can't.

I never asked to end up this way.
It's not even the end yet.
It might just be the beginning.

I know I've been so tough trying my best to gain that thing called happiness.
But if I fail to gain it right now, it might be coming to me sooner or later.
As long as there's patience, there would always be smile.

Be strong, keep your head up.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Aidilfitri 2011

Hari Raya is coming, people!!!!
2011 Aidilfitri!!
Time is seriously flying so damn fast!!
Happy fasting, eventhough there's only a few days left..
Mari packing macking and pulang ke kampung yawww!!
Yeeehaaa.. eksaited!

Moments to cherish: moments when you have your fams around you.
When all those haters will be away.
And you have your fam protecting you.
Have a good one!

Saturday, July 23, 2011

The last laugh.

So what if I start talking about God?
Yes I make mistakes, here and there.
But what the hell is your problem if I still know where I belong?

Look at yourself in the mirror before you even think of talking about others.
You might be making a fool out of yourself if you keep doing what you're doing.

But hey, when did you even care.
You wouldn't mind looking like a fool, you wouldn't mind making a fool out of yourself.
Shame on you.


Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Al Takdir

Okay now..
Pejam celik pejam celik, I'm 24 already.
Big girl, verryyyy big..
No more that little Sabrina whom they used to call cicak kubing or anak Bosnia..
The unhealthy skinny girl.
Nah it's not my age, nor my physical.. Those aren't the issue.
It's the questions that people have been asking me nowadays.
"When is your day?" "Adik bila lagi ni?"
I've put my last hope on that one man, and now he's gone.
He can't protect me, no.
So it's better to let him go now than being hurt all my life, no?

It's a fresh new start for me.
Meeting new people. Some brought pain, but I took them as lessons.

It's all the matter of time..
What's the rush, kan?
When it comes, it comes.

i heart hilary

Omg I love this woman.

a friend won't be bi*chin' around about us

It is so terrible how I had to go thru such tragedies to realize who my true friends are

Blessings in disguise.

I keep on reminding myself.

Yes God is great, no doubt at all..

I believe, those who spend their time bitchin' about other people should be sympathized.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

happy now

I know I can't take one more step towards you
Cause all that's waiting is regret
And don't you know I'm not your ghost anymore
You lost the love I loved the most

I learned to live half alive
And now you want me one more time

And who do you think you are
Running 'round leaving scars
Collecting your jar of hearts
And tearing love apart
You're gonna catch a cold
From the ice inside your soul
So don't come back for me
Who do you think you are

I hear you're asking all around
If I am anywhere to be found
But I have grown too strong
To ever fall back in your arms

I learned to live half alive
And now you want me one more time

And who do you think you are
Running 'round leaving scars
Collecting your jar of hearts
And tearing love apart
You're gonna catch a cold
From the ice inside your soul
So don't come back for me
Who do you think you are

And it took so long just to feel alright
Remember how to put back the light in my eyes
I wish I had missed the first time that we kissed
Cause you broke all your promises
And now you're back
You don't get to get me back

And who do you think you are
Running 'round leaving scars
Collecting your jar of hearts
And tearing love apart
You're gonna catch a cold
From the ice inside your soul
So don't come back for me
Don't come back at all

And who do you think you are
Running 'round leaving scars
Collecting your jar of hearts
And tearing love apart
You're gonna catch a cold
From the ice inside your soul
Don't come back for me
Don't come back at all

Who do you think you are?
Who do you think you are?
Who do you think you are?

Thursday, June 16, 2011

A Freakin' Brand New Life

God is fair.
God must have planned something good for me.
I'm learning not to complain, not to whine whenever things seems to get from bad to worst.
I'm learning to always keeping my head up, be positive and that things are gonna be okay...
And I've also realized that in life, there is no point of running away from the burdens that we have to carry. Let the world be on our shoulder, let everyone try to bring us down.. Be strong, have faith and I'm sure we gonna be okay..

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Susah tapi nampak bintang

Dah jenuh dah dengar nasihat kawan kawan.
Kawan kawan yang dah berbelas tahun kenal aku, pernah duduk serumah dengan aku, susah senang dengan aku.
Diorang cakap, "Vee, dari dulu lagi kitorang dah pesan, belajar jadi selfish sikittt aje pun jadi lah. Kau asyik nak please semua orang, jaga hati sana sini. Lepas tu orang pijak kepala kau."
And alasan aku, satu perkataan aje. "SUSAH!"
Rasa susah dan amat tak selesa bila nak mencuba jadi someone that I'm not.

Memang kalau difikirkan sampai migraine pun, ada je orang yang akan keep on denying the truth even bila kebenaran tu memang terpampang depan mata.

Ada je orang yang mampu cakap apa aje asalkan hati dia puas. Fact is, deep down aku sedapkan hati aku sendiri dengan kewujudan kawan kawan yang lebih lama mengenali diri aku ni.

Kadang kadang tu, orang mudah sangat sangat tersalah sangka dengan sesuatu penyataan. Dan disitu lah kita dapat kenal orang yang mempunyai sifat seorang PENILAI.
Yang tak mampu berfikir dahulu, tak mampu fikirkan kemungkinan yang bermacam rupa sebelum membuat penilaian, sebelum bertindak melulu dan akhirnya menyakiti individu lain bila sebenarnya individu tu tak layak terima semua tu.

Tapi hakikat, manusia dalam dunia bermacam rupa, bermacam jenis..
Dan hakikat, setiap apa yang jadi pasti ada sebab nya...
Just stick with the truth..

Kita tahu Tuhan tu wujud. Kita tahu Tuhan tu adil.
Ye, memang aku tak baik mana.. But aku masih mampu sedar.

Selama ni siapa je pun yang pernah sakitkan aku, aku tak rasa aku pernah nak berbalas balas ni. Memang selalunya SABAR tu is the best thing to do in life. In this cold world. People can be so cruel at times. But no matter how, selagi mampu tu, kita tak harus jadi twice a monkey.. Biar je lah kan. Salah betul diorang tu, biar Tuhan aje yang nilai. Memang dah dalam hidup ni, Tuhan je yang lebih layak menilai...
Bukan kita sesama manusia..

Haih. wallahu'alam la..

Just my two cents

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Sabau le

Memang dalam nak berjaya or nak achieve something in life, kita sure kena go thru obstacles here and there kan. Dugaan nak ubah hidup ke arah yang lebih baik, memang tak mungkin akan senang..

Macam aku lah sekarang ni..
Orang kata, manusia ni memang selagi tak terhantuk selagi tu la dia lalai.
Haa, sama la cik Sabrina ni.
Tapi in the end kalau fikir balik, macam mana sakit pun bila terhantuk tu, kita perlu kejadian yang menghantukkan kita tu.
Dengan cara tu la kita dapat sedar kan.

Haih, the urge nak berubah tu memang kow kow la.
Dugaan pun boleh tahan masya'Allah nya. Hahahah..
Tapi sabar je la kan, sabar tu selalu nya akan jadi benda yang memberi pulangan yang baik.


Bukan rezeki makkk la uols

Bukan la sakit hati.
Terkilan ke terharu, aku pun tak sure...
Geram pun ada.
Tak puas hati, mungkin...

Bila kita dah ye ye cakap Insya'Allah pasni ada kalau ada la kaum kaum Adam yang muncul balik dalam hidup aku, mungkin boleh dipertimbangkan untuk jaminan masa depan. Ceh.

Tapi tuh la.
Orang cakap rupa penampilan tu tak penting.
But sorry to say aku cam rasa zaman sekarang ni kita kena memilih kot sikit sikit pun.
Zaman skarang lain bro..

Ye la tiba tiba yang datang, muka elok, lain elok tapi bertindik sana sini la pulak.
Macam jahat sangat pulak, sebab aku memang elakkan diri jadi manusia penilai, sejak aku kenal sorang hamba Allah ni yang sangat gemar menilai manusia lain.

Haih tapi tu la kan, jodoh bukan kat tangan gua.

Alah lagipun aku bukan nak pun berboyfren2 lagi buat masa sekarang ni.
It's too soon.

Buat memeningkan kepala otak je. Kalau menyenangkan takpe la jugak.
Baik aku sayang diri aku, family aku. Adalah lebih afdhal begitu ye dok? hahaha...

When it comes, it comes..

But for now, aku memang nak cuba sedaya upaya untuk delay proses proses tersebut.
Bukan nya aku tak boleh hidup takde bf ark?
Cukup lah ada family and kawan kawan dengan aku.
Takde nak mintak lebih dah sekarang.
Syukur aje.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Reporting in May :)

Heyyy... Assalamualaikum, greetings everyone...

Omg it really has been months since my last blog update.
As usual, obviously so many things happened since the last post..
It's not like I'm gonna blog about every single thing, though..

I was jobless since the 1st of April, and I'm currently working in an office in Cyberjaya..
I'm still doing the training, passed my level 1. Being qualified for the 2nd level made me feel so thankful and happy enough. Alhamdulillah..

Some other things happened and slapped me back into reality.
Made me realized that I'm no more a kid, I have responsibilities. I need to take life more seriously! I been doing silly things all my life, yes I know at least I won't look back in anger or regret. There is no point to do so, it's better to look back, smile, and tell myself that "hey, at least I learned.. "There are always reasons for everything that has happened in our lives.
We learn, move forward with hopes for a better future ahead.
Without obstacles, I don't think I would simply take life seriously. All I can say is Alhamdulillah..

'Create your future from your future, not your past.' -Werner Erhard

If life is all so sweet and dandy, we gonna live a life that's full of negative aspects.
I am just so sure about that.


But I just gotta move on with my life.
Learn more, be a better person.
Not to repeat the same mistakes all over again.
Identify where I went wrong, and try my very best not to let history to repeat itself.

Good morning everyone :) Just be safe where ever y'all are!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Oh heyyy

God it's been quite some time since I last posted anything on my blog and I do miss doing so.
I've been busy with work, I'm enjoying my work, love everyone here..
I'm currently single, yes.. And definitely not available.
I'm seriously enjoying this time of my life.
24 years old, and single.
Trying to live my life to the fullest.

Some things happened, but hey, whatever it is, it is very good to have my fam around, sticking with me no matter thru thick or thin.
That, matters the world to me..

One of my bestfriends, Tatak gave birth to a lil baby girl named Mea Maryam whom we happily called her MEAM!
She's a doll, adorable!
Finally, after years knowing Tatak who's like a blood sister to me, she's now happily married, and been blessed with MEAM!
I can't be happier for her.

My time?
Nahhhhh not yet!
Laters people!

Monday, February 7, 2011

pfft you

= Waiting for you is like waiting for rain in this drought.. Useless and disappointing. =

translation pls?

nak tunggu kau, nak harapkan kau berubah, ibarat menunggu hari hujan dalam kemarau!
tak guna dan mengecewakan.


Saturday, February 5, 2011

Gila gila gila

Do you know what hurts me the most?
Apaaaa yang palinggg buat aku sakit sekarang??

Aku dah habis baik.

Aku sayang kau lah bodoh!

Tapi kau gila.

Aku nak buat apa kan

Friday, February 4, 2011

Kenapa kau gila?

Kalau kau tak gila, mungkin tahun depan kita dah boleh kahwin kan?
Kalau kau tak gila, mungkin aku sekarang tengah happy dengan kau lagi kan?
Kalau kau tak gila, mungkin aku pun tak gila macam ni.

ahhh bodoh lah kau


I can love, but I can never be with him.
I don't even want to.
Not anymore.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011


i miss you.