Sabrina - Vee Zalani

Thursday, December 16, 2010

i am sorry

I'm not trying to be mean.
I'm sorry but never did I expect you to fall for me so soon.
You came at the wrong time.
I've not recovered yet.
My heart is not ready yet.
I'm sorry I can't force my heart to love you when I'm still in love with the previous one.
I'm sorry its not that easy for me to let go of these feelings.
I don't wanna have to love you when I'm not in love.
I don't want to hurt you like that.
Its obvious how much you're putting hopes on me.
But its killing me more.

Pls, forgive me.
You know, when it comes it comes.
We just don't have to rush things, do we?

And you know, friendship lasts forever.
Trust me on that.

Again, I'm so sorry.
I hope we're cool