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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Busy vee

Okay so what's going on around me.

There goes my weekend handling the Bijou Bazaar.
At the same time I'm applying for jobs, here and there.

I'm still in Damansara, crashing at one of my BFF's place.
Will be having some other stuffs to handle in these couple of days here, since I don't wanna have to go back and forth from my place, and here I'll be again..

My berry is still in the 'ward'.
If they messed up with my berry issues, I'm definitely gonna kill them..
I mean the people who's in charged to fix it..

When everything here is settled, I gotta get back to Nilai since we'll be moving to a new place.
And mom has given me the task to paint the house, and not just the house, some wooden cupboards, closets and all.
Can't wait. Seriously, I've already had some ideas on how to paint it, or even giving some touch of arts to those stuffs.. Jyeah!!!

But simply put, it's been a busy month for me!

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