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Monday, September 27, 2010

Stressed out?

They said, working in my current working place is stressful.
I know, and I admit that as the truth.
But as I tried to think as wisely as I can, and after a couple of jobs I had before, I tend to think that everywhere have issues..
And if I ran from one, I'll keep running from others as well.
So until when will I be running here and there, and not sticking to one right?
That'd be so immature and unprofessional.

And so I've decided to try my super, very very best to stick with my current job and just go thru whatever that might come around soon or maybe later.
I must have faith and confidence in myself.
If I don't have confidence in myself, how can I expect others to have confidence in me, no?

But still, the image of a vacation and a blue wide ocean keeps on running in my head.
Just a couple of days off from work and get that image turned into a reality might be enough for now.

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