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Monday, August 30, 2010

Friday, August 27, 2010

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Stop & Stare

Why do we sleep in the mosque, but stay awake through a 2 hours movie? Why is it so hard to talk about Allah, but so easy to talk about sex? Why are we so bored when we read the Qu'ran, but find it easy to read Playboy? Why is it so easy to ignore a Godly MySpace bulletin, yet we repost the nasty ones?
Why are mosques getting smaller, but bars and clubs are growing? Think about it, are you going to repost this? Are you going to ignore it, cause you think you'll get laughed at? Allah says:"If you think of me in your heart, I will think of you in mine. If you mention me to another person, I will mention you to one of my angels. If you talk of me amongst a gathering of people, I will talk of you amongst a gathering of angels.


Here is a test: if u love Allah, send this to ten people and see what He does for u tonight...

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Happy Fasting


Wednesday, August 11, 2010


I knew it's gonna be hard.
But never did I expected it to be this hard and painful..

Hey, Happy Fasting to all you Muslim's friends and visitors.

Monday, August 9, 2010


i miss you.
and i'm sorry

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

It Ain't Easy


Now I know how hard it is to work for a living.
When parts of my body starts aching, and before saya start complaining and all, tersedar sekejap yang segala penat lelah dan sakit sakit badan ni semua akan membuahkan hasil.. The answer is, mencari rezeki halal to go on with my life..
Untuk kurangkan beban papa and mama, bila dah stabil, diorang tak perlu lagi tanggung saya kerana anak bongsu mereka dah dewasa, dah bekerja, sedang dan Insya'Allah takkan putus asa untuk belajar bersikap bertanggungjawab dan berdikari..

For me, it's a lil hard. Some said I'm manjaaa...
I'm not independent.. Manja? Couldn't agree with that yet.
Not independent? Couldn't agree more with that.
It's a fact, I admit. I'm trying to get used to take some things seriously rather than main bohh aje and then terbabas, buat muka kesian..

But still, I think it's normal kot.
Nobody was borned perfect. People change as days go by kan..
Good to bad, bad to good, bad to worst.. People change..
Some people doesn't take long, while some- still crawling.
I'm prolly one of the people who's still crawling- to be a better person.
And to me, it's only the matter of time..

I ain't no angel or anything, never will be.
Saya hanya seorang lagi hamba Allah seperti anda anda semua..
Belum lagi laksanakan tanggungjawab sebagai seorang wanita Islam, anak yang baik, adik, cucu, anak buah yang baik.. Terlalu banyak tanggungjawab yang perlu dilaksanakan.
I still make mistakes.
And still, deep down, I'm trying to change things around me.
Siapa nak hidup tanpa haluan yang tepat dan baik kan?

Hopefully, everyone of us will have enough time to change and leave this world with such calmness.. Insya'Allah.. Amin amin yarabbal'alamin.

Just a random post. Just my 2cents. :)

Be safe people. Toodles!

Sunday, August 1, 2010


God can change fate in a split second.
But no matter how hard it gets, I will keep reminding myself that He can never be wrong..
And that everything happens for a reason.
Blessings in disguise; no matter how bad the situation gets, something good must be there right ahead of us.
To reach all that good things, all that we gotta do is just be strong, keep our heads up high and face everything with lots of patience here in our hearts.

Be thankful. Be patient. Be strong. Be wise. Never back down