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Thursday, May 27, 2010


When my life seems to be meaningless...
I have been wasting a lot, a lot of my time going out and about, searching for something or maybe things that I'm not even sure what it is, or what they are.

Why do I often have these feelings?

- Left out
- Lost
- Miserable
- Lonely
- Upset
- Devastated
- Stressful

With all those feelings mixed up in me, I could act and behave like a demented woman at times.
I could actually be laughing and 3 minutes after that I could be crying all of a sudden.

Meaningless= when every single thing I do seems to go wrong, even thinking of doing what I want to do could make me feel it's allllll gonna go wrong!

Breathe Sabrina...

It's not about me being jobless- I've start searching for jobs- enough with my so-called holiday.
It's not about me being single- I survived this whole 10 months- nothing seems to be a problem; in fact I'm feeling way better compared to the last time I was in a relationship.

It's just not all that.

It's something.
Something that I need to get a clearer view of.


joven said...

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Sabrina Vee Zalani said...

hey thanks.. sure, will do :))