Sabrina - Vee Zalani

Sunday, May 2, 2010

hear. me. out.

Do you know that one, single word can actually cut someone deeply?
Do you even know that punishing a soul in silence is way suffering than beating the hell out of them?

Words can be daggers.
Tell me about it.

Why are you speaking to me like we’re total strangers?
Why are you treating me like we’re total strangers?
Why does it look like we’re already used of being so-called strangers?
Am I really a stranger to you?
If so, why can’t you just open up to me rather than leave me questioning myself for years?
If there shouldn’t be a bond between us, why didn’t you just get rid of me ever since I existed in your life?
If we are here for a bond, then why can’t I feel it?
If you expect me to be like some other people, why can’t you be like some other people?

But why do we have to expect someone to be another person?
Why do we have to live in hypocrisy?
Or exactly, why do I have to be dragged into another’s life which is filled with hypocrisy?

Why are you making me feel like I am here for no reason at all?
There was just a very dark past behind my existence?
You got me crowded with my own conclusions.

It’s no fun at all.
Forcing myself not to cry over my own conclusions.
Forcing myself not to believe any of those conclusions.

But fact is, still..
The feeling is real.
And I ain’t no superhuman.

I can be weak at times.
And lately, I got weak very easily.

Is there anyone listening?
Is there anyone who could talk to you and make you understand before it’s too late?


Tara waters said...

What makes a man live his whole life in disguise? I think I know. I think I might know.

Sabrina Vee Zalani said...

Sometimes, it hurts myself to even think that Men are all the same. Men nowadays, is more like it. The feeling of fear that I can't avoid- by witnessing men around me hurting so many hearts. But at the same time, I haven't have the right feelings to actually say stuffs like I hate men/boys whatsoever. But still, it's hard. Whatever I said in my blog, those were just some pieces of my mind that I intended to share. Much apologies for my bad english and all. I'm trying. :) But hey, thanks for spending some time here and also the comment. Much appreciated. :)