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Tuesday, March 23, 2010


How time flies..
So fast that I tend to missed the fact that I'm getting older.. Hee..
Being 23 in a few months time is not the fact that I could laugh at, or make jokes on..
Serious, macam agak terkejut bila terfikir yang saya dah hampir berusia 23 tahun.
Omg tua kan.. Haha.. Not a problem pun, but still an issue for me to get worried of.
I mean, I kinda think that I need to be more serious on life already..
Take things more seriously, such as my work, my attitude, my habit, my LIFE - all that relates to my own future.
Sampai bila nak macam ni? Not that saya ni terlalu menyimpang or anything, but rasanya semua orang berubah kan? To better or worst. But of course I'm heading for the better. We changed. During one after another stage of life.
Learn to deal with things wisely. Be WISER.

While thinking about how fast the time flies and all, a smile is now carved on my face. Thinking that I still have my fellow bestfriends around me.
Those who have been together with me through thick and thin.. Those who have been here with me when I need shoulders to cry on, those who will be all ears when I need to be listened to, and there were like so many good and bad moments that we been thru together- as BESTFRIENDS.

My Bestfriends?
They are a bunch of people that had successfully owned my trust. My love. My loyalty. My sincerity, and there are just lots and lots of things that I share with these special people.

God tested us with numerous of obsticles here and there, now and then.. Salah faham, hamba-hamba Allah yang datang dan cuba melaga lagakan kita, macam macam dugaan.. Tapi kuasa Tuhan kan, sekarang kita still boleh gelak terbarai dan nangis sama sama. Yes, realizing that I still have them at this very moment, still, all I'm able to say is Alhamdulillah.. I feel so blessed and thankful. Thank You, God.

To my fellow besties;
Tuhan je tahu macam mana wa sayang sama lu orang! :)
I'd just like to take this opportunity to write all this sementara aku masih berupaya, berdaya, dan bernafas, since ajal tak mengira waktu, tarikh, usia dan sebagainya kan :) True what, death can come at any time, at any way...
So yah, those times aku kenal each one of you dulu dulu- semuaaa memang confirm aku takkan lupa!
Yang kenal during school days, dekat tuition class, college days, and 'the apartment' days.
Bila fikir balik, they're kinda amazing. I mean masa, tempat, and cara kita semua kenal each other. Tak kira la semua tuh, but for now, I need y'all to know that y'all are one of the greatest, bestest things in my life, right after God and my family.

And there's just nothing more that I could ask from all of you. Sumpah, aku tak mintak lebih- bukan hadiah, bukan duit atau apa2 yang berunsurkan harta benda.. But just one, stick with me. At least try, try to stick with me as long as you can. I don't need y'all to tell me all your secrets. I don't need y'all to tell me every, single thing.. Just stick with me.

Based on apa yang pernah jadi, aku harap tak ada lagi parasite atau hamba-hamba Allah yang berhati busuk yang datang. But I learnt my lesson, and hopefully, if any of you been told that I've been bitching you behind your backs, or anything like that ever happens again, just PLEASE, PLEASE do refer to me before you take any action. I been thru that, remember? In the end, semuanya berpunca dari FITNAH. I don't wanna lose any of you just because of some rumors, or some bitch who will come and mess with us.

Ah sheesh, whatever- what's done is done, true. But I'd do anything to avoid history repeat itself. I do not wish to feel the pain again. The rage, anger, and all the bad feelings. I do not wish to have an enemy in my life.

And if ada yang aku buat salah, yang aku tak perasan and buat korang terasa hati or kecewa or sakit hati or apa apa lah yang tak best, FORGIVE ME FOR BEING SO DUMB AND A BIG FOOL for not noticing my own wrongs, and if benda tu effect our friendship, please excuse my dumbness and please, let me know.

I'm sure there will be more and more tests and obstacles waiting ahead of us, one or two might get our bond of frienship shattered, but stick together with me, and together we fight for our friendship. After all, it's all in God's hands. I can only pray for us, and try all I can to protect our friendship, to protect each one of you. And I can only do all that by having y'all together with me.

Sometimes, I do wish I could do more and more to please all of you. I wish that I would never, ever missed to get you expensive birthday gifts every year, I wish I could be there, right next to you EVERY SINGLE TIME I heard that you're not doing okay, you just got your heart broken, you're sick,- when you're feeling low, when you feel like the world just came crashing on your shoulder. During EVERY, bad and dull moments- I wish I can be with you and lend you my shoulders for you to cry on, and wipe away your tears, and always have something to say or do to cheer you up.

But for now, all that I'm so sure I have for y'all is my loyalty, my love, my concern, my honesty and my sincerity..

Honestly, God can take anything away from my life- but not my family, my bestfriends, and the people I love. I know death isn't something we could plan on and avoid. But trust me, death, or anything that's gonna set me apart from the people I love- will surely hurt me so badly. I'm sure I'd be dead to feelings. At least for a period of time.

P/S: Eventhough lately I keep saying that I don't wanna get married and all, but aku still ingat angan2 kita nak pergi shopping mall, and doing some other activities together when we're all married- shop for baby clothes and things for OUR OWN babies together (during our pregnancy)! Go to the market together sometimes, gym and all.. :) Yah, I kinda like those so-called plans, or angan angan, or whatever. ;P

Saturday, March 20, 2010

My 3rd Baby

Yah I'm still alive! Still rockin' and kickin' it ;P
There's not much stuffs for me to blog about actually..

Oh but yah, I found another happiness. =)
My third so-called adopted baby..

The Baby-With-No-Name-YET down here hahaha..
She was borned healthily on March 11th, Alhamdulillah..
I fell so much in love with her eversince I first laid my eyes on her.
Yah all those baby smells, the cute soft voice she made, the superrr adorable little fingers- everyyything about her!

Okay so there, my new found happinessss yeyyy

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Better Not To.

I'm here, yahhhh I'm blogging..
I've been kinda busy lately--- hahahhaha nahhhh seriously, I been busy catching up with my good friends here in M Town..

What's new...
Oh the hair, not a new issue to me ;)
Yah, hello I'm Sabrina the girl with the short hair.. :P

More current updates?
I'm not so sure how to put my current feelings into words actually.
I'm not even sure if it's a bad or a good thing..

But, I think I'm starting to feel this one particular feeling that I've been trying so hard to avoid.

See, it's hard! :D

He has always, always, ALWAYS been there for me.
Thru good and bad times.
He will do or atleast try his very very best to provide anything I need.

But I can't fall in love with him or have the same exact feeling that he has for me.

Because.... He's my bestfriend...... Maybe I did, accidentally fall for him. But still, it's going nowhere. I don't mind losing a lover, but a bestfriend- no, I won't take that risk- not again.
Been there, done that. And it sucks! Hahaha..

I'm not actually in the mood to post anything, but I kinda forced myself.

Love is a feeling that I'm trying to avoid.
It's too soon for me to get involve in that thing called love.
Pffft hahahaha..

See ya!