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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Ugly Facts.

I don't know if you people noticed this; but I think rich people are getting richer, while the poor ones are getting poorer to the poorest!

I decided to post this based on what happened earlier today at my workplace.
Something got me snapped back into reality and make me voiced it out to one of my bosses. I told him the same thing; bout the rich getting richer and all.

Don't you think it's kinda funny..
Rich people are getting more and more privileges.
For example, those first class and business class airline lounges.
Only those who's flying business and first class are entitled to enter the lounge.
And for those flying economy, they must have this Gold card that people can only get if they travels alot, and it has to be started from a silver one. All those only BIG money can get.

So rich people get to eat for free at lounges. While some poor people, have to pay to eat. And most of the restaurants in the airport, they're like costly!

To be realllllyy honest, okay I might get fired if those bigger bosses of mine checked this post, but SOMETIMES, I do simply let people enter the lounge- those that were not entitled to be in there, obviously. It's just fooood~ Why be so stingy.

I think some rules have got to be changed!

It's not even close to fair!
Less fortunate people deserves more privilege and attentions!
But people are busy eyeing on tycoons, moguls and all.

Everyday, there are gossips on celebrities, models, and big fishes!
Why not switch all those attentions to the less fortunates?
Attention, and figure out ways to help them survive in this cold world?
Life's not fair to everyone, to me, to people like us.
But what about them?
It might be worst.
Has anyone ever think about it?

Y'all are busy thinking of politics, manicures pedicures, designer handbags and dresses, football matches- all on the news.
The drama's- seriously, the TV news nowadays are mostly talking bout dramas.

Some people out there deserves more attention.
And for myself too, doing my part as another human being, I'm thinking of ways to earn more, and share with some people who deserves better.
Don't snapped on this, please.
It's just my two cents.

Sometimes, I felt like it hurts being me.
But looking at them, it hurts even more than the burdens that I'm carrying.

Take a walk along the streets that you never wished you stepped into.
Look at those people along the street.
One who's feeding their kids with others' leftovers.
One who's holding a cup, begging for some pennys that you refused to give as if they're asking you for an RM5000. One with only a pair of leg. Look deep into their eyes.
And do you think the feeling that you got while looking at them is exactly how they're feeling? There's no need to try to dig deep down inside their hearts.
Even with just a gaze, can you feel how I felt?

I might not be the best of human beings.
But day after day, one after another issue changed my mentality.
Little by little.

Believe it or not, it's obvious nowadays, people are doing charity to gain more in return. Such as more attention, more money, more press conferences, more fames.

Is there at least a lil bit of sincerity left here nowadays? I wonder.


Sish Nina (malas nk login) said...

Rasullulah s. a.w. bersabda :"Apabila kamu melihat bahawa Allah Taala memberikan nikmat kepada hambanya yang selalu membuat maksiat (durhaka), ketahuilah bahawa orang itu telah diistidrajkan oleh Allah SWT."

Istidraj bermaksud pemberian Allah yang dikurniakan tanpa redhaNya, diberi atas dasar rahmat. Apa guna rahmat tanpa kasih sayang Dia? Afterall, He is Ar-Rahmaan, Ar-Rahiim.

Dulu arwah nenek sis selalu pasang tape syarahan agama by this indonesian ustaz Al-Hafiz while she was babysitting me and my brother when we're just 3-4 years old.

Of all the things that the Ustaz said, I can only remember this phrase (requote) :-

"Kenapa Allah berikan kekayaan dunia kpd orang Barat (yg telah banyak melakukan maksiat dan ditambah pula dengan keadaan mereka yg kafir) sedangkan kita tetap miskin? Kerana mereka selalu meminta-minta sehinggakan Allah benci mendengar suara mereka lalu memberikan apa yg mereka mahu.. Dia memberikan rahmat kepada mereka, tetapi Rahim (kasih sayang) itu tidak ada.."

This is terrifying enough for me. Looking back and reflecting on what I do and don't have today, obviously there's just too much to be thankful for. Praise Allah.

And dear sister, what you've seen and experience is indeed another sign of the coming-very-soon Judgement Day. Money is indeed the root of evil and it's one of the most exxagerated thing in our lives. Livin' large is a propaganda. It's not that hard to see that we've been brainwashed by the media to strive (dgn cara apa sekalipun) to earn money, because the majority settled with the notion of "if you have more money, you're successful".

That's bullshit. Period.

The journey is ending but there's still a very very long way to go, insyaAllah. I pray that we are all blessed with both His Rahmaan & Rahiim, amin..

I'd say it's about time to make necessary changes that have been postponed for a very long while :)

You take care.

Sish Nina

Sken said...

that's life!

:Penthius: said...

+Sometimes I feel a sinner to want more when I already have lots, bcoz it's hard 2 put ourselves in the shoes of others.
+N ther r those rich ppl that thks it's their right 2 spend, for the money r theirs...
+N those poor ppl that sits bak n do nth, waiting 4 the sky 2 pour money...
+With evry blank page, it might be a black page, or a white page...Juz a matter of how we view it...
+Perhaps life is unfair, but in a way, it is up 2 us 2 survive thru it all...

Sabrina Vee Zalani said...

Yah honestly.. Those are already in my thoughts as well.. Everything seems to be so damn complicated nowadays. pro's and cons, advantages and disadvantages,.. we should try to put ourselves always in the middle of everything. Everything comes with limits. It's hard. But like I said, that was just my two cents there. Hm thank sis nina, and penthius.

sken said...

huh, what a day! working crazy.
well i'm here again into yer blog. need to read something. you can consider me as a fan if not for a friend. naper tak der post ari ni? scrolling through yer columns, just a thought...macam baca biography lak! wakaka...anyway not a praise, may be sort of compliment or whatever yer think it have a very good sense of writing.

Sabrina Vee Zalani said...

Oh Hi again Sken. And yes I saw you on my list of followers, thank you.. :) Oh biasanya i post stuffs when some things happened to myself. good or bad. my own views of life.. conclusions i make on stuffs, and all.. so whenever ada inspirations, baru la i can post. lol thanks anyways yah.. i might be away for 3days, will be in jb for a cousins and aunt reunion. so my next post might be some kinda report on the event. we gonna hv pool party, 70's night, and food party, etc. :) so yah, thanks for reading!


sken said...

Retro and big gulp party!? waa sure happening, have fun.

Chris Alexandre said...

It's sad the mentality that most live with: "C'est la vie" .. That's life.. it's unfair, but it seems to have gotten to the point of no return for most people. They're just used to it.

It is annoying to see how charity work is more of a business to boost reputation for some people. I'm glad you brought this up, because you're right on point in that the rich have the lives facilitated more and more, while everyone else is helping pay the bill. It's awful how the hardest workers in the States are paid by the hourly minimum, while Celebrities and big corporate suits are receiving crazy expensive gift baskets they end up throwing away.

They are Ugly, and they are Facts. They will remain so as long as we allow them. We have to chip away at the idea that it's always going to be this way. A lot of people don't bother to expect changes, but it's a good a time as any for them.

Sken said...

life is..unfair Chris! if not it wouldn't be called life, to live you have to accept evrything that comes while trying to make the best of your life. Thats what they call 'responsibility'- the ability to response to what happen to oneself.
some try may succeed, but some's are not. rich or poor is just a gain, status or how others perceive you, its how you live through this journey, either happy or not is what matters most in whatever situation on how you response to it. you can be very oblidge or ignorant. you can help one but can you do to hundreds or thousands of people or inFACTS have you asked yourself what you do today to help others.

Sabrina Vee Zalani said...

Yes I agree.. Everything comes with limits. And everything seems to be complicated nowadays. I've not much to say anymore. Everybody has their own opinions.. And I respect that.