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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

RWMF 2010

I guess it's still too soooon to be talking bout the event.
But for RWMF you just havvvvve to rush before you end up missing some good things and all..
In fact, for this upcoming RWMF, my uncle and his wife will be going too..
They already booked their ticket.
It was cheap when they booked theirs..
But just a few secs after I told them to add another booking for me, the price actually got marked up and I was like WTH?!!

It was superr cheap earlier!

Butchyeah, heard that it might be marked down again sooner or later.

This time, me and my friends are planning to save our budgets and all so we are considering on being a bunch of backpackers in the middle of Kuching town.
It's not a big deal if we end up camping around the Waterfront area or along the Damai Santubong beach, whoooo caressss...
But I'm still hoping for Ejan to make it there, I love her place in Kuching!
Going on a sampan that costs only 50cents!

I just don't wanna miss anymore performances and also the 1st day workshops and all.
Last year, I missed watching the Ewah Bulan one-sided percussion, Akasha, Moana & The Tribe and moreee great performances!
I so don't want history to repeat itself again! LOL
But the performance from the Morocco Troupe was kinda good too..
And the Mayang Ulek performed by some Kelantanese lady and the musicians actually gave us goosebumps!
With her voice and all..
In the middle of the forest some more..

But it was fun, mud fest!!

So people, if you've never been to RWMF before, seriously it is some kinda not-to-miss event. Bring your friends, families..
It's a good vacation too..
Kuching Sarawak is a niiice place to chill your mind as well!

Mee kolok the best! Cheap and dap-ooooo!!!!

Better book your flight tickets and hotels or whatsoever ASAP!
See you there!


Sken said...

hi there! just happen to found your blog while browsing through. nice with good writing of oneself journal.
reading your blog just like reading a lifestory. i'm touched. salam perkenalan

Sabrina Vee Zalani said...

Hi Sken..
Oh thanks alot, for visiting, and also for what u've got to say bout this blog of mine. Well, sometimes I sorta make it like my daily dose. Some stuffs that I've got to share. It's good when I received feedbacks. Good or bad. If you happen to have a blog too, feel free to link ur url ok?