Thursday, February 18, 2010

A river.

One drop.
Another one, and comes another one drop of it.

I inhaled, and I exhaled..


Just like my tear drops, one after another mess came up and add up those that's already bugging me all this while.

Thank you God.
I believe there must be blessings behind all these.
Thank You, for all this current pain, I know I'm getting stronger each day.

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sken said...

i dont know much about heart and feelings, but i think you have a strong spirit within. i always believe in the response ability to whatever happen to oneself. bad things can happen and often hurts you either physically or emotionally but if you take it just as a hiccups in live , you can throw away the remorse and strenghten your soul for the journey. its not WHAT happen to us, but HOW we reponse to it. dont blame the MISTAKE, but realize what we can LEARN from it.