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Monday, February 22, 2010

Mushroom head wannabe or gonna be?

Alright something bad happened to meee...

I don't know what actually happened or how did I actually took a pair of scissors and chopped off my long hair that almost reached my backside when I checked on it earlier yesterday..
Until last night, yahhh last night..
I got a lil bored, and thought of trimming my hair on my own--- justtt a lil..
But little by little, the hair that almost reached the backside was chopped til shoulder length.
Smart smart Sabrina :)

I know it's too late to regret. And it's lame to be calling upon a fairy god mother.

So I guess I'll settled with an appointment with my hairdressers, an urgent one! Tomorrow!
Get them to fix my hair. Short it's gonna be still, but as long as I don't look like a retard like how I look right now.
I'm trying to avoid myself from keep thinking what happened, keep wishing this never happened or anything.. I'm just gonna take it as it is.
My hair will grow sooner or later.
Things happened.

Smile Sabrina, smile...

It's not like it's the first time that you grabbed a pair of scissors and start chopping off ur hair.

It;s just hair anyways lol...


HaNi said...

pernah jugak buat benda ni. lepas tu menangis kat saloon time hairdresser potong rmbut

sken said...

ekekek...girls divine obsession!
they say the hair is woman's crown.
but for mens, how girls do their hair is the personality define.
I remember once i was on a buggy at sunway lagoon, when a girl with sunsilk hair sat infront of me. as the buggy cruise down to the manmade beach front, the breeze blows her hair tips to the back covering half of my view. the smell was so fresh, my heart just could fall for that. later on that evening i pull my guts to confront her and we change numbers. after one months of "shy-shy cat dating", she asked me to accompany her on a shopping-date at Sogo. Down at the amenities deparment, finally i asked her what type of shampoo she used. She says "what!? you fall for me just bcoz of that!!" as she push the cart and never look back. She's gone and i have cut my rock-star hair centuries ago, but everytime i use the shampoo...i remember her...ekekek, well atleast its not me who walk away and i never left her as i use the same brand of 'girl shampoo' until today :)