Sabrina - Vee Zalani

Friday, February 19, 2010

Got it. U got me.

I couldn't care less if you callin me names.
I couldn't care less if you judgin' me and think that I'm a sympathy and attention seeker.
I couldn't care less if you wanna be one of my haters.

What can I do?
Being someone I am not is just so not me.
No matter how weak I can be, how down I may feel like, holding tight to my own self principles will be my one and only main priority.

History may keep haunting me.
Past loves may have got me feeling all distracted at times.
Current mess may be adding up here and there, but here I am..
Still breathing.
Not giving an inch of space for you to cut me even more.

New faces with new hearts that I am not familiar with.
Expectations so high that it's hard for me to measure.
My own expectations went so high till I fall again back on the ground.
As expected.

It's too sooon.
Too soon for me to expect more.
Too soon for me to even think to crack a sincere smile.

Got the answer.
And I've got no other options other than accepting all that's already written.
Crystal clear.
I got it.

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sken said...

ekeke, tak pandai dan tak faham the story behind untuk komen yang ini, macam poem lak! anyway i enjoy my reading and it may teaches me to be better in composing words and building sentences for my writings.