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Monday, February 1, 2010


Things are flowing as normally and smoothly so far..

Myself, I been doing alotta thinking and talking with some close friends.
Not gossips or whatever but plans that needs real actions.
I have to agree with so much things that they've got to say about me.
Lisz even tried this neurology thingy and did some sorta personality test for me.
And I can't seemed to deny most of the things that she said from the result of the test.
Seriously. Co-incidence it might be, but since I think they are more to facts, or some are even ugly truths about me, I tend to figure out that something must be done.
This is a sign of growing up or something I don't know.
Even for the ugly truths, I actually felt more relieved thinking that I've got to take actions and step forward and change things that needs to be changed.

Faiz said I must stay positive.
Or maybe he meant to say, "Learn to be positive", since he noticed that I am a negative thinker kind of person.

So based on the personality test that Lisz did for me, the result says that I'm confused. A follower, an honest person. Owns a very high limit of patience. Sensitive. Easy to forgive. And tends to be shy at times. Occasionally, maybe lol.

Well, one thing that I am sure that I haven't been doing for quite awhile is, staying focus!
I keep on jumping to this and that plan.
I also got lost easily in my own mind tricks.

Hm, and one thing that I'm looking forward during the upcoming reunion in JB is, my aunt will be getting her friend to talk to me.
Might it change something, at least one issue- I just hope so.
She said she's gonna get my mind digged.
Maybe that's the whole point.
Get me to focus on ONE single thing first, and work for it.
Action speaks louder than words!
Yes. Yes. Yes.

Things are gonna be okay and hopefully wayyy better for me.

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