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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Aunty & Nieces/Nephews Reunion 2010

It was a blast!!!

I spent 3 days and 2 nights at Aunty Munah's hotel. The first night was awesome! Our retro night went smoothly as planned! We had lots and lotss of great pictures, which I got tired uploading- haha yahhh they're alot!!!

I went to JB with my eldest sis and my bff, Bee. We got stucked for 2 hours in the bad traffic at the highway around Nilai to Seremban area. There was a major accident or something. We arrived quite late in JB, and spent the night at Setia Tropika, Uncle Zai's place. Aunty Yan wasn't around, but my grandmom and grand aunt were there, and I got to meet my cute baby cousins Adam Syah and Ammar Syah! Geramm!! We had our late dinner with them, and crashed!

The next day, we drove to M Suites, and was told to collect our hotel room access cards from the front desk. Refreshed ourselves, changed.. And then my cousin Amnie and their driver picked us up from the hotel and dropped us off at City Square for our last minute shopping.

After a few hours at the mall, the driver picked us up and sent us back to the hotel, and all my cousins were already there, waiting for us at the hotel's dining room while they were having their hi tea.

After the hi tea, some went to the ballroom, and did rehearsal, soundchecks and all. While some went up to the rooms and get ready for the event.

Everyone looked good that night! I became a hippie girl. LOL I love it. We had the opening speech from our Aunt. And our Jakarta cousin, Kak Yati. There was a montage of Aunty Munah, and all of us... And then there were 2 games. Putting makeups on 2 of our male cousins, and one bf of a cousin.. All 3 of them! It was so hillarious looking at them! Especially when they saw each others' faces after we finished putting the makeups on their faces. The second one was eating cakes with blindfolded eyes. LOL.

And there were performances from 3 drag queens that our Aunt invited. LOL . It was a blast seriously. Afterparty: we got the ballroom lights dimmed, and started to dance to the music.. And ended up sipping coffee at one table, all of us.. Chit chatting, catchin' up.. :)

Oh btw. I'll share more later ok.
Last but not least, thank you, Aunty Munah.. For organizing such an awesome event. And.. Alhamdulillah we arrived safely back home, and had such an awesome time while in JB.


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sken said...

hippi voque, actually can't decide which one is you! ya all look the same. hahaha, oh yes, you are the ABBA gurl hah! too slow la me. Always in fam gath they enjoy foods, it would be great if we can see what ya all dine that night, may be can promote yer auntie's hotel with the cuisine. thinking of food...yum,yum..i gtg. mind my singlih, morning sickness!