Wednesday, February 10, 2010

2nd Day

On the 2nd day in JB, I missed the breakfast.. But I got to joined everyone during our brunch by the pool and also the pool party, and yes not to forget... we also had our first yee sang for this year by the pool! 3 sets of yee sangs for all of us..

After the pool party, everyone went up to their rooms, some were hanging out at Aunty Munah's office.. While me and Baby, we conquered the whole pool.. We went for an almost 2 hours swim- seriously just the 2 of us.. We had such a pleasant time floating while staring at the clouds and the beautiful view of the sky above us.

Then we went back to the hotel, met some cousins who were ready to go back home.. While Aunty Munah told us to extend our stay since we still have another 1 day off from work. So after all the cousins left, back to Singapore and KL,.. The three of us stayed in the hotel room, dropped by Aunty's place.. And went to Danga Bay for their delicious tauhu bakar! LOL.


skenerosak said...

pardon me, heheh :)what's yee sang haa?
Danga Bay,nice place to browse and cuci mata..still remember that place when i did first write up for Jzelynnon her single roadtour.

Sabrina Vee Zalani said...

lol yahh danga bay.. and my aunt's hotel dekat area danga bay la.. and yee sang is a kinda weird dish mcm mixture of ginger, onions, keropoks, slices of salmon fish, nuts, etc.. chinese punya tradition.. yee sang is like tossing the dish while making wishes during new year.. it's fun.. i've done it twice in one week recently lol. Eden punya yee sang best

Parisian girl said...

yee sang!!!

sken said...

just dropping by