Sabrina - Vee Zalani

Monday, January 18, 2010


Thanks for everything.
For the candy cane, and for the good times we spent before you go back.
It's so hard to explain.
It might not be love, I don't think that I can easily fall in love again..
But I'm having this kind of feeling that makes me happy when you're around.
Happy when we're texting each other.
Upset when I heard that you're really gonna take tomorrow's flight back.
And I'm missing you already..

What's next, never can I predict.
But whatever it is, at least I had so much fun with you.
You're making me oh-so-happy.

I don't blame anything or anyone for what happened.
In fact, I'm feeling thankful.

So I guess tomorrow's really gonna be the day.
And they said, saying Goodbye is hard.
But hey, things are flowing so smoothly, nothing seems to be a problem.
Missing you; won't be a problem.
It's gonna be suweeeeet~ ;P

I'm sure gonna miss you so much.

Again, thank

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