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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

January 8th: Albion/Barsonic/Baan26/NZGarden

I had so much fun with Bee, Shac, Dzimmi, Adlee and their friends.
From Albion at Changkat,to Baan 26, to Barsonic...
It was all good.
And as usual, after Barsonic, the right place to chill would be NZ.
It was kinda crowded that night in NZ, luckily we managed to find a spot.
Bumped into Nana, and she too ended up at NZ. Lol.
Didn't have much time to catch up with her tho.
After days and daysss of working, I got myself a very good time to spent with such lovely people...
Sigh.. Time flies ohh so fastttt~

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