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Friday, January 1, 2010


Happy happy New Year; I'd like to wish to everyone who's reading this right now.. My fellow followers, bloggers, lovers, haters or who so ever you are :) Wishing you all the goodness in life.. And all smiles in every day in the present..

I'm here in Seremban 2, my bestie; Bee's place..
There'll be an engagement ceremony of her elder sister.. And some of our friends have been invited to the ceremony tomorrow. Hope everyone could make it, so that we could have some sorta reunion! I loveeeeee reunion! Meeting friends that has been long gone from eyes, but of course, never from our hearts.. hee..

Just some recent updates;

On December 29th- which was Bee's birthday, I drove all the way to Seremban 2 with my sis and waited for her at Foodtiam together with her sis Tatak and her bf (soon to be fiance- tomorrow)..

She didn't knew there were cakes and all waiting for her.

(Cute innit?! The pump shoes candles! And 4 flavours of sliced cakes )
But the bestestt part was when we drove to City Park, for some so-called photoshoot session.. Where.................. She got showered with a whole lotsa eggs, all 24 of em, and 2 packets of flour!!


And the results???
( I think my face looked so mischievous here. Tatak didn't know there was an egg floating on her head, ready to be scrambled!!!)
And as the MASTERRRRRMINDDDD, I drove back with so much satisfaction!!! Bahahahaha.. (eventhough my innocent car got hit by eggs and flour as welll... Yurggghhh!!)

We went back smelling so eggyyyyy.. Eyewwwww okay!! Bahahah.. And the whole house still smells of eggs! LOL LOL LOL!
But whatever it is, we had so much fun!! Doesn't matter how smelly we were, and how our body felt so itchy because of the flour!!

Alright people, will update more on the engagement ceremony, and my new year later okay! See ya lovely people. And thanks for reading!!

Again, HAPPY NEW YEAR 2010 with a whole bunch of lovesss from me, Sabrina Vee Zalani!

*Hugs & Kisses for evelibodyyyy*

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