Saturday, January 30, 2010


One more week to go til' my Aunty-Nieces&Nephews reunion!
A cousin will be coming down all the way from Jakarta.
Those in OZ couldn't make it.
Singapore, most of them will be coming!
Can't say that I'm excited already til I get my retro dress since the theme selected is The 70's! And and there's already a list of activities that will be held in our aunt's hotel during the event.
Free and easy, high tea, retro night, pool party, performances, and the best part is- she came out with the rule- NO PARENTS ALLOWED, accept for herself. Lol.
Oh and yes, there will also be some sorta 'health talk'? LOL.
M Suites JB, herrre we come!


red said...


I love reading your post.

Happy blogging!

nick said...


I like your blog.

Love to read your post.

Sabrina Vee Zalani said...

red: hey... thanks alot for dropping by.. i've checked yours too.. and it's great reading all those interesting stuffs you posted. especially SKY HIGH. I've done parasailing once, and it was a blast!! Can't wait to do it again in March!
Nick: Thanks to you too.. And whoaa i love them rides! :P