Sabrina - Vee Zalani

Sunday, January 31, 2010

Hello teardrops.

Wow crying really got me relieved.
It's been awhile...
It feels good.

I am me.

It's good talking about me, isn't it?
It's good trying to see me fall on the ground.

Well, I ain't no God to punish you.
I ain't no God to even judge you especially when I don't even know you.
That's all that I have to say.

I'm still gonna lead my life.
And if talking about me satisfies you, and if bitchin' around about me is one your life's routine, then go ahead.
I am a nobody to stop you.

I'm just gonna do my part, for my ownself.
My life has never been about doing paybacks to people who obviously having issues with me. I'm still keeping my own principle, I just don't mess with people especially strangers.

Be what you want.
I can never care less.

It's your life.
I ain't no preacher to brag about life, God, karma and so on.
You've got your own believings, you've got your own brain.

But yah, thank you =)

Saturday, January 30, 2010


One more week to go til' my Aunty-Nieces&Nephews reunion!
A cousin will be coming down all the way from Jakarta.
Those in OZ couldn't make it.
Singapore, most of them will be coming!
Can't say that I'm excited already til I get my retro dress since the theme selected is The 70's! And and there's already a list of activities that will be held in our aunt's hotel during the event.
Free and easy, high tea, retro night, pool party, performances, and the best part is- she came out with the rule- NO PARENTS ALLOWED, accept for herself. Lol.
Oh and yes, there will also be some sorta 'health talk'? LOL.
M Suites JB, herrre we come!

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Another chapter.

Still trying to cope...
Still keeping my head up high..
Still trying to think wayyy out of the box..
Still trying to see further at the brighter and maybe brightest side..

I know I keep on saying this..
But time really flies so damn fast...
It's a bad sign. Lol.

By the way..


On current issues, work is doing fine..
Bestfriends, still sticking with me, Alhamdulillah..
I couldn't care less.

MONKEYS: I don't wanna be twice as what you are. ;P

Oh toodles for now!

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Lovely Sunday!

Everybody at the lounge love Sundays!!!
And that including me, definitely!
It's the day of fun..
Where during the other days, we've to be aware of a MONSTER!
But on Sundays, we ourselves became the monsters!!!



Wednesday, January 20, 2010


Seriously, you stalkers really don't have your own life to deal with, do you?
And what's with the nicknames? Doom, 2good2betrue lah..
Being Anonymous, and dropping comments here is wayyyy more desperate.
Pulling stunts on the net is wayyyyyy too pathetic.
I'm gonna delete all those weird comments from strangers.
Well it's my blog.

And call me desperate or whatever, at least I have my own life to deal with.
Rather than you people who has got no life and better things to do.

But like I said, just in case you missed this from this blog page;

Your idea of me is fabricated with materials you have borrowed from other people and from yourself. What you think of me depends on what you think of yourself. Perhaps you create your idea of me out of material you would like to eliminate from your own idea of yourself. Perhaps your idea of me is a reflection of what other people think of you. Perhaps what you think of me is simply what you think that I think of you. Don’t tell me who I am because unless I write all my thoughts down on a piece of paper and hand it to you, you don’t even know half my life. Isn’t it weird how you never seem to focus on what you like about a person but tend to notice every flaw they have?

But whatever it is, I appreciate it when you actually spend most of your time here, checking out my life. Thanks for the concern.
God bless.

Last One.

So yah..
He left.. He dropped by at my workplace and I'm thankful enough for being there with him before he departed from the airport.
Accompanied him to gate C35.
Took some last photos of us.. LOL.
Damn it sucks.
Saying goodbye and all...

I got so clueless after I left him at the gate..

But we're still texting each other after he texted me using his OZ digits.
Now that's not that bad...
We can still keep in touch.
More over, there's Facebook!


I miss him already.

Alright chiao.
Be safe everyone!

Monday, January 18, 2010


Thanks for everything.
For the candy cane, and for the good times we spent before you go back.
It's so hard to explain.
It might not be love, I don't think that I can easily fall in love again..
But I'm having this kind of feeling that makes me happy when you're around.
Happy when we're texting each other.
Upset when I heard that you're really gonna take tomorrow's flight back.
And I'm missing you already..

What's next, never can I predict.
But whatever it is, at least I had so much fun with you.
You're making me oh-so-happy.

I don't blame anything or anyone for what happened.
In fact, I'm feeling thankful.

So I guess tomorrow's really gonna be the day.
And they said, saying Goodbye is hard.
But hey, things are flowing so smoothly, nothing seems to be a problem.
Missing you; won't be a problem.
It's gonna be suweeeeet~ ;P

I'm sure gonna miss you so much.

Again, thank

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

January 8th: Albion/Barsonic/Baan26/NZGarden

I had so much fun with Bee, Shac, Dzimmi, Adlee and their friends.
From Albion at Changkat,to Baan 26, to Barsonic...
It was all good.
And as usual, after Barsonic, the right place to chill would be NZ.
It was kinda crowded that night in NZ, luckily we managed to find a spot.
Bumped into Nana, and she too ended up at NZ. Lol.
Didn't have much time to catch up with her tho.
After days and daysss of working, I got myself a very good time to spent with such lovely people...
Sigh.. Time flies ohh so fastttt~

Saturday, January 9, 2010

m o n k e y

So you've said it, this is MY blog, I can blog about anything that I wished to.
Then why do you care so much?
Who the hell do you think you are?

And everytime lu cakap, "Jangan ganggu I lagi," sumpah aku tahan aje nak gelak. Fyi, I still have all your SMSes.. Sebab awal2 lagi aku da tahu TRICK kau. And memang hidup kau penuhhh dengan trickkks and tales! Bakar la aku lagi biar aku jadi budak2 mcm kau, and start to show around message2 kau k?
Siapa cari siapa?

Lucu la awak ni..

Dah la stalker.
Siap mengaku pulak terasa dengan blog posts aku.
Ada nama kau ke?
Bukan masalah aku kalau kau terasa..

Pergi la buat blog sendiri okay rather than jadi stalker and terasa hati sendiri.
Kau tahu apa kau dah buat.
Kau nak terasa, bukan salah aku kot.
Kejap mengaku kau banyak salah dengan aku.
Pastu tak puas hati dgn aku, main pusing cerita la plak..

Again, lagi sekali kau hantar msg ckp JANGAN GANGGU KAU, mcm aku plak heran nak terkejar2 kau, memang confirm aku selamba aje reveal msg2 kau kat aku ok?
Termasuk lah msg2 last yang aku hantar, yang mintak kau jangan ganggu aku lagi. And kau cakap kau tak nak. I still have them man. =)

Bakar la lagi.
Aku pun takde masa nak cite pasal kau aje. Ni blog aku, cerita hidup aku.
And kewujudan manusia bangang dalam hidup aku.
So you don't have any f*ccin rights to stop me!
Siapa suruh stalk aku?
In the end sendiri plak nak terasa..
Perasan betul.
Everytime, kau yang buat aku blog pasal kau..

Kau yang stalk aku.. Heran betul nak tahu pasal aku kan?

OMG this is stupid.

Aku tak nak dowh post blog macam ni. But since you're too much kan.
Kaki putar mengalahkan kentang putar!

Friday, January 8, 2010

Why The 6 Months Being Single

- I don't need another man to bully me and treat me like a f*ccin barua
- I don't need another man who switched off his phone whenever I'm around
- I don't need another man who talks about getting engaged to 3 girls at ONE time, including me
- I don't need another man to talk alotta cocks and bulls
- I don't need another man to make me speed and risk my life just to be next to him
- I don't need another man to talk shit behind my back when things between us are over and done
- I don't need another man who swears 24/7
- I don't need another man who doesn't appreciate my loyalty
- I don't need another man who's leaving in his very own world
- I don't need another man who gets mad for no f*ccin reason
- I don't need another man who will dump me just because I pranked him on his birthday
- I don't need another man to ignore my calls and ignored me just because I'm 2 minutes late to meet him up
- I don't need another man to treat me like a f*ccin recycleable garbage
- I don't need another man to say that he loves me at the 1st second and at the third he doesn't anymore
- I don't need another man who's got so much talent in twisting and turning
- I don't need another man who changes girls' names into guys' in his phone book
- I don't need another man who keeps telling me that this and that girl is chasing him when truth is it's the other way round
- I don't need another man to come to me when he's having hard times with his woman, and when they're cool, he's gone
- I don't need another man to f*ccin treat me like a f*ccin puppet
- I don't need another man to keep telling me that I'm the best but he just couldn't love me like how he used to before
- I don't need another man who's having issues with himself and drag me along like I'm the messed up one
- I don't need another man with friends that keep reminding me to beware of him
- I don't need another man who keeps telling me that I've got so much issues that are too much for him to handle
- I don't need another man to calm me down by saying. "be patient", and that's the best he can do
- I don't need another man who spends all his money on unnecessary stuffs just to f*ccin show them off
- I don't need another man to introduce me to his family and when things are over, he'll bitched around about me to his fam
- I don't need another man to easily swear with God's name yet never did he mean it
- I don't need another man who is a f*ccin coward and keeps running away from issues
- I don't need another man who will scold me like I'ma f*ccin 12 years old
- I don't need another man to make a f*ccin big fool out of myself

i just don't need another man who doesn't even know the true meaning of love yet keep saying "I love you"

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

My Bestfriend's Engagement

Miss Dayana Sariffuddin
Mr Ariffaiz Bakly

From left; Bee, Shac & Ahmad Daniel, Myself, Dayana, Linda and Hanim

Scribble wibble.

Hahahahhaha.. I was hella bored at work today and started scribbling some stuffs and ended up with this piece of drawing and tagged these people in Facebook..
I got bored since we're no more dealing with some of the Singapore Airlines flights. So I got more and more free times!!!
This is what happened!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Finally Freed.

I don't want you here.
I don't need you like how I used to before.
I don't need you at all.
I'm just not that Sabrina or Vee that you used to know back then.
I guarantee it this time.
I won't let myself to easily let you knocked me down again and again.
Back off and be gone.
My final request that you have to fulfill.

Go away.
I ain't got nothing to lose whether or not having you around.
It feels so much better when you're not.
It even surprised and even amazed myself.
I finally came to this level.
Where I realized that you're nothing but the biggest loser and idiotic that I've ever known in my whole lifetime.

A loser who will keep running away from your own mistakes.
A loser that will never learn of the word ENOUGH.
A coward.
Talk and more talks but ain't got no actions.

p a t h e t i c

One good word to describe you.
So I guess I've made it clear.
Just be effin gone.
I'de be so much happier that way.

Live your life, and I'll live mine.
Deal with your own business that is now not at all mine.

Thank YOU.

Friday, January 1, 2010


Happy happy New Year; I'd like to wish to everyone who's reading this right now.. My fellow followers, bloggers, lovers, haters or who so ever you are :) Wishing you all the goodness in life.. And all smiles in every day in the present..

I'm here in Seremban 2, my bestie; Bee's place..
There'll be an engagement ceremony of her elder sister.. And some of our friends have been invited to the ceremony tomorrow. Hope everyone could make it, so that we could have some sorta reunion! I loveeeeee reunion! Meeting friends that has been long gone from eyes, but of course, never from our hearts.. hee..

Just some recent updates;

On December 29th- which was Bee's birthday, I drove all the way to Seremban 2 with my sis and waited for her at Foodtiam together with her sis Tatak and her bf (soon to be fiance- tomorrow)..

She didn't knew there were cakes and all waiting for her.

(Cute innit?! The pump shoes candles! And 4 flavours of sliced cakes )
But the bestestt part was when we drove to City Park, for some so-called photoshoot session.. Where.................. She got showered with a whole lotsa eggs, all 24 of em, and 2 packets of flour!!


And the results???
( I think my face looked so mischievous here. Tatak didn't know there was an egg floating on her head, ready to be scrambled!!!)
And as the MASTERRRRRMINDDDD, I drove back with so much satisfaction!!! Bahahahaha.. (eventhough my innocent car got hit by eggs and flour as welll... Yurggghhh!!)

We went back smelling so eggyyyyy.. Eyewwwww okay!! Bahahah.. And the whole house still smells of eggs! LOL LOL LOL!
But whatever it is, we had so much fun!! Doesn't matter how smelly we were, and how our body felt so itchy because of the flour!!

Alright people, will update more on the engagement ceremony, and my new year later okay! See ya lovely people. And thanks for reading!!

Again, HAPPY NEW YEAR 2010 with a whole bunch of lovesss from me, Sabrina Vee Zalani!

*Hugs & Kisses for evelibodyyyy*