Sabrina - Vee Zalani

Monday, December 28, 2009

Do that pouty thang baybeee~ LOL

I was having a conference chat with some friends earlier in YM and we were like gossiping about some people who have the same kind of face expressions in almost all of their photos in FB and MySpace. Especially those doing that pouty pouty thangggg.. Lol.
There was ONE male friend who joined the conference, anddd.. boleh tahannnn mengumpat!! Hahhahaha..
Don't get us wrong though.. We gossip with limits. :)
Just some materials we needed to have a coversation that was filled with so much laughterssss!

Oh by the way, I'm all excited and looking forward to have this Aunty-Nieces, Nephews and Potential Nieces and Nephews reunion that I'll be having at my aunt's hotel in JB sometime in January next month.
Aunty Muna planned it, and so far most of my cousins will be attending.. And even those in Aussie, Jakarta might be flying down for the event. We're still having discussions in the Facebook invitation board, regarding the theme for the event. Whatever it is, I'm sure we're gonna have so much fun!

I love my current job. I love my work place. I love my colleagues.. :) Saje..
Talk to y'all later, lovely peeps!