Monday, December 21, 2009


Happy birthday to the November's...
- Daniel, Lya, Tuah, Mamat and Vee-
Had such a great time at PD with the folks and the two lil' kids..
Moyang had so much fun, obviously- she was acting so cutely making honking sounds as Faiz pushed her on her wheelchair.. The barbeque was a blast!
Oh I'll update this later. Gotta crash, working at 6am!!! Night2!


Rubina Yunal said...

Too bad you forgot to put me in as well..

Sabrina Vee Zalani said...

Oh My God... what's even worst, I missed your birthday, is it kakak? I didn't wish you kan? OMG!!! I am so extremely sorry!!!!! Too late I must've been, but I'd like to wish you a Happy Belated Birthday. I apologize for being late, my bad.

Btw kakak, what happened to ?

Sish Nina said...

hehe it's ok tade hal punya.
saja shutdown jap mesin fikir tu, bkn ada update pun.

hope ur doing great - it seems like you really are :) (on the surface la, dont really know what's going on inside)

take care sis!