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Monday, November 2, 2009



One word to describe the life that I'm leading currently.
No it's not a bad thing at all.. :)
I could whine when I'm bored with nothing to do and I could whine when I'm feeling so tired with hella so much of stuffs to do.
So it's just normal right..

As y'all can see, yea I'm not complaining about my new, current job.
I guess everything's flowing nicely, Alhamdulillah...
I didn't get to spend much times hanging out with my friends anymore like what I used to do when I was working back in KL a few months ago.

But finally, yesterday, I was given the morning shift.
So I decided to meet up with my friends...
I was late for All American Reject's concert at Bukit Jalil..
But I made it and I got to watch them perform their last 2-3 songs..

And then Shac took us to this restaurant at PJ, I think some of you people must've heard of it.. It's Strawberry something2.. The owner was so friendly. And they do serve delicious and affordable delicacies. Shac, Baby, Hanim and Tatak all four ordered the same dish- the cream butter prawn rice or whatever the name is supposed to be. Harus la diorang punya kena tagged by me. Lol. And yes, it was so delicious. Since I do love creamy, milky stuffs and all.. The cream reminds me of carbonara's gravy, minus the cheese.
I had one of my most fav dishes la, Cantonese Kueh Teow. Since it's my fav, I've tried it at numerous places, and what I had there last night was superb as well. I aint got no complaints. =)
There's gonna be a second time for me, and I'll be ordering what they ordered! And no one can tag mine!! LOL.

A few hours ago...
I talked to that guy bestgriend of mine- the one that I mentioned about having feeling towards me..
We texted.. And then I told him that I wanna ask him something..
And I started with this.. "Aku dengar kau suka kat aku eh?"..
The rest of the conversation, gonna be kept safe here in my heart. And it's alrealy locked.
Solex bro!!

Aight now.. A very goodnight to everyone..
Let us all have a peaceful night..

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