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Saturday, November 28, 2009

Single brings more smil(:

Have you people ever felt this kinda feeling when we're single, there will be times when we got emotional and wish we have someone, or that 'lover' around and share the love and whatsoever? But when we're in relationships with someone, especially the kind of relationship that brought alotta mess, heartaches, lies and all- we just knew that we have to get out.
So which one is better?

Being alone, feel the longing for love.
Or being hooked, but felt killed deeply inside again and again?

Well as for me, I think I'd be better off single.
Since I'm going thru it right now and the feeling of glad conquers me better than the feeling of longing for another HIM.

I think this time is the longest period that I've been thru being single.
And never did I expected it to be wayyy better than being in a messed up relationship.

I just happened to realize that it's not that hard living without a love partner. All this while, I never gave myself some time to think wisely whether or not I should accept the man, whether or not he will be able to love me sincerely and accept me for who I am..

But I don't think I should blame myself, at the same time.
I was young, and still young.. :)
And at least, those shits that I been thru taught me alot, and of course I'm not that stupid to learn my lessons.

I guess it's true when they said, if a relationship brings more tears and heartaches than laughters, then there must be something not right with it- and a bigggg possibility that it will not work out and last long.

Sabrina's 22 now.
Not that old, but MAYBE old enough to think wisely, and be wiser.


Good morning.
I just felt like typing, and I chose to blog about Being Single Rocks!

Be safe everybody!


Yohana Tawith said...


nn said...

yeah! being single rocks but only if your friends have time for you instead of being 'attached' to their partners all the time. :/

Syahir Darksyde said...

there are pros and cons in everything. bein single rocks, yeah. bt its just a matter of time b4 u find dat u cn never be alone forever isnt it? watever it is, enjoy life! :)

oh, blogwalkin here. found ur blog quite nice. happy blogging (:

Nazirul Fariq said...

ohh come on babe
people would still choose being in love. its a diff kind of happiness. you knw it dont ya?
dont tell a lie! :)