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Saturday, November 28, 2009

Eid'ul Mubarak

Greetings everyone..

First off, I would like to wish all my Muslim friends, family, relatives and my fellow blog visitors a blissful Eid'ul Mubarak.. May all of you have a blessed one.

I had my 1 day off today; fetched my sister from work at 3pm and drove to PD to meet up with my fam; my dad, grandmum, grand aunty, my eldest uncle with his wife and his 2 kids, Adam Syah and Amar Syah, my youngest uncle with his wife and his 2 kids Aleiah Khadija and Arief..

Once arrived at Avillion Admiral Cove, my dad and eldest uncle were at the parking lot waving at me as they were saving a space for me to park my car- right next to dad's..
And then we entered the hotel and met Aunty Yan, Adam, Amar and bibik. I was wondering why was Adam wearing this diaper look-alike thingy with a t-shirt..
He was ready to hit the pool. So we all walked to the pool side area and Adam got all excited once he got into the water. He looked so cute in the yellow float, splashing water at his mom and dad. Lol.

A few minutes later, my grandmum came down to the poolside with my youngest uncle and his fam.. And they got into the pool as well. And I got to witness 4 absolutely cute babies enjoying themselves in th water with so much freedom.

After spending time at the pool, we all went up to the 3 rooms; dad's got his own room-all by himself since mom was still at work. And 2 other rooms for my eldest uncle with his fam, another room for the youngest one with his fam, my grandmum and grand aunt.

We had our Eid'ul Mubarak's dishes in the room.. And it was nice, having them around after some time not seeing them all together.

Overall, I had fun. I love my family.

Gotta work at 11am tomorrow.
Have a good day, lovely visitors and followers and stalkers!
*Mucho Love; Sabrina*

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