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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Dilemma, wtf?

Mr Bestfriend who's in love with me- Not talking to me anymore. I sent him a message, get things crystal clear to him. I apologized. I even said that, IF one day, it's been fated for us to be together, how can I run away from fate.. But for now, things gonna remain this way. I can't accept his love. I am not even ready to get back on the love boat.
I've done my part.
He might got it wrongly, and that is why he's avoiding me right now.
I'm feeling so guilty- for being honest...

Mr Trolley Robot: He is supposed to work morning shift tomorrow.
But he actually changed a couple of shifts just to be in the same shift with me.
It might be sweet and all if only I have the same feelings that he's having for me. Like I said, I do like him.. But all these things that he's been doing for me, is obviously based on LOVE. Not just a simple like or admiring thingy. And I feel guilty about this as well.
In fact, today I actually found out that he's one year younger than I am!!
I guess my informers were wrong when they said that he's just my age.
And, he got so worried when I seemed to have a lil problem knowing that he's a year younger and all.. He's been begging me to give him a chance, telling me that he really likes me and has been having feelings towards me since the first day he set his eyes on me. He said that I am so MANJA, sweet and all so he don't see me as anyone older.
I feel like screaming my heads off!!!!!!!

For heaven's sake.
Going with the flow still got me a lil tensed and all.

On others, work has been okay.
I'm having fun with my work, still.

I just wish I could get things back to normal between me and Mr Bestfriend.
I just wish Mr Trolley could stop showing how much he likes me every single day.

Im out.

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Sish Nina said...

Maybe it's not love, maybe it's just an infatuation.

Not trying to discourage you from love though.

Told you orang cantik sgt banyak dugaannyeeee..